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    Default Irina <irinakubankova@bk.ru> (Sernur?)

    Hello guys,

    may be someone just checked "Irina Kubankova, and my home
    address is: Russia Street. Anatsiferova, the house 7 appartament 14
    Republic Mari-el, city.Sernur Zip code 424020",

    interesting that we had only correspondance in English, I do not dominate the French language and suddenly I received mails in French...

    interesting too that I mailed her that I speak a little Russian but she always again started to teach me Russian for very beginners...

    here is the history:


    Hello !!!
    My name Irina.
    My age of 26 years.
    I from Russia. My city refers to as Sernur.
    I the cheerful girl who could not find the half in Russia.
    Now I try to find the happiness in the Internet.
    I very much like to prepare for a meal to travel, go in for sports, look films and many other things. Also I very much love children. Now at me they are not present, but I dream, that I will have children! I was intrigued with your questionnaire. To me would like to learn you is more best.
    There may be you and there is my second half.
    Write to me the answer necessarily. I shall wait for it!
    My E-MAIL: irinakubankova @ bk . ru

    ++ ++ ++

    my answer:

    Hi Irina,

    thank you very much for your message in hi5.


    I send you also a picture. I look like a bear in this picture... .

    I hope to have your answer soon.

    Warm regards from cold ... (2 degrees only!),


    Wed, 24. Oct 2007 01:17:26 +0400

    Hello my new friend .......!!!! How at you business? I hope, that is
    good.At present I work as the secretary in the organization Under the
    account of the electric power. Also I want to say to you, that I have
    an access to Internet by the computer which is situated in an cabinet
    of our boss, because I don't have a computer in my home, and I have
    asked the sanction at our director for my using of the Internet, and
    he permitted me to use the computer in a free time from my job. .......,
    for certain it is very interesting to you to know about how I found
    You on the Internet. I earlier also did not represent, that the
    Internet will be To give so it is a lot of opportunities to people. I
    went in agency of acquaintances in our city and lady asked to fill The
    questionnaire. I filled in my data. I have written to you the letter
    And also I sent the letter to two more men. I am not sure about that,
    Whether have received those other two men my letter. The matter is
    that I did not receive back from them. Well it now is not important.
    my structure was removed from the list. I now should tell you that I
    want search on the Internet. I should tell, that I want to find my
    love! Yes, it is possible Will look silly. Between us and we at all
    have no the big distance Opportunity to see the friend and to speak in
    the person. But I anyhow Shall try to find my love because I believe,
    that in this world There is a happiness for each person. How you think
    of it ......? I shall find necessarily my happiness. I also want to ask
    you, What you understand as happiness? Right now I shall speak you
    that I understand as happiness. I should tell, that everyone is happy
    in this world in own way. For me to be happy Means that I exist in
    this world. I think, that I want, that me loved. I want, that me
    respected and estimated. In general I see happiness that my life will
    be It is lived with sense. I should find my love create my family. You
    agree with me. In t is world we should leave after ourselves good
    memoirs. It is very difficult for one to find happiness. When two
    persons like each other, It already does people happy. Love - very
    much good feeling and this sacred! You agree with me? I want to find
    my love to create family and to live worthy Life. THEN I SHALL BE
    HAPPY!!! You think as well as I? Also I do not want to hide to you
    that I had before serious relations With the man. It were long
    relations and I think, that I very much loved him. My last relations
    came to an end very badly. My former the man Betraid me. he betraid
    our love. I do not know you tested Similar feelings. It was very hard.
    Treachery one of most Awful things for our heart....... For this
    reason I any more have no desire to have the relation with Russian
    men. I want you to ask now that you concerned to me seriously. I
    really hope to find my love. I very much would like, That between us
    already from the first letters there was a understanding and trust
    each other. Speak me only the truth and between us there will be warm
    relations! Wowww, I have written so much! I didn't think that I can to
    write about myself so much, really. Probably, finishing my e-mail to
    you. Jens, I'll be grateful so much, if you'll write me about yourself
    so much, as I did it. I would like, if you'll tell me, for example,
    about your family, is your family large? About your city where are you
    living, I have never been in other countries. too, and I'll be glad to
    know about your country. Ok, let me to finish my e-mail, I hope to see
    your answer soon! attaching my photo, I hope you will find my photo
    good. Ok, good bye, Jens, hoping to see your message soon! Take care,
    Sincerely, Your new russian friend, Irina!!!

    ++ ++ ++

    part of my answer:

    I have also some question to you: Where are you now? In which town? Is it possible for you to go to an internet cafe in the weekend and have an online chat with me? This would be very good because so you can see me live and I can see you live. So we can be sure that our partner exists really and is not only a fiction used for fraud activities as often done in the internet.

    Best regards,


    Thu, 25. Oct 2007 19:19:26 +0400

    Hi my friend ........! It really very good day today. I had the big day At
    work! I am slightly tired now. glad so much to receiven your answer
    again! It's very interesting for me to read your messages, from them
    we are learning more about ourself, and I begin know more about you,
    ....... . My last letter contained a lot of information on me directly. I
    shall hope, that you understood the most part of that I have written
    to you in the last letter. It is very important for us that we might
    understand each other. We occur from two various cultures, but anyhow
    we should To learn to understand each other. The understanding is a
    pledge of dialogue! I want to tell you, that I am usual I can easy to
    find common language with people. I always to try to concern with
    understanding to all things. Life complex And all people also various.
    Very important in dialogue with each person to show respect And
    attention. My dear friend, of course, may be you want learn about our
    correspondence, about correspondence's essence too, really? Jens, may
    be, possible, we will together in the future time, may be I would like
    to look the marriage too, if you will want this, I don't want to hide
    this so important fact, but we must to learn more things about each
    other more and more, it will reasonably and correctly, really,.....? I
    hope that you will agree with me with this fact too. Please, tell me
    about this, ok? But in my opinion, again and again, we must learn
    about each other more and more, I repeat this! Please, agree with me,
    .......! My dearest friend, I would like to tell you about my family. I
    should you tell about my family anyhow. Family Defines the status of
    the person in a society. On the essence The person this essence social
    and for this reason the family may Anyhow to influence education of
    the person. I want to say to you that I have a large family too. This
    are my mom Irina, my daddy Nikolai too. Also I have one sisters. They
    are Ekaterina is 21 years old. On professions my mom is a seller in
    the shop, and my dad is an engineer on the factory. My sister
    Ekaterina is a student of the university, she is studing on the
    lawyer. Our family are living without any conflicts too, we have a
    good understanding between our members of our family. Because, I think
    that our parents gave to us a good education. I think that it's so
    good and so proud that we have my mom and my daddy. Also I want to say
    to you that I live with my family in one apartment. We have our
    apartment from 3 rooms. It is usual standard Apartment. Here only some
    people in Russia may allow To itself to have the big house. I am glad,
    that we live in peace. From the earliest childhood my parents learned
    us only good. My parents fair people and they deserve respect. Also I
    have very good and kind ancestors. My grandmother on the part of mum
    And I the grandmother with the grandfather now very old also require
    care. The old age is necessary for respecting. It also one of
    principles of my life. I am sure, that also love the grandmothers and
    grandfathers. In our life The grandmother and the grandfather always
    to associate as kindest people in the world. I love mine aaaooa and
    grandfathers! Also I want to tell that I have consulted with my
    parents about the account my acquaintances with you through the
    Internet, they have estimated it as positively because they care about
    my future life of course. My parents would want that I have a happy
    life, and would want that I will find my mann. As I told you earlier,
    I have never been married. My parents already elderly and they are
    poorly familiar with the Internet. I also am poorly familiar with the
    Internet. But I shall hope, that anyhow In my life I shall meet good
    the man. My mum worries about me. She knows that my last years were
    not successful and now speaks me, that I was more cautious in a choice
    of the man for creation of family. Love, love, love. Sometimes the
    love does with us such strange things! I think, that the present love
    develops of several components. This understanding, trust, physical
    inclination and some other. You agree with me? very interested to
    learn about your work, ......., and what do you do in free from work
    time? During our weekends, in my free time, we are with my
    girlfriends, go for a walk to the city, we like to sit in cafe too for
    a cup of tea. I like my girlfriends very much, especially my best
    girlfriend Elena. She is as native sister for me! By the way I want to
    say to you that Elena works as a waiter in our Restaurant. I want to
    teach you some Russian! You are ready to this? First you should know
    words of a greeting! So: - Hello = "PRIVET" or "ZDRAVSTVUI" - BYE = "
    DO SVIDANIYA " So we speak words of a greeting! YOU understand? It
    should be slightly difficult. - Have nice day = " IMEITE HOROHSII DEN
    " If it will be interesting to you, I shall inform you still! Whether
    also it is very interesting to me to know your work allows to travel
    To you in other countries? You have a vacation? I should tell, that I
    never travelled to other countries earlier. I have desire sometime to
    visit Europe! I want to visit France, Germany, Poland and other
    countries! I want to go to Egypt and to observe Beautiful places our
    planet. Probably in the future when I shall have the family we all
    family shall go and take travel on Europe! ls. I want to ask you about
    more things, ......., and I hope that you will understand my questions
    and will answer me for them. Iwant to learn more about your country,
    please, tell me about your family, about your friends. A great hello
    to you from my family, my girlfriends Elena. I hope to see your
    message soon. Bye-bye...


    ++ ++ ++

    part of my answer mail:

    You did not reply to me in case of my question on online chat between us. Can you go in an internet cafe this weekend for a chat with me? Can you tell me the time (day, hour) when we can meet online? My chat mail is ... . So please, give me an answer in this important issue. Or do you not want that we see each other and text each other???


    Sat, 27. Oct 2007 12:34:43 +0400

    Hello my loveli friend. Thank for your new letter. If it is fair, That
    I to wait for it am very strong as a nightingale of a summer. I shall
    be very glad to accept you in my country, but I do not advise you to
    arrive here here many gangsters who attack foreigners, I have received
    your photo, you have very much liked me, I cannot be with you in a
    chat as in cafe there is no such program. It's so attractive and
    beautifully, really,.......? sure, that you would like to dance the ball
    dancing with me at once? It will be wonderful! Probably, in the
    future, we will dance the ball dancing with you, it would be cool!
    Really? About my hobbie? I like to collect various beautiful female
    magazines, about a style, about fem? ale life for example and so on.
    For a small period of the time, I have a large collection of different
    magazines. Simply, I like to read the best magazines. I would like to
    tell you about my dreams too. dreaming to drive a car in the future,
    it would be so cool and interesting. But I want to tell, that our
    family do not have the car, it's very expensive to buy the car, but
    our father has told that probably, through one year, he will can to
    buy the car and I'll can to learn how to drive the car Jens, would
    you like to learn me how drive a car at once? It will be kindly
    since your side By the way, my parents and friends ask about you all
    time Especially my parents, I have told to my parents, that you are
    decent and good man, my parents are very pleased to our norrespondence
    on the Internet and our relations, ....... . My parents wish to us a good
    relations in the future, and it's possible, in the future, if we will
    be together in your country, they would want that we will be a
    magnificent pair too But remember, ....... ! We should learn each other
    ever more and more! Really.? It's very important for me, Jens! The
    fact in that, if you know, that on the statistics, majority of a pairs
    are separated because they knew each other not enough, and I do not
    want to do a mistake at once, I hope that you will can to understand
    me, ..... , really? As I spoke you earlier, we must to learn about each
    other more and more from our e-mails. Dear ...... !!! Also I want to tell
    you, that I would like to speak with you by the phone at once, I hope,
    that it's a good idea, really, ..... ? I want to hear your voice, ..........,
    I hope that you want to hear my voice too. But unfortunately, I do not
    have the telephone in our apartment, because it's very expensive to
    establish the telephone now in this time in Sernur City, but it will
    be possible, that may be through some months we will have the
    telephone. Also, I want to tell you, that I have interested at our
    director about using of the Energosbyt telephone, but our director has
    told me, that the Energosbyt telephone is for working needs for our
    institution! The director has told us, that the work personnel of
    Energosbyt can not use the telephone of Energosbyt for our individual
    purposes. Also I have asked to use the telephone at my friends, and
    Elena too, but all of them do not have the phone too, it's the
    difficult situation with the phone. From this, I have thought and I
    have come to the conclusion, I will can to call to you from the City's
    Sernur Telegraph, it's the best variant, Jens! Dearest Jens, you can
    give to me the number of your phone, I can call to you from the City's
    Telegraph, please give me your phone number, ok? I have a huge desire
    to hear your voice, ........, I hope that you want to hear my voice too.
    Please, send me your phone number in your next e-mail, ok??? Please,
    do not forget! ........., I cannot believe, I have written to you such
    large e-mail. I hope, that it will be interesting to read about me
    more. Really? I would be grateful to you, if you will write to me in
    your next e-mail about your enthusiasmes, about your hobbies, what
    kind of music do you prefer? What kind of movies and another too? What
    is your favorite color too??? My favorite color is blue, it calms so
    much. Well, let me to finish my messgae. By the way, my parents, my
    sisters and my friends ask me again to say to you a great greetings
    >from them! It's as usual. I will wait for your next e-mails! ......,
    please, write me as soon as possible! Ok? Good-bye, see you soon.
    Irina!!! PS I still want to add, that I shall cause you little bit
    later. I want while with you to communicate on a E-Mail. I shall
    examine with you conversation by the phone approximately in two weeks.
    I should have additional money to conversation. To us at work will
    give Money only a bit later! As soon as things approach, I call you!!!
    By the way, today I to send you GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR RUSSIAN FRIEND,

    - 6 -

    Mon, 29. Oct 2007 01:59:37 +0300

    Hi my dearest friend...... ! ...... , I was so happy to get your answer
    again and again, it was so good part of my day when I have saw your
    words in the computer. And when I have saw your answer in the
    computer, my mood becamme so good. It's ok now. Dearest ..... , I see
    that we are interested in each other more and more, and I think that
    it's so good for us, because I have so good and liked friend as you,
    ..... . so interested by you ..... , that my life became better than
    before an acquaintance with you, ..... , I feel it, really. You are so
    good friend, you can understand me as a good friend to good friend,
    and I think that it's important thing in the life. .... , I see that
    you trust me, as I do it with a great pleasure to you, and I think
    that it's so good thing in our friendship, really, ..... ? I hope that
    you understand me, ..... , that in my opinion, al pe ple in the world
    must to understand each other in spiritual plan of a dialogue. Do you
    agree with me, ...... ? Tell me about it, ok? By the way I want to say to
    you that believe in God very much, I believe in Jesus, I am a
    Christian woman as I said you earlier. I like to go to Church (Russian
    Ortodox), it's not far from our Restaurant too. Our City's Church is a
    very beautiful place, there is a lot of an beautiful icons too, I like
    this. The priests sing beautiful songs and I like it very much. This
    so calms my soul when I have a bad mood too. But now, I want to sayto
    you that your e-mails calms me too when I have a bad mood, I feel
    it,...... . I want to say to you that some people of our work personal,
    here in our Restaurant know that we with you write to each other by
    the Internet. They said me that it's so good for us, they ask me to
    say to you a friend hello and they, as me, want know more about your
    country, about your culture. My dear friend ...... , also I want to ask
    you your full name and your home address on any unforeseen case also.
    Please, send me it, okey? .... , I would like to send you my home
    address too. But I think that God willn't admit it, because he know
    that we like to write to each other our e-mails as I feel it. Jens, I
    can send you a postmails or postcards by the usual mail service also.
    I shall be glad to write to you the letter on a paper and to receive
    also From you the letter on a paper. I only should warn you, That
    sometimes in Russia of the letter may not reach the addressee. I shall
    hope, that our letters will reach, because I shall place in my letters
    to you all my friendship. Jens, I want to say toyou that it's so shame
    that we in Russia have a peoples or some mail organizations who like
    steal the postsendings of any peoples. I know many so shame, so bad
    cases about it from my girlfriends. It's the shame for this peoples
    and organizations, realy? I hope that in your country all ok with
    postorganization. I will give you my home address and my full name on
    any case. It's here: My full name is Irina Kubankova, and my home
    address is: Russia Street. Anatsiferova, the house 7 appartament 14
    Republic Mari-el, city.Sernur Zip code 424020 Please, write this datas
    on a paper on any cases, ok, ..... ? I so want to hear your voice, it
    will important for me to hear your voice, ..... . On this note, I will
    finish my e-mail to you. Please, answer me soon, ok, ..... ? I will wait
    for your messages, ...... . ALSO AS IT'S USUAL, TO YOU FROM MY FAMILY AND

    Sincerely, your dear friend,

    - 7 -

    Tue, 30. Oct 2007 23:38:52 +0300

    Hi dearest .... ! I have gotten your answer as usual, and I was so
    happy from your words again! ... , I want to say to you that your
    messages became an important part of me and my life, your e-mails help
    me live, I do not have boring mood in general, but it there comes when
    is bad weather in the street when it's coldly. But when I receive your
    warm messages, I forget about bad mood at once, I have a smile on my
    face and magnificent mood from your e-mails. I cannot without your
    messages now, ... . You can see that I write to you so long inform
    e-mails about myself, because I want that we know about ourself very
    much. I thought that it's so imortant for us ... , realy ... ? My
    favourite season, summer as, it very short. I like summer very much!
    It is possible on weekend go in a wood on the nature in the summer, we
    go to a wood near to my city of Sernur. ... , I hope that you know
    that our russian woods are so beautiful, I hope in In your city too.
    There are the pines and beautifullrussian birches basically in our
    woods. Also through this wood proceeds the small river, this place is
    so real romanticism, believe me ... ! We are with my family, my dad,
    my mom, and my sisters pack a backpacks, we take a large tent, we take
    a necessary foodstuff, and we are together with my family go to
    camping. I like this very much, .... . Especially, I like to be near
    this small river too, my dad like to fish very much, not fisher But,
    once I have tried to fish, and I have catched a small carp too I was
    so surprised by this, and what about you? Do you like to fish? Also
    dO you know, ... , that the food which is prepared on a nature more
    better than the food in home? It's a fish soup basically. Also we eat
    fish canned food. It's; the sprat in a tomato sauce. It's so tasty to
    eat on nature. In total, I like camping very much, ... , and how you
    spend your vacation? Tell me, ok? It will be interesting for me. Dear
    ... , also my friends in are asking me about you very much all time
    I tell them that you are very good man, also I want to say to you that
    some my girlfriends envy me slightly because I found so good man as
    you by the Internet. But I do not address on their envy of any my
    attention. I today would want to teach you Russian also! - " Ya budu
    dumat o vas! " = I shall think of you! - " Ochen prekrasno poluchat
    vashi pisma " = it is very fine to receive your letters! - " Ya tak
    rada, chto ya mogla vas nahodit! Vi ochen horoshii mujchina " = I so
    am glad, that I might find you! You very good the man! - " Ya imela
    bolshoi i trudnii den na rabote " = I had the big and difficult day at
    work. I want to say to you, ... , that I will think about you more and
    more, possible, about my coming to you ... , I feel that our relations
    are more than friendship, realy ... ??? I feel it by my heart and
    soul, because I cannot without your e-mails now. Well, ... , on this
    finishing my message to you, as usual a warmth greetings from my
    family to you, and from Irina too, ...... !

    ++ ++ ++

    parts of my answer mail:

    Hello my dear Irina,

    (...) Is there a hotel in your town? How much does the double room cost there per night? (I hope that you will not leave me alone at night there... .) What is the name of this hotel? How save is it to travel to you taking the train from Moscow or Kazan? What does a trip in the train cost?

    Thanks also for your pictures. Is that really you at the coast? What coast is it? Volga River? Black Sea? Please tell me more about. May be we meet at the coast or at a nice holiday place as you like it, ok? Please give me your proposals, your ideas, your suggestions!

    I agree with you that it is important for us to know each other. Please go to an internet cafe or call shop or cyber center this Sunday in order to chat online with me. And let me know the time when you are there. I really would like to check you live by webcam and chat that you exist and that you send out these mails to me and not a person who only uses pictures taken of you ... there is a lot of such fraud in the internet world, please understand my point.


    Dorogoja Irina, ja lulju tebja, moja serce s toboi bsegda, tuy ponimajesh?
    Ja budu goworit po russki c toboi i toshe angliski.

    Mnje ljubish, Irina? Do you love me, Irina???

    Priwjetui mamoi otzoi drugam ot twoj ljubitel ....

    - 8 -

    Thu, 01. Nov 2007 23:49:50 +0300

    Salut mien le plus cher .... ! Je veux dire a vous cela comme
    d'habitude et Ordinaire, heureux ainsi de votre reponse a mon dernier
    courrier electronique!!! Je pense Sur vous les jours. J'attends ainsi
    vos messages chauds pour moi .... , moi Voulez dire toyou que
    maintenant moi cann't sans vous et votre ainsi les sentiments Envoie
    selon le courrier electronique mien .... . Vous envoyez selon le
    courrier electronique, sont tellement importants pour moi, c'est la
    partie De ma vie, c'est la source de mon plaisir vers ma vie, je veux
    dire Chez vous que occ/urrence de vous ... - beterest la partie de
    mien La vie solitaire maintenant, vos messages me donnent le grand
    bonheur et le plaisir Dans ma vie ... . bBelieve de moi que je parle
    cela mes mots avec le mien Le soin sincere a vous, avec mon respect de
    vous. Aussi je veux souligner Ce que je pensais a nos sentiments pour
    vous mien ... , je suis arrive Vers la conclusion que nous sommes
    crees pour l'un l'autre mien aime. Dans le dernier La nuit je ne
    dormais pas bien, je ne pouvais pas faire cela, parce que je pensais a
    nous Le mien .... , sur notre connaissance sur Interrencontre, sur
    votre par la chaleur Les messages, et a essentiellement sur vous mien
    ... ! Je pensais Tout mien ... , je veux dire a vous que je cann't
    sans vous mien , Je veux dire a vous que je suis tombe amoureux de
    vous mien ... , oui. ........ Oui. Je vous aime mien le plus cher
    ... ! Cela avait lieu si vite et soudain, je n'ai pas fait vers
    Attendez cela mien aime, c'est tellement sensuel pour moi mien ... ,
    moi cann't Sans. Je vous AIME, AIME! = "Ya tebya lyublyu!" Je sens
    chez vous La passion a la raison, est mon amour de vous mien cher. Moi
    certes Comprenez que c'est tres grand et les vanteries. Mes sentiments
    pour vous font Le sens! Au cours de notre correspondance a vous je
    peux dire a vous que nous maintenant Avez certaines particularites a
    nos relations. Quand je pour vous parler, qui j'aime Vous, sous ces
    mots je comprends un grand sens! Je ne veux pas vers Allez au grand
    train le cri sur cela comme par l'aveule et naif la femme. Je dois
    dire, Cela pour parler de l'amour en ce qui concerne 100 pour-cents la
    rencontre dans la personne Necessaire a nous. Vous acceptez avec moi,
    le Mien ... ? Je pense que si nous aoai pour avoir un certain temps
    pour coexister nous nous comprendrons beaucoup A Nos relations et
    seront seulement alors sont prets a accepter serieux et Les pas
    importants a la vie! Je ne veux pas que vous fassiez peur tel grand
    Les mots sur l'amour. Je pense que vous comprendrez sur quoi je vous
    Parler. C'est pourquoi je veux allouer dans nos lettres Rencontrant a
    La personne dans l'avenir. Je pense qu'youu permettra de vous appeler
    chez moi Mon amour ? Moi la femme Avec la comprehension pour toucher
    vers la vie. Permettez a cela Il y aura un tel amour de loin, Mais ce
    sentiment extraordinaire qui Dans moi maintenant au coeur ne me donne
    pas le repos, et je Dois parler en tout cas vous Cela. Vous avez un
    grand coup de mes mots ? De vos messages, je vois Ce que nous beaucoup
    l'un a l'autre ... , j'espere que vous serez M'acceptez mien Jens, est
    pour veritable ? J'espere que vous sentez chez moi Telles passions
    chez moi mien ... . Aussi durant la nuit passee me demandaient Au
    dieu, je le remercie que nous avons trouve l'un l'autre par le mien
    ... , j'ai ferme le mien Les yeux voyaient la presence du Dieu. Il
    voyait sur moi, et je voyais sur lui, Il a dit que de je que je serai
    la femme la plus heureuse, parce que je vous ai trouve, vous - le mien
    La personne future ... . Aussi dans les yeux du Dieu, qu'il criait, je
    pense Ce que lui - beaucoup haappy pour nous mien ... . Je criais
    aussi ... , parce que cela - ainsi le bonheur pour nous que nous
    pouvons etre ensemble Bientot, ce que nous pouvons pour avoir la
    famille normale, moi, voulez ainsi cela mien ... , Parce que moi
    cann't pour etre un mien ... , la partie principale de mien Les amies
    sont mariees pendant un long temps, ils m'ont demande tout le temps
    autrefois Notre la connaissance avec vous, sur quoi, pourquoi je ne
    pouvais pas pour trouver la personne, sur Leurs questions je ne
    pouvais pas answred, mais j'ai dit d'eux que je veux cela Beaucoup,
    mais moi cann't pour commencer n'importe quels proches sentiments par
    n'importe quelle personne A cause du mien emRestaurantrassment. Moi -
    la coupe d'arbres emRestaurantrassed La fille, j'ai dit sur vous dans
    mes dernieres lettres electroniques mien Jens. Mais je veux vers Dites
    a vous que je sens sur vous non emRestaurantrassment le mien Jens, je
    sens chez vous tout mon amour de vous!, comment je veux dire Chez vous
    que j'ai dit sur mes sentiments de l'amour a mes parents et le mien
    L'amie Elena. Mes parents ont dit de moi qu'ils sont tres heureux pour
    nous Mien aime. Dans les yeux de ma mere et mon papa je voyais un
    grand bonheur Pour moi et pour vous ensemble le mien ... . Ils ont dit
    qu'ils esperent cela J'ai fait le choix juste dans ma vie, et ils
    esperent que nous serons heureux Ensemble mon amour, aussi ils ont dit
    de je que, ou nous avec vous vivrons Ensemble. Je leur ai repondu que
    je veux vivre avec vous dans votre pays Mien aime, ils me demandaient,
    sur qui ils s'ennuieront sans moi beaucoup, mais A partir d'une autre
    partie ils comprennent que sera mieux que nous avec Vous Jens vivrez
    dans l'Amerique, parce qu'ils comprennent cela maintenant a La Russie
    - la situation difficile vivante. Ils ont dit de vous leur chaud Les
    FELICITATIONS chez vous et eux nous souhaitent, le mien ... , notre
    famille future Le bonheur et un grand amour partage mien ... . Aussi
    mon amie Elena a dit que de moi qu'ils ont suppose sur cela, nous avec
    vous aurons a Les sentiments de l'amour a partir de notre de la
    connaissance chez vous mien ... . Eux Tres heureux sur nous mien cher,
    ils ont dit que vous serez le bon ami Pour moi mien ... , et je les ai
    accepte sur 100 pour-cents!!! Aussi Natasha A dit que vous l'ami chaud
    SALUT et eux compterez que nous serons Avec vous ... . Mien aime, je
    suis tellement heureux pour nous mien cher ... . Je veux dire a vous
    que je vous aime beaucoup, mes parents Et mes amis sont tres heureux
    pour nous beaucoup. Aussi mien cher ... , Je veux, vous posent la
    question principale, je pense que ce sera si juste depuis ce temps-la
    Ma partie mien aime. Faites vous avez ou vous faisons ecrivent avec
    chacun a l'autre les les femmes Le mien ... ? ? ? C'est tellement
    important pour moi mien ... , j'espere que vous Me comprendra, parce
    que je vous aime, et je ne veux pas cela, vous ecrivez Avec d'autres
    femmes. Je veux dire a vous que je n'ecris pas avec personne D'autres
    hommes excepte vous mien ... . Je ne veux pas une autre personne,
    Parce que je vous aime! Mais je il suis plus grande de tout ne veut
    pas cette n'importe quelle autre femme Mon amour Jens essaiera de vous
    voler de moi!!! Je vous parle de cela Il y a tres serieusement mien
    ... ! Cela regrettera si pour moi, si vous etes ayant Ou la lettre
    avec une autre femme mien cher, me trompe dans notre Les relations,
    s'il vous plait, me parlent que, ... , vous ecrivez avec d'autres
    femmes ? Nous devons confier l'un a l'autre a cela, bien mien aime ?
    Des cours, le mien Aime peut vous etre, me demandera pour mon travail,
    quand je serai eloigne de La Russie. Certes, je laisserai passer mon
    travail, sur mon travail collegues, oui, a moi Manquera sur eux, mais
    vous pouvez voir que j'ai rendu tout le personnel Le temps vers mon
    travail, je n'ai pas le loisir jamais la. Je pense cela si J'ai trouve
    mon amour et ma personne future, je dois changer ma vie privee a La
    partie vous mien cher, parce que je suis la femme et je dois avoir ma
    famille La vie comme fait l'autre womans cela. Realy le mien ... ? Je
    pense que le mien collegues dans notre Energosbyt s'ennuiera sans moi
    aussi, mais de nous, willn't oublient L'un de l'autre aussi, je
    pourrai pour envoyer les lettres electroniques de leur votre pays
    Aussi. Mien cher, comment vous voyez sur cela ? Je veux dire a vous
    que je manque Vous beaucoup, et je veux dire a vous que vous etes
    devenus sur le premier Le plan dans ma vie que mon travail. Je vous
    aime Jens et cann't Sans vous mien aime, et j'ai decide que je dois a
    cote de vous mien ... . C'est tellement necessaire pour moi mien ... .
    Je vous aime ainsi ... !, comment j'essaierai d'etudier mien cher sur
    necessaire Les documents pour mon futur vous arrivant vers mien ... ,
    puisque je connais du mien L'amie, j'aurai besoin du passeport
    etranger et le visa aussi, je serai La tentative apprend cela pendant
    le futur plus proche. Mien aime, j'espere que vous Avez greatdesire de
    notre rencontre de mon amour. Je veux ainsi cela mon amour, moi Vous
    aimez, et je m'ennuie sans vous terriblement ... . J'attendrai votre
    mutuel Les lettres electroniques de la chaleur. Comme il est
    ordinaire, la felicitation de la chaleur de mon amie Irina, ma famille
    chez vous.

    Tous mes baisers de la chaleur!!!

    ++ ++ ++

    my answer:

    Hello Irina,

    thanks for the pictures!

    Please explain why you send me this message in French language???? Do you speak English and French and Russian ... and please what else? Italian? So please let me know your explanation. How many guys in how many languages do you attend???

    Very surprised and confused,


    Fri, 02. Nov 2007 23:53:35 +0300

    Hello my honey ... . I am very happy to receive your letter. Thanks
    for your sincere and warm letters. It is very good, when know, that in
    the world there is a person, Which trusts me. How you? How your free
    days have passed? I well know Russian and English language, but I use
    the translator to write the letter to you the darling, I hope, that
    you now will understand me. I hope, that in All of you it is good.
    Each time when I read your letter, I feel, that it brings to me More
    close to you. I very much think, and I dream of our future. I cannot
    wait that day when we can meet each other. I cannot wait day when we
    can have the first conversation, ours all over again Embrace, and our
    first kiss together. This day we shall remember all Life. I wish to
    inform you honourly, that I never felt so much from love in my life. I
    know, that I can trust you, respect with you and that you Always will
    be with me. You what complete the god, has created for me. That I have
    divided with you a life. I love you my prince. Your bride in Russia

    ++ ++ ++

    my answer:Hello dear sweet Irina,

    I hope that you are doing fine in this cold weather. I have to work today.

    Last night I checked all the pictures I received from you. My impression is that there are pictures of not only you but also another girl in this collection. Are you the one with dark hair or with blond hair???

    As we have not agreed to chat tomorrow Sunday (...)

    What happened that you mailed me in French language? If you use a translator program so may be you can also mail me in German language which is my native language.

    You also speak of trust. I think the best to build up trust is to have a chat with you online. Please think about it.

    As I am at work now I have no picture I can send you. Have you still pictures to send me?

    With love and sweetkisses,


    Tue, 06. Nov 2007 15:37:22 +0300

    Salut mon amour ... . Comment ca va? Je suis vaguement heureux de
    recevoir votre lettre. Je sens toujours beaucoup de plaisirs et le
    bonheur dans mon coeur, quand je lisais votre lettre. Ils me donnent,
    l'aide pour vous sentir pendant quelques minutes est tres chaude.
    Quand je vous ai rencontre, j'ai change. Vous avez ouvert un nouveau
    monde pour moi, le monde de l'amour. Maintenant je me leve le matin
    avec le sourire sur ma personne, parce que je connais cela non un.
    Dans ce grand monde La personne, qui pense a moi. Je veux dire a vous
    merci. Avec vous je me sens par la femme, qui veut etre heureuse
    aimer. J'ai desespere en ce qui concerne le bonheur, en voyant les
    hommes grossiers russes. Quand je vous ai rencontre, vous me donniez
    Nadejda sur le bonheur. Mon amour meme les collegues au travail
    parlent, qui j'ai change. Ils parlent que je souris plus souvent,
    aussi mes yeux brulent par la lumiere du plaisir. Je vous suis tres
    reconnaissant pour cela. ... je suis tres heureux que vous ne me
    laissez pas et estimez notre correspondance. Vous la personne
    existant, qui n'a pas peur des problemes, qui peuvent se soucier. Je
    suis tres heureux que vous m'avez choisi et me donnaient, la chance
    donner vous aime la tendresse. Je pense a vous mon amour. Jens j'ai
    besoin de vous dans ma vie. Je finirai mon miel Jens cette lettre, je
    souhaite chez vous le meilleur et bon humeur. J'attends beaucoup votre
    reponse, et je vous envoie les etreintes chaudes. Liubov sur toujours.
    Votre pour toujours Irina.

    my answer: Hi Irina,

    in english, please!
    auf deutsch, bitte!
    en espanol, por favor...

    I do not understand French, SORRY!!!


    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++


    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    "her" french sucks ( probably an automatic translator ) but in short tells you that she is "yours forever" and that you "make her feel like a real woman, unlike gross russian men ".

    heard that one already...

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    Goddiejens Guest


    Thank you, ham,

    for your short information about the contents of this French text.

    Here is an update:


    : Sat, 10 Nov 2007 10:34:24 +0300
    From: Irina <irinakubankova@bk.ru>
    To: ...me...
    : from Irina !!!

    Hello my love ... . I am very glad to see your letter. The gentle wind
    is like has touched my person in hot weather. At reading your letter I
    have a joyful smile and is very happy, that We have met each other.
    Now I am precisely sure, that I not one, though we far apart yours The
    letters bring a lot of heat and pleasure in my life, that I feel yours
    The presence at my life is constant. Honey, I constantly think of you
    where I would not be and that I would not do. You always with me in my
    heart. Yesterday I at work had very difficult day and I am very tired.
    When I went home I thought of you. I miss without you each day. I sat
    on a bed and read the book, but I have understood, that I can not
    concentrate The attention on it. My ideas came back to you again and
    again. I thought as far as it will be wonderful it to wait for you
    >from work, to meet You with a sensitive kiss and embrace to prepare
    tasty supper for you and to give To you all love and care. ... I want
    to give you everything, that I have, I want to do you very happy , As
    you do me. I feel myself very well, because We soon shall meet, but I
    am afraid to lose you. I hope, with all by mine By heart, that that
    will not interfere with our happiness. ... I hope, that for you our
    relations as roads as well as for me. And I never shall lose you. On
    it I shall finish the letter. Please inform, that you think of all it.
    I whole you ... . Your bride Irina !!!

    +++ here is my reply dated today +++

    : Sun, 11 Nov 2007 16:17:38 +0100
    From: ... me ...
    To: Irina <irinakubankova@bk.ru>
    : answer from ...

    Dear lovely Irina,


    Thanks a lot for your letter. Why are you afraid to lose me? I am not a runaway, I am fascinated by the girl with dark hair you sent me in pictures. I do not know who the other one is with the blond hair... I just asked you about this issue but you never gave me an answer in detail.

    I also asked you to simply do an online chat with me ... but you are never ready to do that. So I have serious doubts that you are a real girl and not only such person who scam other people online.

    May be that we arrange a real meeting in St. Petersburg in March, 2008, in my next holidays. What do you think?




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    Goddiejens Guest


    And here is the final coming out of the scammer:


    D: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 20:44:03 +0300
    From: Irina <irinakubankova@bk.ru>
    To: ... me ...
    : My love !!!

    Hello my love ......!!! I am very glad, that you have called to me
    lovely my angel!!! I am very glad, that you wish to lead with me night
    the darling. I have learned all, that we could be together the
    darling. I have learned the name of very good hotel, this name the
    darling "izmayilovo" it to be in Moscow the darling, it is very good
    hotel the darling, I very much hope, that you can help me lovely my
    angel. To me are necessary only money that I could arrive to Moscow
    and there meet you my darling, and to reserve hotel reservations that
    we could not waste time on it!!! I very much hope, that you can help
    me. I very much love you, and I can not more without you the darling.
    I very much hope. That we shall very soon lovely!!!
    1000000000000000000000000000000 kisses for you the darling!!! Yours
    forever Irina!!!


    And here is my answer:


    D: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 06:25:37 +0100
    From: ... me ...
    To: Irina <irinakubankova@bk.ru>
    : Re: My love !!!

    Hello my sweet love Irina,

    thanks for your kind message. You are right, I would like to spend days and nights with you. But not in Moscow. For very sure you can find a city nearby where you can go by train without big money problems to a hotel where we meet. Please check. Of course, I will pay the hotel and our food and so on then. But I do not transfer money in advance to you.

    Many hugs and kisses,
    your .......


    No reply until now on my last mail.


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    Hi all Irina Kubankova lovers, I'm coming inte hotter and hotter correspondence with her and curious how far she will be going. Latest pictures are in sea water with mini-bikini. Not bad at all []

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    Goddiejens Guest


    quote:Originally posted by tullamore

    Hi all Irina Kubankova lovers, I'm coming inte hotter and hotter correspondence with her and curious how far she will be going. Latest pictures are in sea water with mini-bikini. Not bad at all []
    The very last pic will be in wedding wear!!! I just received it... .
    And she will send the bill.


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    Well well,

    Seems that Irina Kubankova is very busy with different foreigners. I also received mails from here similar to those addressed to Jens. I could go on corresponding with her. And after a while let her running off in vain to some Westerunion office. But I will not put more of my time in correspondence. I will search for someone else in a decent marriage agency. Those free dating sites are full of scammers!!

    Good luck to everyone

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    Hey Warre! If you've already paid for "unlimited" correspondence with this scammer (of course don't spend any more money), continue to write when and if it's convenient for you to do so. Make it a game. If it's already paid for, get some fun out of messing with the b!tch.

    Start "falling in love". Get armorous. Then admit your lustful sexual desires (talk dirty to her/him and you may get some risque pics out of the deal?), and then tell her/him, you may not be able to write for a while because your "granny needs a heart operation and you must help pay for it somehow". Then write that you "hate to ask, but have no one else to turn to..." and ask to borrow money from her/him... via Western Union of course!!! You'll pay it back of course!!![)][8D]

    Train returns

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    Goddiejens Guest


    That's a good idea, peoplesmoke,

    but Warre should really use this idea. What a nice game! I would like to know how it would end... .


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    Hey guys! To elaborate on the pics, most of the visa/ passport scammers don't go for the "sexy" and or nude pics as they are usually attempting legitimacy. Translation scammers however will usually send the good stuff right as or before the translation agency letter comes.

    Either way, the "declarattion of your love" always gets them going!!![8D]

    Train returns
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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