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    Default Does Anyone Know this Lady...?

    Hi Everyone;
    I'm new here and I've been reading topics in the forum and it concerns me much as I have been scammed before and never want to be again. I'm emailing a young lady who claims to be in Yoshkar-Ola, RU., and we've been emailing about 7 days. I've searched thousands of photos on Scam sites and I cant find her..! I've asked her for her full name, etc., and she hasnt replied with the info, only seems to avoid it, and writes about other things. She claims I'm the one and is getting info about Passport, Visa, etc..to come here and visit. She hasnt' asked for any money yet, but I expect it at any time...She uses email address of kiss.kotenok@yahoo.com
    It was: kotenok.kiss@yahoo.com but had some trouble with it and changed it. She Claims to be 31, 5'-7" tall about 130 lbs, blonde, blue eyes, never married, no kids, IP is, I have several photos, upon request, I will send...
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    This may hurt...but its a scam James. I noticed no one has replyed to you...I think everyone in the forum has died recently. No woman falls in love with someone in another country whom they have never even met. Did she contact you? Is she in love with you in just a few letters (it would be nice if we could get the woman we know in person to fall in love, with us, in two or three letters (wouldnt it) Ohh, about the pictures....even though I havent seen them....it isnt the person, in the pictures, you are talking to....never is

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    Hey James! I'd have to say Patrick is pretty much dead on with his take on your situation. Seven days, seven e-mails or even seven months isn't a very long time to have been in contact with someone for them to be telling you that "You're the one..." without ever having met face to face.

    FSUWs are somewhat reserve in a lot of ways when it comes to relationships and "real girls" aren't so quick to make declarations of love... especially to a man they have never met face to face. Love at first sight... maybe? Love at first e-mail??????????????

    Photos don't tell the whole story either. As Patrick pointed out, there are a lot of fakes. Some are stolen off the web, some are Russian celebraties, some are real girls making a buck by for posing for the pics. Nude pics are a definite red flag!!!!!

    You should also be aware that Yoshkar-Ola has a very bad reputation for scamming. I personally don't like to say a person is a scammer just because of where they're from, but use caution when dealing with someone from know scam areas.

    Something you should also be aware of is that it's almost impossible for a single FSUW to get a entry visa to the US or many other western countries. Google visa requirements for your locale. There are several different types of visas, none of which are easily gotten by a single FSUW. Also, it's a scam when she tells you she knows someone at a travel agency who can help "make" a visa. It just doesn't work that way.

    In the US, the K1 fiance visa is the most common and probably easiest to get, but there are strict guidelines which include meeting the girl and having proof such as photos of the two of you together. I forget, but I believe the time frame for such a visa is three months to a year depending on backlog.

    As always, NEVER send money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![B)]

    I wish you the best of luck![8D]

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    the ip is from yokshar ola
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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