quote:They make money on the fact that 90% of the men never make the visit, and for the 10% that does excuses and some hasty dates are set up.
I had the same experience with a walk-in dating agency in MTL.
They kept me hooked (to justify their membership ) and sold me fairy tales about this or that girl being interested in me (actually more than one ).
When I pressed for an actual meeting, girls went down to one...you know...spanish/avian flu; body snatchers from Titan...
Meeting was delayed again, then -when i started asking questions and became angry - the girl -madly in love with me, they said- had -oh, so surprisingly!- to tend to her aging grandmother and had given up her hopes of romance.
:lol: :? :roll: :roll:

I had investigated & luckily discovered some "secret" mobile phone number of the agency owner (that is, not the numbers given out to clients or appearing in print ).
This number was given in small print ads in popular newspapers soliciting girls to come meet distinguished gentlemen.
That was Canada, not Kazachstan.

Later some press articles denounced how some dating agencies purchased wholesale photo banks from photography students & the like (typically in some other province, but even domestically ).
Then they just had to fabricate fictitious identities for each photoset.
Of course you wouldn't be able to meet them, as they were purely fictitious people ( I remember being shown dozens of printed pics ).
At that point they would set you up with a ringer for a dead-end date, or plainly stand you up, like it happened to me.
By the time the press was through with it, the agency I had joined had mysteriously disappeared.
During the sign-up interview i remember the bell rang and an enthusiastic young man INSISTED to greet and thank the agency owner loudly for finding his soul mate.
Weird "coincidence". :roll: :? 8O
Probably another baloney king paid five dollars to act the scene. :!: :lol:

So basically we do not need to fly 8000 km to a developing or exotic poverty-stricken country to find good old "tricks of the trade".