This is just update of existing database of this scammer.

Her email:

I have some experience with this lady.

I AM SURE THAT GIRL FROM THE PICTURES (links above) KNOWS A REAL SCAMMER OR SHE'S THE SCAMMER. She sent me one picture on which this young girl is sitting against the monitor screen with my picture that I sent to her.

Also I checked her IPs. All emails she sent to me were from : (last 2 digits were different in each email- 86, 83...)

This IP belongst to somebody who lives/works in town called PENZA in Russia.

I am sure it is very easy to find her, because it is strongly possible that she uses her computer at home.

She wrote me her address
Prospect Mira, 101/16 City Cheboksary, Chuvash republic
but I think it is fake.

Here are the letters I recived from her:

Hi my dear and new friend Michal!!!
Michal I search for the liked man abroad,
Because I am very much afflicted with Russian young people.
I live in Russia, in city Cheboksary. I never lived abroad.
I am very glad that you have interested in me and I will try not
to disapoint you and will get everything new about me. I am asking
you to write me about you everything that you are able to say me.
Your work about your family your close friends, your hobbies...
When I read you profile it seems to me that you are very interesting person, handsome and
simply good person. I hope that you are exactly good man and that
in future we will become close friends and maybe wonderful couple.
So now I would like to tell you about myself. I am siply Russian
girl, not differ from others. Maybe to discribe myself it could
be easyer if i do it for a first time. I did not hope that you will
answer me and when i saw your letter I got choked in my heart
and now i am sitting in front of computer and do not know what
to write you. I am sorry if there are a lot of mistakes in my
letter because i know English not very good. But I hope that you
will understand me and if you have some questions I will answer
them with pleaser.
Anyway it is time to say some words about myself.
My father died, when I was a child. It was an auto accident.
I miss him a lot!!!!Since 2 years old my mam grew and educated me alone,
It was very difficult for her and I love her very much.
And now she is the best friend for me.
I'm the only child in the family and I don't have any children, but I dream to have my own family,
children. My mum works in Cheboksary in the hospital as a medical sister.
I have never been married before and I have
no children. I am healthy woman and I do not smoke but sometime
I can offer myself to drink some good wine in good ocasions.
Most of all I like red wine. From food i like Chines food and
Russian food and I would like to teast Europian and West food.
I am not exactly that I want to have a child because i think
that first of all I want to find a man who will become my ideal
sexual partner and simply good friend for my heart.

So I was draduated from University and now I am working with
children at school.

By my charecter i am kind person and trying to enjoy everything
in my life and trying to distroy all diffuculties in my
So, lets go further. My friends say that i am attractive even
beautiful young woman. But unfortunately this fact didnt help me to
create my own family. Now i am sick and tired of my loneliness. I am
an openminded and communicative, but sometimes a little bit
shy, girl. Now i want to find that someone who can make all my dreams
come true. In my turn i would be very glad and happy to do the same
thing for my beloved man. So what do you think about it?
By the way, i like sport very much. I am not a
sportsman ofcoarse. Just inorder to be in good form. I visit the gym
three times a week. I like to swim in the swimming pool. But to tell
the truth, i am afraid of water. But try to overcome this fear.
Sometimes, not very often, I love dancing very much. I can't say that i like a particular
tipe of musik. It depends on my mood, what type of musik i would
like to listen to. But usually i am very busy to have some rest and
to do things i love to.
Well, what else? I even dont know what to tell more. In such case i
will finish my letter. I am waiting for
your reply! Good bye, my dear friend!!!!
If you can please send me your pictures.
I will be glad to get your letter and pictures.
I am sending you my smile to make you feel happy.
Your Tatyana from Russia.

Hello my dear Michal!!
Michal thanks to you for your pictures. It looks very much is more tremendous.
It was pleasant for me to receive your letter today again.
How are you? all is good here.
Nevertheless I want to tell in this letter slightly about that that like to eat and prepare
You know that I like to cook!!!
Everything I was learned from my mum.
I prepare almost everything. These are various soups, a ragout, pies, salads and many other things.
In the best way I like to cook our national Borsh
Have you evere heard about it?
I like to make pies that I usually I prepare them with a cherry and apricots.
Do You love pies? If yes, with what?
Still I adore ice-cream especially chocolate. And I am able to prepare for it.
I prefer our Russian kitchen.
As from the Italian kitchen I love pizza.

Have You ever tasted Russian dishe??? I'm sure there some Rusian restaurants in your country!!!
What food do you prefer, what cuisine?
In Russia there are a lot of usual products and unusual dishe, but i hear that foreigners always like russian food!!! There is are large variety of milk products: "smetana",
and several types of milk products like yogurt,for example.
Smetana can be used with almost everything:
with the soup, with meat,
or strawberries and apples. It is also used with pancakes.
There is a great choice of soups and dessert dishes.
Russia is famous for red caviar, with pancakes usually .
it's very usuful for your health
As for cold dishes it's very tasty cold boiled pork with spices (buzhenina), jellied tongue,
meat jelly and horseradish sauce and various salads. I can cook all of them!!!
There are plenty of soups: cabbage soup, kidney and cucumber soup (rassolnik),
meat and fish salyanka, mushroom soup.
I should tell you that it is very pleasantly to read your letters.
In my life there was only one man who left me for a long time.
All over again he seemed to me that kind and attentive.
I trusted him and he deceived me all time.
he changed me to the other girl. And I had to forgive him.
It is difficult for me to speak about it but I simply wanted to say
you about it. I think that you can understand it.
So hope to hear you as soon as posible.
Your Russian friend Tatyana.

Hello dear Michal!!!
I have no Skype or Yahoo Messenger.
Thanks to you for your picture, I think that you the good man. You look very fine.
Hope you are fine? I would like to tell you some things and please let me know what do you think about it. Okey?
I am looking for a serious relationship, somebody who can understand me and whom I can
I think relationship between man and women is most important, a man should always treat a
women nice and with love and respect, who stands by her in bad and good times and takes care
of all her necessities.
He should give her all the love he can so that she feels like the luckiest person on this
Similarly a women should do the same for man, to support him all the time, to be with him
when he needs her.
I think love is the key, a very important factor in a relationship and only way you can make
somebody love you if you are honest, sincere, faithful to that person.
I would like to tell you some words what i did today.
So Today I have carried out a lot of time at work with children.
It always something happens with them. Today one boy tried to kiss
the girl from the other group. But she for one year is more senior
than him and consequently has not given him
To kiss herself. he was upset very much!
So it is interesting to work with small children. They see in life only pleasures.
In their eyes it is possible to see a lot of happiness, even if the child
will make neasty things in a day.
I like to listen to Pop music and sometimes romantic classic music.
It would be desirable to dance, but simultaneously with a man.
But you see music in style POP always such.
Songs about love, but simultaneously with one who is in love something happens.
Well all right, I already something have too gone deep into this theme.
May be you are already bothered to read it.
My loved actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Most of all I like film with her participation
under the name " I Know what you did last summer ";
You looked him? If yes, tell please that you think of this film?
I looked 2 more part of this film, but there any more there
was no my liked actress, this film not so that has liked me.
My favoirite actor is John Travolta.
I can talk about it indefinitely long, therefore I shall
not take away your time for reading my letter.
I shall wait for your letter.
Your friend Tatyana

Hi, my dear friend Michal!!!
I prefer both kinds of bread, but it as depends on a type of meal.
Yes I am possible is happy after this loss of my liked man,
But sometimes I reflect again and again on him. Probably what is it because of that that,
I simply now have love of other man, which at me no.
How is your mood? I am very happy, that I can write you
and I think that we can get know each other closer. As you
know, if you meet someone you must see, if everything beautiful in a
person - face, clothing, spirit and mind. As for me I judge not
by persons appearance. The most beautifull thing, which I like
in man is his spirit, not the face. I think that if the man has
nice spirit, he is the best man in the world. As for me I have
everything but not love that#8217;s why I decided to write to you. I hope
that everything will be all right. And what do you think about it?
What can you say about your character? And what are the main
features of your character? As for me the most important thing when a
man understands me and my fillings. I think that we have similar ideas
and beliefs, attitudes and interests in common, if not, so I think
that it will not much time to reach this point. It seems to me that
you are a very good and interesting person, and I would like to know
you better. It is my first time when I use the Internet to get
acquainted with somebody. I know the English language not very well, but
I hope, that you can understand me and will help me to learn English.
However now I want to inform you about my city.
Cheboksary is an ancient city in Russia.
i like it very much, it's not so big as Moscow, for exaple, but it's very clean and smart. there are a lot of parks and churces, there are a lot to see and there a lot of tourists!!!! i think it's worth visiting!!!
Cheboksary is a capital of Chuvash Republic, it's anadministrative, economic and cultural center.
The population is about 750000 people.
Have you heard anything about my city?
by the way, my address: Prospect mira St, 101-16, Cheboksary, Chuvashia, Russian Federation.
i hope that it's really interesting for you to read my letters and i hope that we'l continue writing to each other!!!
Hope to hear from you very soon!!!
Take care,
Your Tatyana.


Hello my lovely Michal!!!!!
Today I went to the bank and have received my prize.
My prize is about 1000 euro (1200 $).
Still I can't believe in my luck!!!
I have never won anything in my life!! I am really very successful!
I'm thinking all the time how i can spend my money!!!
But I think that it will be better if I spend money to see you!
What do you think about it? I can arrive to your country.
It's better to communicate tete-a-tete then write each other thousands letters!!!
I'm sure. I hope that you do agree with me!!!!
i imagine our meeting, i'm sure it'll be wonderful!!!
Just imagine: When I arrive to you, you'd stand at the airport and wait for me.
And then our eyes meet. We understand that it's great that we would have meet.
We'd go to have supper with candles. We will talk a lot. I'm sure we'd enjoy each moment.
there wouldn't be anybody but we were only.
Time would stop for us!!!. It would be very romantic time.
Do you agree? What do you think about it?
i'm looking forward to your e-mail soon, my dear!!!!
Kiss you!!!


Hello dear Michal!!!
Today I have made the new photo. What you think of her?
I am glad that you agreed to meet me.
Today I'll go to my work and take my holidays to arrive to you.
Also I'm going to prepare a lot of documents and go to Moscow tomorrow.
One of my friends lives in Moscow and today i've called my friend
and she agreed me to stay at her place and she told me that she'll help me with the documents too!!!
We are friends since our childhood. But she entered the Moscow state University.
Now she has found a good job and has stayed living there.
I think that it's very good that she allowed me to stay at her place
because it's very expensive to live in the hotel in Moscow!!!
I shall write to you as soon as I arrive to Moscow.
I think that for my visa I will need your full address,
your full name and the closest airport where you will meet me.
I do not know, but it is necessary for me to take your invitation.
You could write it to me and then i'll print it!!! Ok?!!!
I'm very happy my dear that i'm going to meet you very soon!!!
I miss you a allot!!!!
Hope to hear from you very soon!!!
Kiss you,
Your Tatyana.

Hello dear Michal!!!
I've just arrived to Moscow, my friend met me at the railway station..
i was really happy to see her!!! I'll write to you from her place!!!
Tomorrow I shall go to the agency and embassy to find the whole necessary information for the documents that I need to fly to you.
I'll write to you everything about it!!!
Probably I shall call you when i receive the visa and all the other documents.
Today I am very tired of Moscow.
now it's very late in Moscow and my dear i'll to go bath and sleep!!!
Hope to hear from you very soon!!!
I kiss you !!!!

Fortunately I didn't allow her to cheat me, so I think my help to the Police cannot be good. But I hope I can contribute to find this scammer and also warn people who have contact with her.

Best regards