Her name is Annabelle Aguirre she is on Yahoo and have many Email adress she is also at filipinaheart.com, dateinasia.com , Asiankisses.com , loveandseek.com , www.Match.com
She use Annaguirre on most of her site but some time differant ages ,
she could stay for months chat to you and then she will tell you that she need help that her mother died not to long ago she could tell you that she love you so much she only have you as a lover she not chat other men she will find a way to get to your feeling maybe you will fall for her she want you to get so much attach to her just becareful dont send any money to her she will not realy ask you but she find away to get your attention she will send you many picture of her and she said that she work in her sister store that she make just a litle money she only make 60 peso a day you will see when you get to her you will think she is good girl but becareful she is a Scamer by the way she is in internet cafe of Jonna NetCafe Jonna is the one that show her how to Scam men for money Jonna is the Queen of Scam in Dasmarinas Cavite Philippine i could tell you more but it is to long to write at least you will no about Annabelle Aguirre last time she was on this email >>>>>>>>
( rosearies_marimar@yahoo.com ) she as many email adress just becareful she as her ways to Scam you she will keep on saying please please she love you very much she aways think about you your the only love i got i need your love that is what she will use on you well anyway good luck thank you for all your help on this Scammers site !!

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