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Thread: Please advice

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    Default Please advice

    One of site's visitors wrote:

    I have a ( girl ? ) from Ghana wanting me to send things to her that her ( Uncle ) sends to my adress , so I tell her no , so she sends it any way and sends extra stuff for me to sell ,so I can send it to her . Her e-mail is kbear441@yahoo.com . 233265768152 is a number - adress is Lucy Avormenu , Ghana Accra , 102 Accra New Town , 00233 , 0265768152. Is she a scam?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    BrvIrishMan Guest

    Default Re: Please advice

    My first question would be why can't her "Uncle" send these items directly to her? You want the most obvious answer? "She" is setting you up to be a "Mule".
    Chances are that somebody,most likely "her", has access to someone's account and is online ordering stuff and having it sent directly to you. Why you may ask? When the company paying for all of this stuff "she" buys finds out they are not going to get paid and it was a scam, they will come after you. I would refuse the packages or if you want, keep the stuff and do with it what you want. Just tell "her" it never showed. US Postal code states that if something you did not order is mailed to you, you can keep it.
    Bottom line, this is a scam, but you are not the victim just an unwitting player.

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    elliottchloe84 Guest

    Default Re: Please advice

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    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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