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    Default High end agencies: facts and fiction

    i'd say that "high end agencies" are a fraud in & by itself, no matter how the package is wrapped.
    Two of them i know forfeited miserably.
    One (IF@R) charged upto $35.000 for the matchmaking service only (EG travels etc excluded ); another promised to match millionaires with olympians & topmodels...
    Both forfeited...there must be a reason.
    IF@R is now back as VEN?TS and the woman refers to her former american husband as "business partner", go figure.
    The most striking one is no matter how slick they can talk, their structure is just one's average:
    A) networked agency sharing old databases, relying on a chain of "next guys" over 3,5 or more time zones;
    B) neighborhood agency (EG the Tver agency, the Sochi agency etc ).

    They can hire a ghost writer and paint so daring or elegant or whatever a reality, that Gauguin could not have brushed.
    They can post a few pretty ladies and spam "household slogans"...they can tell you that they'll get an olympian, a model, a 1950's housewife for you...yes, and three bags of "sea monkeys" as a thank you!
    It's all propaganda...think about reading your next "grow me hair" tonic or penis pill ad.

    While the above applies to 4/5 agencies in the "industry", that becomes especially true about high end, extremely expensive agencies.
    There is only so much ANY ( i say A N Y ) agency can do...
    What your next networked or mom&pop agency can't do (because of the inner limitations of the MOB scene itself ) for $19,95 or $39.95 a month, no agency can for $19950 or 39950!
    In fact it has been proven over & over that oftentimes even "special matchmaking services" just mean they sift through they databases according to a list of priorities...
    I've been a long time on 2ofak!nd.com.
    At the time you'd pay 2 dollars each couple of matches ( one main match + a fall-back one ), which was good money, considering all they did was to crosscheck your extensive list of "priorities" with other people's (no profiles to browse so it all could just be even more a joke ).
    Well, i not only did NOT meet my soulmate...i never met ANYBODY...i never had ONE correspondence out of it!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hi Thatcrazy.

    I don't know about US visa-applications, if they are very complicated. But at one time my UA "fianc?e" got one from the swedish consulate (I escaped in time, before we presented it there) and anyone with an IQ above 75 could have filled it in in about 15 minutes.

    As for translation, I know that there exist a lot of translators in FSU. I have one in Poland (used by the swedish consulate) doing a very professional and cheap job in both english, swedish and polish. And I guess, that it would be even cheaper in UA. Or you could get a translatingprogram.

    And for postmarital"help"????? If you succeed in getting a FSUW to the states or west in general, what you'll need very quick is a good lawyer, when the less than two year/divorce rate manifests. Not an agency-councelor.

    I know of local datingsites here in Scandinavia, which are either completely free or take modest fees (with app. 2-5.000 women on them), and you won't find many scammers there. If these small agencies can make it economically on such a restricted base, it seems to me, that the costs of keeping a datingsite floating can't be that astronomical.

    So you pay $2.100 a year for....WHAT? ($2.100 makes up a considerable part of a full-time yearly income in UA). But ofcourse it's your money, you're free to use it as you like.

    Your argument about anybody not wanting to spend this amount in this way is beyond contempt. What are you trying to sell?

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    "i'd say that "high end agencies" are a fraud in & by itself, no matter how the package is wrapped."

    It sounds like you think everything is a fraud. What exactly are you here for?

    would you rather pay a little more money and know that you're not being ripped off?

    "It's all propaganda...think about reading your next "grow me hair" tonic or penis pill ad."

    Is this all phony propoganda to??

    "He is a producer, director, editor, musician, songwriter, and a script writer for most of the major networks including CNN, ABC, CBS, CBN, FOX. He has assisted on the production of some of the major Hollywood movies such as ?The Runaway Jury?, ?Ray?, etc. He enjoyed his work with people such as Dustin Hoffman and Jamie Foxx. "

    This is a 100% legit agency who are not out to skin people alive whether you like to admit it or not ham.

    "What are you trying to sell?"

    The truth. But I guess complaining about everything and calling everyone frauds is more fun , so I'll leave you all to it.

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    quote: It sounds like you think everything is a fraud. What exactly are you here for?
    I might ask you what are [u]youhere for?
    What are you challenging, exactly? That agencies use any "trick of the trade" and most of them use deceitful or even fraudulent tactics? Is this that you want "proof" for?

    quote:"He is a producer, director, editor, musician, songwriter, and a script writer for most of the major networks including CNN, ABC, CBS, CBN, FOX. He has assisted on the production of some of the major Hollywood movies such as ?The Runaway Jury?, ?Ray?, etc. He enjoyed his work with people such as Dustin Hoffman and Jamie Foxx. "
    I understand.
    So while burger franchises, cognac producers etc hire people to act as testimonials, [u]this case here in point is true. It reminds me of bodybuilders or strongmen who publicize a new product as reason why they're so big and strong...too bad they had been training and taking drugs for ten years before this "new" product ever came.
    Over the years here in Italy we had Peter Falk, Richard Gere, Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allen, John Travolta, Mike Tyson etc publicizing italian products on TV: does it mean good old Dustin and good old Peter are true long time buyers or customers of that Italian product or franchise?
    Hardly...they were paid to perform.
    It took me ten seconds to locate one misleading/fraudulent testimonial on the Elena P. website; I wrote the man in question and he said he had been Elena's client at one point, but met his wife with no part soever played by the agency. To terminate his membership he wrote " I found my future wife, goodbye ", while they make it sound as if he was the next success story (thanks to them, obviously).

    Do I am saying that [u]all[u] those "happy ending stories" are fake?
    No, but I am saying that there are not all those "success stories" agencies want us to believe, see here:

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    I tried (obviously in vain) to demonstrate, that your "truth" leads to paying a lot of money for next to nothing. But as I said, this is your business.

    What got me started, was your comment about, that the rest of us more or less ought to do the same. To me this sounds like a selling argument. (Well, I'm out of the game, I'm married).

    As to criticizing or being quarulous I personally find it difficult to be mealy-mouthed towards these agencies or women, who obviously are trying to con people. I have never been much of an pay-agency person, but I find the evidence of these agencies often shady activities convincing. As I write elsewhere, I wouldn't buy a secondhanded car on such premises. Much less starting a relationship.

    It's not a lifestyle with me to be exclusively critical. I prefer to make constructive criticism, offering alternative ways.

    So you seem to forget, that anti-scam sites like this have had some very positive effects. A lot of people, who otherwise would have had heartaches or economical disasters, are now aware of the problem. We are not here, because we need our daily dose of grumpiness, we are here to share information.

    Also anti-scam sites function as crying walls, and we, who have practical experience, can exchange information about every aspect of FSU dating. From transport, accomodation etc to cultural characteristics. There are many beneficial aspects.

    I do not agree with absolutely everything other "oldtimers" say, but generally I find the message correct. We do get some useful information here. Not DISINFORMATION.

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    Now you think the guy was hired for his testimonial and photos? hilarious..

    Ya I am sure some well known script writer is going to make it a point to seek out some Russian dating agency so that he can get paid to allow them to use his phony testimonial and photos there.

    "I might ask you what are you here for"

    For the entertainment factor. Thanks

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    Then hopefully you will find this entertaining.

    Dear Sirs,
    as main stockholder, director of the board, managing director, personal manager and head of the accounting of the datingsite "Dumb, horny and desperate" I write to you to clear up some misunderstandings.

    I have have noticed, that you raise a lot of criticism against companies such as mine. And this is only a good thing, truth must out. And as long as your criticism is only directed against my competitors, I agree with all my heart. But you also sometimes mention MY company in negative terms.

    How can you do this to me? Do you not know, how it pains me in the center of my sensitive FSU soul, not mentioning that I also may have to sell my brand new Mercedes.

    Have I not done everything to prove my honest intentions and fair businessmethods? Am I not almost like a brother to the managers of several anti-scam sites? Have I not put out the warning: "NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE (except my datingsite)", am I not the first to admit, that some women are scammers (especially those on competing datingsites), and have I not always been open for communication at an ubelievably high ethical level?

    I am aware of a few, minor problems, which have now been solved. There have been complaints about someone pretending to be a very satisfied client of my company, and in 9 months we have recieved 211 mails about this repulsive activity. Unfortunately all these 211 mails were filed incorrectly, and first now they have come to my attention. As stated in 106 of the mails, it correctly turned out to be my first cousin Igor, who was behind this. I am so ashamed. But rest assured. He has been severely punished, he is not allowed to use his Armani shoes and can only drink vodka instead of Chivas Regal, for one week.

    There have also been another problem. It seems, that about 1600 of our voluptous, faithful, sexy, honest and reliable young female clients do not exist. But believe me, we HAVE looked for them everywhere. In wardrobes, dustbins and the laundrybasket. And the last part wasn't nice, Igor has some peculiar habits.

    We have a VERY strict policy at the company. When a female client makes contact with us, we first ask her for ID: Passport, birthcertificate, criminal record, marriage- and divorce certificate, drivers license, officially confirmed adress, telephone and employment. ALL OF IT. She will also have to sign a document, in which she states, that she is not, and never has been, a member of any subversive group. She will be given a truthserum, bound to a chair and connected to a liedetector, where she will be asked, if she's a scammer. She will also be asked to produce characterwittnesses for herself.

    Unfortunately one of our employees was not observant about this procedure, so she let 1600 ficitive women slip into our system. Our employee did not mean any harm doing this, it's a natural human error, but we can ofcourse not tolerate such. Not being family, she is now working at our local office in outer Mongolia the next 5 years.

    I hope you are satisfied. Otherwise please contact me, and I will send some more deep apologies. Regretfully we can't return any money to you. This is against company policy.

    And last. We are a very law-abiding company, and american legislation forces us to censur all mail passing through our datingsite, so no personal information will slip by.
    It is regrettable, and the fact that we make a pile from this is not important to us. We just follow the law as far as we know, interpret or twist it. That other datingsites have different rules only shows how unreliable, rotten, criminal, scumlike, despisable and especially cheap they are.

    So wellcome to the unsurpassed datingsite "Dumb, horny and desperate"

    Boris Dollarsky, man.dir.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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