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    I was just reading about scammers and came to your experience there...very clever! For myself I have been corresponding with a man who is from the states and is in Cotonou, Benin, since May and it's work related as he told me. He was in England before that. Since he has been in Cotonou much has developed and he states there has been much restriction in obtaining his own funds from the US, due to not having the proper ID or sufficient ID. What is your take on that? Therefore, when he was short on funds he asked me to send him some money, at which I did...with the promise to pay me back when he returned to the United States. I was to send the funds via Western Union using another name for the receiver, as again he stated he did not have sufficient ID to pick up the funds. He also stated in the beginning that he was there with his son, and who then became ill and was hospitalized for sometime. I was to learn later that the receiver of the funds was apparently the Dr who cared for his son. I would like to find out if the receiver really is a DR??
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    You MUST be JOKING!
    That is a compilation of most Africa-negro SCAMS known to man.
    Sorry if you lost money, but you are VEEEERY NAIVE![:0]
    Cut your losses until you can.
    If you have several thousands to waste, hire a PI to ascertain whether mr. Kongo Kamala is really a doctor, but if I were you, I wouldn't bother: you just have been had.[xx(]

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    Oh wow, Even I would never send money to some stranger. I have heard this same story before. No proper ID, or there is no bank where they are (most likely in Africa). I just read an article where there are these cyber cafes in a place called Festac Town in Africa, where many of these scammers sit for hours and come up with these sad stories. I just can't believe people can actually be taken by these types of scams. I'm sorry for your plight, but now you know!

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    Hey giveusabreak...Sorry to hear about your loss. But STAYAWAY from anyone asking for money...The scammers will come at U from every angle, especially the smpathetic side...


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    i might have been scammed, i met a man on a christian dating site. he is a contractor working in nigeria. he asked me for money and i gave him all i had plus a $500 loan. he promised he'd pay me back after he pays 1/3 of contract money in taxes and then he would get his pay.
    i am totally broke. he promised to pay me back in double. i have our conversation in print
    he had me send it to his motel manager in lagos nigeria
    he was to come back to the US by the 19th of dec. on dec 19 he called me from nigeria from a different phone number but hung up after one ring
    i have not been able to chat with him on IM since he asked me for plane ticket money
    he said he would be home by christmas to chaska mn wants to meet my family at our christmas party
    told me is a born again christian and is no scammer
    out people use his hotel manager's name to scam people
    i am not sure if he is a true scammer or not but he did give me two different addresses in chaska mn
    any advice have all the documents to prove what he said, asked for and what i did

    barb lex
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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