I wish to bring to everyone's attention the actions of Bill (agency owner) of RussianAmericanLove.com and his actions to remove my profile on his site BECAUSE I made him aware of some inconsistencies in information he was promoting (example Fiancee Visa) on his site (transcript below) followed by his response.


While the vast majority of people are honest and truly seeking a partner and conversely scammers are a very small percent, <<<< sorry currently online scamming represents a very high percentage>>>>>don't be afraid to do a little background checking on the person you are interested in. There are many online detective sites where you can confirm who someone is, where they live, and a little about their background. After all, you wouldn't rent an apartment to someone or hire a worker for your workplace without checking out their past history first. It's your responsibility to do that and we recommend that before you get serious with someone always get a criminal background and credit check. If anyone has a problem with that then they probably have something to hide.

3. Since you are never going to send money to anyone that you haven't met in person there are now at least a couple more directions to go. If she can afford to travel and come to meet you then that is a very good sign and she is probably very legitimate in her intentions. <<<<<WRONG! This is the first red flag you should watch for if she makes it sound so easy to travel to you in USA!!!!!!! This statement is totally wrong!>>>>>>>>

5. If you can't or don't want to have the adventure of traveling you can check with immigration to see if the woman is who she says she is and is truly seeking a visa to visit you in the USA. It is safer investment to do this through an immigration lawyer here in the states since you will eventually need one. A good place to start would be with our friend Mark at Davidson & Schiller law offices in Chicago. The last time we checked a visa can be granted to a person if she or he is going to the US to get married to a US citizen. It is usually valid for 3 months - time which is considered enough to organize a wedding. <<<<<< Wrong! A Fiancee Visa can only be issued after you have met the person within 2 years, you have filed a petition and it has been approved, the petition has been sent to the overseas consulate, the woman interviewed and granted a visa.....check USCIS regulations on this!!!!!!>>>>>>> Bill you should know this! My question is why you do not? You need to make more clear, this sounds as if she can just hop on a plane and come. We both know that is not possible!

Most of all remember that this activity is created by a small percentage of women and you notice them because they are hi profile and become very active on the site until you give them your private e mail address. They like having private e-mail addresses because when they get banned from our site they still have all their contacts. Never get discouraged because a very few unethical criminals commit crimes of the heart. <<<<<Bill, come on, the proliferation of scams on Internet Dating sites is not minimal, so please do not play it down that is so few. It is not. I am already suspicious of near 1/3 of the women I have seen on your site alone.....I do not have proof (yet), but I see enough to question....and I am considered an expert in this realm with over 400 exposures to date! The vast majority of beautiful/attractive, young women, age 18-35 are more times proven illegitimate than legit.>>>>>>>>It is impossible to detect and block all of these scams, but if we work together we can certainly keep it at a minimum. There are many anti-scammer websites like Russian Detectives that work hard trying to protect your heart and your wallet. Most of all have fun with your search and don't take things too seriously because after all, this is all about searching for love. <<<<Why on earth would you say do not take this so seriously (and it involves love?) we should all take it VERY Seriously (that's how we catch these scammers). Too much a cavalier attitude for an agency owner, just in my opinion. Games of the heart should NEVER be taken lightly!>>>>>>>>>>On ce again remember, if you don't send anyone money you will always be safe and this will be fun.

Below are some links to sites that you can click on (and there are many more if you search) that are updated everyday so you can keep checking for scammers.

Romance Scam
Stop Scammers
Scammer Black List
Agency Scams
Dating Scams

add www.stop-scammers.com

Hoping this will help! Copying to a couple anti-scammer buddies of mine just as reference!
Kind regards,

his reply:
Sorry, you are on a endless bitter mission and don't belong on our positive site. We are sorry that you lost $10,000 with a scammer but we have lost almost $60,000 keeping our site up and running for free. All of our success stories and testomonials are absolutely true because of a positive attitudes. We delete most of the new profiles that are uploaded everyday by known scammers that never even make it on our site. I don't think you realize what we are up against. We have worked much too hard getting this far to just be critized in every sentence.

Good luck in your search on other free Russian sites, but to our knowledge they don't truely exist.


I think all men who are sincerely trying to meet an honest woman overseas, and who is tired of the endless amount of scams going on, should know how this agency reacts to even basic "positive" criticism to how they operate. Bill's email address is russianamericanlove2@yahoo.com if you want to drop him a line and express your own view. Check his site out and you decide. I have done this for over 5 years now, posted hundreds of scammers here at Stop-Scammers and will continue to pursue exposing those who would defraud us.

Just thought you should know! Kind regards from Scam Hunter

Scam Hunter