man marries mail-order-bride he met over the internet in 1995 and his 'success story' is celebrated in a news article may 20, 2002.

quote: "It was absolute chemistry," said Natalya, who was living in Blagoveshchensk, Russia.

Three months later, she traveled to the United States with her young son. Mathew and Natalya were married April 2, 1995.
year 2008:

the same man promotes a blog
to share his horror story with other men:

quote:Not once in almost fourteen years did this woman ever say she was sorry for creating even the smallest problem, let alone any major ones. This woman could never admit that she made a mistake, that she could have done something, or for that matter, anything better, so as to improve and enhance our relationship. She was selfish to the nth degree, not just with money, but more importantly, with her time and her ability to love, respect and cherish what she had been given. She placed no value on my life and efforts. Our family suffered immensely and became subjugated to her poor management of time. She could never manage her time to take care of her responsibilities towards her husband and children. (She had one child, I had two and we had none, thank goodness! I did love her son and that love was returned with vitriol, which he learned from her.) She came first in everything, placing her family next and her poor husband in a dismal last place! She thought the relationship was just about her and never stopped for a moment to realize that our marriage was about US. She abused me, both emotionally and financially and, in the end, was characteristically brutal and uncaring. She never once stopped to realize the emotional and financial damage she inflicted on me. She humiliated me in front of our friends and customers, made a mockery and spectacle of our marriage and divorce!