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Thread: rBrides.com

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    Default rBrides.com

    I thought I would start this thread because I joined rBrides.com and almost everyone that I have contacted via their site, or have contacted me themselves, have been scammers. I don't see how such rampant activity could be going on there without the complicity of their admins.

    I had this huge list of women that I was going to see on a trip to the Ukraine next summer, well I was going to narrow the field down anyway, but now EVERYONE save three or four, has turned up here. The first few were a shock, now I have come to expect it. It's turning into a detective game now and when I discover their REAL identity I send it to them.

    It pisses me off man. I thought I could do things myself without having to go through though those bloodsuckers "Anastasia". But it looks like they are the only people I can really trust at this point. In any event, I will be posting a couple of dozen addendums to the exsisting database in the next week or so.

    If you have had any dealings with rbrides.com I'd be curious to hear about it.



    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    quote:Yah it like that line in Erin Brokovich, "I know it and you know it, but show me the evidence that prooves it".
    BINGO!!! Proving duplicity is the problem. If you lend your car to a friend because he said he's going to the store and he robs the store, are you guilty too? RBrides owns the car, the scammers are driving it, but can you prove Rbrides knew what the scammer was planning? And Domains by proxy is like the guy who sold the car. Including them is really going to be a stretch.

    Don't get me wrong, I commend what you want to do. I just want you to have both eyes open before you jump in.

    Lesbians sell big! I had a friend of mine write to a b!tch who tried scamming me. Gret looks a bit better than 8' 400lbs though. The scammer wasn't a lesbian when Gret first wrote, but by the third letter was ready to try! Check my little toy site. Pics of the lovely Gret, and several scammers, many from RBrides! http://mysite.verizon.net/vzeycj7u/peoplesmokslives_ To enter the "back room" login is stop-scammers and the password is forums.

    Train returns

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    HAHAHAHA! My first passport scammer now from rBrides! After only two letters (s)he just has to come live with me now. (not a red flag at all) Okay I say, send me a picture of your passport and a flight number. She replies with an incredibly bad photoshop doctored pic of her "passport". Her pic is in black and white, half of her face is in shadow, and you can tell the original had her with her hands behind her neck trying to look sexy. Now all you can see are her wrists because it's cropped. Like that is going to happen....."Hello Mister humorless Russian passport photo guy! I'm here to get my photo taken. Hold on a minute while I strike a sexy pose.....(hands behind neck, tits out)....OKAY! I'm ready!"

    I want to string this stupid bitch / guy along just to screw with them. (S)he'll say the flight costs x-ammount. Then I think I'll say the money is on it's way Western Union after I get their phoney name.




    She writes:

    Hi my lover Swazzie.
    I so am glad that you have written to me. I already was afraid that I
    have lost you. Thank God, it has not happened. And we have an opportunity to continue our attitudes. Well, my dear Swazzie, I send you a copy of my passport. In hope that we be fast we can together.
    I shall go to agency of travel and there to learn about my arrival to
    you. But I need to know from you. At what airport you can meet me??
    I shall wait for your letter, yours Oksana.
    kiss you.

    (From someone going as Oksana / ocharovashka1979@ gmail.com)

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    Hey swazzie! In your post-it on mysite, you mentioned an Olga. Which Olga was it that you were looking at? Within a week of suggesting we meet and I would fly to Ukraine, "biker" Olga's granny needed money for a operation... "looks a little like Angelina Jolie" Olga had her rent raised and needed money... Olga "on a raft" actually informed me of the Russian tradition for a girl to meet the parents of her beloved first! Even if that meant flying 10,000km to a strange country to do it. I never heard of that tradition. Of course she needed me to send her money for airfare/visa/passport... Olga "the gypsy school teacher" was a translation scam, as was "nude on the beach" Olga.

    The one Oxana I can think of is listed on stop-scammers already.

    Train returns

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    Hey Smokie,

    It was the biker-looking Olga, and I got that exact same photo that was on your site, thanks. Now as my account with rBrides is set to expire, the last holdouts who've I have been telling all along that I do background checks and don't pay for "services", have decided there is nothing to lose and ask for "translation services". One's letters were so messed up I though she was genuine for sure because it looked like she was trying so hard. NOPE. Ruse. Either that or the guy at the other end was drunk.

    Now I'm just playing along. SURE! WHERE DO I SEND THE MONEY? CAN I PAY SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE? WOULD THEY GIVE ME A DISCOUNT FOR THAT? I was hoping that perhaps one out of the couple dozen I started with would be real. Not a chance. I won't be posting on here for much longer but will come back in a few months.

    Reader! If you have paid money to rBrides, it is lost forever and hopefully you are only out one months charge. If you have already paid them and hope that you might find someone who is "REAL", forget about it. No one, and I mean NO ONE, who you will ever contact through that site is real. Some may have a vagina, but that is about it. I'd say half are stock photos of models with a guy at the other end hoping to hook you into a phoney "translation service", and the other half are probably real chicks, although who does the typing nobody knows.

    If you can find a site with some ugly fat chicks, chances are that the ammount of scammers is greatly reduced. No ugly fat chicks on rBrides that's for sure.


    PS. They never responded to my letter to them. Big surprise!

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    Yea, granny got sick less than a month before I was to visit her. She wanted me to send money for granny. I forget her exact city, but it's somewhere around Lugansk.

    Ask her who her granny is? swazzie, did you receive this letter too?

    Subject: From Olga
    Date: 10/11/2007 5:34:54 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    From: olgauk106@mail.ru

    Hello! My name is Olga. I am 22 and I live in small town Novoivanovka
    in Ukraine. I was born here on the fifteenth of October. My height is
    168 and weight is 48. I have black hair and brown eyes as you can see
    on my photos. I live alone now in my flat. I have only a dog. I am
    looking for my future husband now. I?d like to tell you about my
    interests. I am fond of listening to the music best of all. I like
    many types of it. My favourite is pop, rock and romantic music. I
    listen to it all my free time and during working too. I am working in
    hairdressing salon. I like my job very much. It?s so interesting for
    me to make someone?s hair and of course my own too! I also enjoy
    reading and watching movies very much. I like adventuring films most
    of all and I read romantic books. In general I am very romantic woman
    and I?d like my future husband to be romantic like me! I think I am
    creative person. I like drawing and singing very much. And my friends
    are fond of my pictures and they often ask me to sing our favourite
    songs. It?s very pleasant for me to know someone like what I do. I
    like to do something new in my flat and in my life in general. I like
    all new things, places, people and any events in life. I am fond of
    traveling very much but unfortunately I have never been in other
    countries besides mine. But I hope I?ll be able to see the whole world
    with my future husband. And I hope it will be soon. I like black and
    red colors most of all. They are full of passionate like me. Now I?d
    like to tell a bit about my character. I am kind and tender but my
    heart is full of passionate as I wrote before. I am ready to love and
    want to be loved. I can do everything my best for my beloved man. My
    dream is to live with my only man and our children in a cosy house. I
    am eager to create my family and I just want to be happy! I think when
    two people are together they should understand each other and support
    in all happiness and troubles. I want my elect to be kind and tender,
    to understand and support me, to do all he can for our family, to be
    honest with me and don?t look for someone else. I like to spend my
    free time with my best friends and family. I don?t live with them last
    years so I miss them and we meet not very often. But we live not very
    far from each other and almost every weekend I go to see them or they
    come to my house. I am always very happy to see them. I didn?t tell
    about my family yet! There are four of us. My parents, my brother and
    me. My parents are workers. Father is journalist and mother is
    bookkeeper. So our family is not rich. My brother is four years older
    than me. He is a sportsman, he goes in for basketball. He is very fond
    of different competitions. I love my family so much! So that?s all for
    today?s letter! If you have any questions to me of course I?ll be glad
    to answer all of them! Tell me about your life, your family and your
    interests and hobbies. It will be interesting for me! I am waiting for
    your reply impatiently! Olga.

    I'm thinking damn she'd look good on the back of my Harley!!! And she's definitely not a fat ugly one. 48 kg? Mmmmmmmmmmm! Oh well, SCAMMER!!!!!!

    Watch for a scam ring from Kazan. I know DateMeFree is a total scam site, but I have a profile there so I can monitor profiles. I've been contacted by 5 different girls in the past week, all from Kazan, Russia. They are fishing!!!

    Train returns

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    Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 15:51:19 +0200
    From: irisha20062007@yandex.ru
    To: ****************
    Subject: for my dove

    My love I asked translator to connect with you from my mail box,
    I miss you so much..


    Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 16:02:13 +0200
    From: irisha20062007@yandex.ru
    To: ********************

    Subject: Translating Company

    Dear Sir,
    we would like to inform you that if you pay for six month
    you will receive discount on $250. In such way the six
    month of unlimited correspondence will cost for you

    Hope on future cooperation,
    Sincerely yours,
    Translating Company


    Well after careful decision I have decided to send them the money because they are going to give me a DISCOUNT. Hahahahaha! Yeah, right. Nothing seems suspicious about this AT ALL! Not even the fact that the company name isn't anything but "translating company". If it were me I'd call it "Superior Multilingual Translation Services, LLC." But these Nigerian / Russian-whoever people are too goddamn stupid for that.

    Hey the fake money is on its' way idiots!


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    I forgot to say that since the "translation Company" only calls itself "Translation Company" and since generic is aparently hip now, this scammer should change her fake name to "WomanWithBoobs123".


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    Dec 2007


    Oh here's another! This was the one I thought for certain was real. Fing bitch. Funny how her English ability got so good all of a sudden.


    Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 17:40:31 +0200
    From: "jenyabell" <jenyabell@mail.ru>
    To: ********************
    Subject: from Jenya

    Hello my dearest Swazzie!!!!

    Thank you for your letter. I am pleased to know that you want to help
    me. I didn't want to hide anything and i really need your financial
    help to continue our communication. I don't want to lose connection!
    Frankly speaking each time when i receive your letter, my heart is
    beating very fast! I like you very much and your letter are full of
    energy and good positive emotions! I like you , that's why i asked
    you about help, because i can't pay any more for our correspondence.
    My dear i will write you today all information and you will decide
    how you can help me and how much money to send, because it depends
    on you!! I really hope that we will continue!! I will come to the firm
    every day to find your letter. Please don't go away, please stay with me.

    You know i use the service of the translator firm. They provide different kinds of service. If you want to help me with the payment for the correspondence, we can use the service per each letter. One letter costs $5.

    They also provide unlimited service of the correspondence :

    One month unlimited correspondence costs -$200
    Two month unlimited correspondence costs -$350
    It means that we can write unlimited number of the letters every
    day, 10 or even 100 letters.

    But at the same time , i understand that unlimited correspondence can be expensive for us, but i think that we can use the service per each letter for the first time in order to see how our relations will develop!! I think that it is good idea. For example, if you send me $50 for the first time, it will equal 5 translated letter from you , and 5 translated letter from me.

    My dear, you can send money on my name. I will receive them and pay
    for our correspondence.

    My full name is Jenya Avdeeva.
    Country :Ukraine
    bank Aval.
    My address: Vatytina block 24/40.

    You can send the money by the system "Western Union" or "Moneygram".

    Frankly speaking i have great desire to continue , because i feel that
    you are very interesting person and we can build long strong relations.

    With love and care!

    Your Jenya

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    Subject: for my angel..
    Date: 1/8/2008 7:19:16 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
    From: irisha20062007@yandex.ru

    Hello my sweetheart Bob,
    I'm so glad to sit here and read your letter, everytime
    I'm so happy to know more and more about you.?
    Kitten sorry that I didn't answer you at once, but on the 7th of
    January we had a Christmas and it was a little holiday here. You know
    New Year and Christmas I have spent with my family..I can't say that
    here was a lot of fun, but anyway it was cozy..
    Bob I think we are really two half of one. It's so strange you are there and I'm here, but I feel so close to you. You know even this
    distance which exists between us doesn't bother me. I know you are
    on miles, but you are everytime in my heart and mind. I can do?
    nothing with it. You have won my heart..
    I'm very happy that I've found you, I feel you're my soul mate.
    Only you can bright my days during this routine life.
    My angel I know I don't have right for it, to ask you about
    something or something like it. Just know I like you very
    much and I don't want to lose you. You know that my english is
    very poor and to communicate with you I have to use the help of
    translator. Don't think in bad way, but now I get in such situation,
    not very pleasant I have a little problem at work, maybe I even
    would lose it, as a result I have a problem to pay for translation
    of our correspondence. I can't afford it. That's why I have to keep
    silence. I don't know when I'll be able to write you or read your
    letter again. But I do want it so much. I need you and I need to
    hear from you often..I feel blue about this situation, because I really don't want to lose you.
    I don't push you to anything just.. may be you will be able to help in
    this situation and to pay for translation of our correspondence. I don't ask too much, all that I want to be with you and to develop our relationship.
    Probably you also will be not able to help me, but anyway if you can, and if you still have desire to communicate with me and if you need as much as I need you, please help..help me to pay..I'm sorry that I ask you about it.
    But I even don't know to whom I can address in this situation to ask about help and support,

    In love with you..



    But did she send you the bikini pics???????????[8D]

    Train returns

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    Yah I got the bikini pics. Here's a letter from another chick from rBrides. I told her I sent a buttload of money and then I got this. I suppose this is what all "scamees" get once the people figure that they've got their money.


    Sat, 12 Jan 2008 16:27:43 +0300
    From: ocharovashka1979@gmail.com
    To: ***************
    Subject: Hi my most are favourite also most dear Swazzie

    Hi my most are favourite also most dear Swazzie, she is yours Oksana.
    I write to you to tell about today. This day has brought to me huge
    disappointment, at me after today very bad mood. Because I today was in representation of embassy and I was waited there with very bad news. Favourite, I probably have hastened to promise to you, that I shall arrive, because I do not have such opportunity. I have learned the prices for the visa, tickets and The insurance. I hardly can find such money. My salary it will not allow me. The visa costs 250 dollars, tickets need to be bought at once there and back, differently the visa to not receive, they should be confident, that I shall arrive back, such rules at us to receive the visa. And return tickets cost 1180 dollars. And plus still it is necessary to pay the insurance from accident in a way (God forbid certainly). It too one of conditions of reception of the visa. The insurance costs 200 dollars. In total it turns out - 1630 dollars. From mind to descend it is possible, it I should work year and to eat nothing to earn such sum. Here such, my good, there was at me a problem. I at all do not know, as to do. From you to ask money to me simply it is not convenient. I have left representation all in tears and the upset feelings. I did not think, that such expenses will be necessary. And still it is necessary to collect a heap of any information for reception of the visa. In a place of work, a place The residence, from a passport office, that I not married and is not present children. It will Be necessary to sign necessarily the legal document, that I shall arrive back. All documents would be issued in current of week when there is money it at us is done quickly.
    But alas they are not present. You represent, favourite, in a week we
    already could embrace each other, but it is visible not destiny. And so it would would be desirable it. I sit, I write to you the letter and at me tears on eyes. What to do? Prompt favourite. Me still love?
    With impatience I wait for your letter,

    yours Oksana.

    Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Portland (the USA, Oregon) (PDX)
    Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL31
    Departure: January, 30th 2008, 12:10, the Sheremetyevo the airport
    Arrival: January, 30th 2008, 14:55, John F Kennedy Intl
    Places: econom a class, places are
    <<<<-city of change New York (NYC)->>>>
    Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL433
    Departure: January, 30th 2008, 16:50, John F Kennedy Intl
    Arrival: January, 30th 2008, 20:25, Portland Intl Arpt
    Places: econom a class, places are

    Time in a way: 19 hours. 15 minutes.


    Oh (s)he is CRYING! How touching

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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