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    marlboroeg Guest

    Default WARNING dream-marriage.com

    Careful of this site because it is fake and scam, When participate receive hundreds of messages every day, by coincidence One of the girls found on the web site elenasmodels.com
    And sent him a message sure whether it is send me a message from the site dream-marriage.com

    she answered that she did not send me any message

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    marlboroeg Guest


    __________________________________________________ ________________
    The matter is that I have no computer at home. That is why I have no email adress. I can comunicate with you only with the help of the local agency. I come here from time to time, they translate letters for me, and I can exchange letters with you. Sorry, but I can continue only this way. It is a oity if you can not. Because I am really interested in you.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    __________________________________________________ __________________

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    You are absolutely right, dude! I've had a paid subscription to this site for a month now, and my suspicions are mounting! First off, you get amazed by the avalanche of emails you receive from nearly all girls on the site (supposing they are real girls!). I've received so far over 200 mails from nearly every hot girl on the site! I don't remember ever having met that large number of girls, most of them with supermodel looks, even in one year in my real life.

    And you are right. Some of the girls are found on other sites like Elenasmodels, and Globaladies.com, and they don't remember seeing you on this site!

    Another point to make is when you decide on one matching girl, and keep in touch with her. Over time, you will find out that she hardly seems to remember what you wrote her, or what she told you before! Every mail has a new subject, and usually sounds very irrelevant to the conversation that you think has been going on!

    A third point to make: I've received mails from the same girl twice. More surprisingly, she never remembered writing to me before!

    A fourth point (actually a very important one, which I should have noticed from the beginning!): all mails seem to arrive nearly at the same time! You will always remember waiting for most of the day for one mail, and suddenly you inbox receives a batch of mails all at the same time (or within a short period of less than one hour!)

    A final note: try the online chat! you will find the hottest girls waiting for you and contacting you once you log in (how come?!)! They are mostly in their twenties (and some are still 18 years old), and they hardly tell you anything meaningful!

    Dude, this site is a proven scam site. Thanks a million for bringing up the subject, and hopefully we can spread the word before others are scammed by this bogus site.

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    I am glad to see a discussion about this online finally. I joined Globaladies.com because I read that it was the safe answer to the romance scams. I had been hit three times on match.com, 1 nigerian, and too russians. I was smart enough to figure those scams out before I got taken for a ride. I was not so fortunate this time around. Globaladies and the other companies like it are a very important advance in the technological sweetheart scam wave that we are seeing. The scam used to be that they would contact you, fall in love quickly, and then ask you for money due to some emergency. Now the money is paid up front in the form of tokens. At $6.00 a crack they can add up very quickly. I tripped across this while doing research. The thing that I am seeing most scam sites failing to recognize is that if this is a scam, it's the company itself, not the girl you are writing to. I think you guys nailed it. These girls are models. At first I was fooled because there are some unnatrractive girls thrown in the mix, giving the scam a bit of believeability, but as you said; I have never received so many letters from attractive women in my life. I do not care how desperate the situation is over there, hot women do not have trouble finding dates. They might not be happy with the dates they find, but they will never have trouble finding a man. It is the unnattractive people that must work hard to find dates. It is a harsh and brutal truth. It may not be politically correct to point this out, but that simply is the way it is.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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