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    Default I LOVE SCAMMERS!

    I love having scammers send me their emails so I can have them send their counterfeit checks all over the U.S. to fake addresses, or even better, to a fake name c/o a police Dept. address. I love stringing them along and after not receiving their wire transfers having them rage out at me.. It's GREAT.

    "I have informed the FBI of this transaction and they requested all the messages involved and your full contact information which i have supplied them all..............i know you shall soon be ontacted.......basterd,thief,asshole."

    and this ...

    I called your number and it was not going.saying temporary out of
    service.i dont want you to act funny with my hard earn money.get
    intouch with me with the shipping fund with you and the best time for
    my mover to come pick item up.if i dont hear from you.i will be
    forced to contact the CIA and the local police.and i belive those one
    should make proper information to the FBI.cos i dont understand your
    silence.Get back to me .good day"
    (Here is obliviously a man not to be messed with ?? )

    and finally this gem...
    "If you do not get back to me today,i will forward your contact informations to the authorities and you will be trapped down....belief me with my words."

    Get involved in this new and rewarding hobby, and rid CL of these Nigerian bastards.

    Write to me for my detailed free guide on how to BURN THE SCAMMERS. Learn many things you never knew on how these scams work. Do not use any of the free email services or I will think you are a scammer and will not send.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: I LOVE SCAMMERS!

    Thought this was hilarious.

    Great read on the reactions of the scammers.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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