long ago, when M@tch-com had just launched and was tooted to be the largest dating site and the best at that, I had the "brilliant" idea to be psyched up into attending one event they (or whoever was allowed to organize that under their colors ) organized in Montreal, probably because I was still a sucker.
Now i have the distinct recollection quite a few "hotties" i was chatting with had proclaimed they would attend without fail.
So there I go, being in my 20's and expecting all these pubescent beauty queens who were teasing me from behind a computer screen...
Well, I get there, pay the entrance fee and start noticing none -yes none- was under 50...I could have been the son of most, and the grandson of many.
Montreal is a major metropolis, so location wasn't a problem.
I waited for a while and still none under 50 showed up.
So I weaseled out glad i had given false contacts at the reception.
Needless to say I never attended another event by dating sites, ever.
Oh, by the way I did meet one girl from m@tch-com...

By no means I am shallow and by no means I am fixated on beauty queens; also by no means I am a small/puny man (I'm no Hulk Hogan & no Michelin man, either ), but that girl outweighed me about 50kg while being shorter, and admitted she had drug addiction problems...