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    Default UAladys / CC - read this -

    so check this out.. I was bored and figured I would look up what the latest drama is surrounding ualadys / CC since I last visited a few months back.. so I type in google and find this site that lists some poor shmucks account info.

    user: lonly12
    pass: lonly1

    login and take a look... man they must really clean up with this site. How can guys be this stupid?? Someone should write to this guy and let him know he's being ripped off....

    Here is one of his letter sent:

    "my hot breath, I can feel your heart beating fast, my heart too, our lips touch each others, we close our eyes, I took your upper lip between my lips, you start to press me more and we forget every thing around us, we have a long kiss, we do not want to stop, we are not stopping kissing each other, we are continue pressing ,each other, I start to kiss your nick, your breath become faster, I am kissing your ears, you can feel my hot breath, your hot arms around my nice and playing with my hair and suddenly you stop and said, Ahmed we do not take our dinner yet, let us go to a restaurant because I have not cooked yet, our baby was crying and I have to make him sleep,

    Is it nice dream? You like it? You want it to be real? You never have such dream even while you are awake?

    I have to sleep now to continue my sweet dream, I am waiting to your letter to knew your opinions and read your answers,

    It is very important to me to knew your real feeling with me, just say what you really feel, hope you feel me as I feel you,

    My best regards to Mama Natasha, your Uncle Tolya and all your family, but my hot kisses and strong very tight hugs for yoo"""

    LOL..... [B)]

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    quote:Ahmed we do not take our dinner yet
    poor Ahmed ignores there is Kamala from Uganda, Leroy from Harlem, Pedro from Tocula, Wong from Taiwan and Barney from Oklahoma who -all of them- are pawning their truck, camel, banana plantation or tacos dealership to wire money to these beauty queens...all eager to elope with a middle-aged muslim guy (old enough to be their father), who deludes himself thinking that love knows no boundaries of religion and country and age...
    He's entertaining a delusion...by the time he realizes it his wallet will be a lot thinner, but he'll remember it fondly as the best days of his life, when white teen aged beauty queens actually accepted his courtship...or so he thinks, for all very likely is canned junk assembled by "friendly translators"...
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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