I was contacted through a dating site, on last August, by an Englishman called Bruce Spencer, 49 years old, american citizen from San Francisco, who lives in London, he is electrical/RF engineer, he is divorced and has a daughter of 13 years old, Maya is his daughter name. We talked eachother on Yahoo messenger almost 3 months and we falled in love ( he sent me some photos, we never saw on webcam ). In October he arrived in Nigeria for working at a project. After short time from his arrival in Nigeria, he asked me to send him-via London, through Western Union, 380 pounds for buying from London some equipment that was stollen by the nigerians. He told me that he could not use credit cards there, and I sent him money. But he was involved in a car crash in Nigeria, he lost the I.D. card, all money, the passport, he was injured and he went to the emergency room from a DIVINE GRACE private hospital in Portharcourt-Nigeria. He took medical cares because he was suffered from typhoid fever, too. He is in hospital for more than 2 weeks and since 3 days ago he asked me to send him another money, 250 $ for a new passport. I told him that I have no more money for sending him, because I didn t receive those 380 pounds that owes me. He insisted and became angry. I understood, finally, that he might be a scammer. I looked for nigerian scammers on the internet and I found a picture of Bruce Spencer, but behind of this photo is a nigerian black scammer, I saw his photo and I copyed that photo. I also have the e-mail with the name and address where I sent those 380 pounds ( in London ), I have the receipt from Western Union. I will like to ask you to help me to denounce this liar and scammer and to retrieve my money. If you will contact me, I will give you more details about my case, thank you very much for your concern, I await with great interest your response.
Best regards.