Well, this is not scam, but have heard bad stories, such as most girls are there for the green card, and lady owner charges $4000-$5000 for marriage event which is taped and photographed, all included in the fee, plus is 400 euros lifetime membership, but I knew this place from a friend in california whose wife left him after 3 months of being in cali and lady lied of abuse so she could get a green card. It looks like they have their hidden plan. Also, from further investigation, same lady told of tourists who go to office in cali colombia and ask to go out with the prettiest lady and these men go only for fun, well all is setup and they call girls who go to dining/discos and then stay the night in hotel and the sex tourists lie about marriage and get a good time and never return, but we could not find out if the parties are arranged by owners, anyways be careful as most ladies are just "used" by others by the time you get there, according to my friend "they are just too easy", so be on the lookout for this place, there is a lot of sextourism going on on this place, this said by many others..watchout!!.
Definitely, it's hard to find a clean place these days for a foreign wife...[}]