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True world is filled with scammers.
I cannot believe what is going on up there! I am back in the dating game after a divorce and I have to say very few things surprise me but what is going on today has left me very disappointed and discouraged. 20 years ago when the internet dating was just getting going it was fun and easy. The big sites, like match and AFF which I belonged to didn't have any of this that I can remember. You sent.a.message, either they responded or they didn't. You met, went out and whatever. I have literally been on at least a dozen different sites over the last 4 months, all the big ones And the unknowns and honestly I have yet to meet one person face to face! I must be on the scammers hot list. After speaking with at least 30 to 50 people I have been scammed 4 times, I know stupid, but I honestly had no idea. It really put a bad taste in my mouth and has made me very paranoid and non trusting. Every single one since then has tried to scam me which brought me here! Disappointed in NJ..