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    scambuster Guest

    Default Phillipines Scam Scenario

    I have met several girls from there and all of them ask for money. Typical one is the exam fee if she is a student. Ask for copy of student ID, not in early emails but when she tells to send, she will say she doesnt have scanner fess. B*******...and beware if they say they dont have cams or town doesnt allow webcams [a big lie].
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    ham Guest


    I'm afraid there is no MOB path hassle free.
    Whether it is the ages old Philippines/Asian item, the recurrin Latin America, or the latests ex-USSR fad.
    I read of scholarly books exposing fraudulent "penpal centres" in Manila, where women made a living out of "marriage minded correspondence" with gullible western men [B)]...and those were the 1970s! [:0]
    All you had were grainy catalogues printed on cheap paper...yet scammers were already in operation.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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