I knew right away this was a scam. Just thought I warn others to blinded by loneliness. I was talking with a woman on myspace claimed she was 26 had a catering business and her name was Juliet here's her profile myspace.com/juliet1183 She seemed like a nice person and legit and not a porn bot or scammer so I wrote her back we messaged eachother maybe three or four times back to eachother about eachothers person alities and such then I recieved this message from her. This is exactly what it said: Hello Dear, Thanks for your interest in me..I have been hurt so many time in my past relationship that's why I am trying Online thing to know where it may lead to..it's better than bar and club scenes..I am new to this Online thing and you the first person to talk to on here..I am sorry to meet you this way cuz it's not the right time for me to meet you but I need the kind of man like you to build strong Relationship with maybe lead to marriage..I am in Bad Situation right now and I need you to be there beside me till thing will Workout..Well, I am not in the state for the past three weeks now. I am in a Hospital in Nigeria West Africa Country right now..I came down here with a close friend for a visit to know her family..We have knew each other for a long time, Although she's an African But She Came down to USA for Study.. We both graduated from the same college in the State..On Getting to Nigeria, we got a Motor Accident on our way to her city and we rushed down to the nearest hospital by some good Samaritan..I dont Believe that all this Could happen to me cuz I lost my friend 4 days ago by hearbreak and I couldnt get ahold of her parents.. I was injured by hand But I am taking good treamment till this moment that I am Writing you with the Doctor Laptop..I am using the Doctor laptop trying to get ahold of Someone that will care for me and help me back home..I lost my Parents five years ago and I am the Only one for them...I will Very happy if you can be there for me out of here..I really need the kind of man like you to start new Relationshiop with when i get back home..I wish you were here with me to see how sad and Pissed off I am at right now..I dont mind if i Could give you my heart and make a convenant with you..I am well treated and I am ok right now but i dont have any money to pay for the medical bill that i owe ..I will very happy if you can help me to Contact the hospital via the email address...Hospital Email..contact_crystalhospital@fastermail.com..and tell the Doctor that you want to help me for the medical bill so that he might discharge me to come back home as soon as possible...I know that we havnt met or Knew eachother before but I want you to know that Relationship Start from Somewhere...Dont let this scare you off...never stop trying, you never know what you may achieve from this or where dream will take you to..Hope to hear back from you soon. :Ok so I realized right away how fake this is but could be very decieving to someone who's blinded by loneliness and is hard to meet Women. So be beware and use common sense obvisiously this is a scammer but is very decieving the way we sent messages back n' forth the first couple of times. I'll be reporting them to myspace and spammin' the bitch.

It can't rain all the time. ~ Eric Draven