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    Default Fake marriage and "translation" agency blacklist


    And if you don't believe me, keep your mouth shut and keep giving them money. I am tired of guys thinking that these sites are real because they have been sending them money and talking with the girl for a year or more.

    Most of these agencies are translating agencies. Most of these agencies use fake pics of models. Most of these agencies are in Lugansk. Some agencies are run by women and some are run my men. (Always a sign of a scam.). The are all FAKE!!!

    7Languages GEYA Rings Marriage Agency
    ABCcompany Grand Trans Service RLS Ukrtanslating
    Admin Translate Interlocutor Russian Consulting
    Admin Translation Inter Translation Group Sense Agency
    Agency of Marriages and Acquaintances Invert Shine Translating Services
    Alians (TF Alians) Karoline (Company) Socrat (Co) Agency
    The Alliance Lingvo Springtime
    A-Project Malvina Status SPB
    Atarax Multinational Information Services Transcom
    Campus Neonlight Agency Translate Club
    Caprise New Reality Agency Translat Services
    Carmen Marriage Agency New Tone Translation Agency
    Carolina Marriage Agency Online Express Translation Lingua
    Cherry Orchard Planet TransService_Uk
    Dialog Agency Planet (Lingvo) Agency UCTSC (Ukrainian Financial Group)
    Diamond Agency Polina Ukrtranslating RLS
    Elegance Prima Agency United Centers of Translation Services
    Elite Dating Agency Proton Universe Matrix
    Elite Brides Queen Marriage Agency USPEH Agency
    EuroTop Quest (Way) Agency VIP Translations
    FT Contact Redspark Agency Vlada
    Pacific Translation Online TF Consul_s
    World Language Translation Service
    BOFL Translation Services Company YB Agency
    A Product
    Net Translation (Nettranslation) Continental
    Omega - Great Translations (Omega GT)
    Euro Dating Club Palitra

    Translating Services (Translat Services) Nika Calipso
    Innet Preman Lotos
    Belissimo East Public Translation (informdepartment) Futures
    Favorite-Lady Language Partner OHLanguages
    Visa Agency of Syzran Lotos Star West Ukr
    Get Translated Connection World Project
    C.W. Project ICF
    (International Consuting Firm)
    MIRA-LUX Service Bureau Net Translation
    Second-Half IT Group East-European Language Studio
    Global Transplace Loving Hearts Slavonic Community
    Donetsk Net Pilgrim Online Lugatranslation Office (LTO)
    Orenburg Visa Agency Alfa In T.A.
    EuroTranslation Calipsa Alchevsk Net
    Globe Translation Visa Center (visaagency.info) Kontakt

    UAPT (Ukrainian Association of
    Professional Translators) Connect Admin
    Translator Club TRANSTEHSERVISE
    (Trans Tex Service)
    Elite Service Vista Company Euro Style
    Glamour Yulianna Inter-Fam Team
    Silver Age Elite Service Group Trans Sigma
    Single Dating Marriage Agency East Translations
    (EastTranslations,Group,Inc.) LA Trans
    (Luhansk Advisory translation organization)

    The Link Translation Toros Rounde UA
    Contact LTD Lingua+ New Ladies 4 U (newladies4u.com)
    TC Amfitrita Easy Speech Deluxe
    E.L.F. World Translator UkrTranslations company

    Russian Translating Service The Third Eye Easy Speech
    Dream Agency Info Centre (Fake Ukraine Translation Agency) Generation

    Posters note: Please add to this any comments or links as you discover them.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    You're all over the board dude. RBrides, domain sellers, Jim's lists... start small and work your way up or you'll end up lost in what you're trying to accomplish.[8D]

    Train returns

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    Default Re: Fake marriage and "translation" agency blacklist

    Thanks for sharing your list man!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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