"Ofcourse not all ladies with webdating-interests are crooks, but amongst the FSUW (and I believe asian and african women) you can meet, the percentage of scam-risk is much, much higher than elsewhere in the romance-business elsewhere."

I was in the process intermittently from early 1999 (or was it 1998?) to early 2003. I had been into online dating without the "exotic woman" factor in 1997-98.
The complete failure that my experience with online/WWW/LD dating had been, had somewhat persuaded me to try MOB dating.
Although wary of previous experiences, I admit I bought -at least to an extent- the utter nonsense peddled by dating dealers and their countless cronies and middlemen running or populating dating sites.
Boy was I ever wrong!
Completely wrong, no excuses, no questions.
Women are women: from another country, not another planet.
The 1950s are stuff for history books, no matter what any pimp or ghost online may want you to believe.
Sure, there are some exceptions, notably among fundamentalist religious groups such as the Amish, Mormons or strict religionist milieus...but that comes with a load of baggage...political, emotional, spiritual...which old Barney isn't interested in...old Pedro or old Leroy want hot women, not schizophrenic bible thumpers...

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