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    Default online dating as make-believe for the fools

    Today I was running searches (no porn, no dating or other 'particular' sites ) over the internet and all of a sudden I found this new window open. Again, I was not visiting any questionable site.
    Apparently there was this cutie (blond teenager ) sending me instant messages to initiate a chat.
    Of course it was just another junk 'dating' site...perhaps a front for malware of some sort, given how mysteriously the window appeared.
    Now are the other 'members' of the site as 'real' as the cutie online 24/7 waiting just for me?
    Highly unlikely.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: online dating as make-believe for the fools

    Quote Originally Posted by KEIJI DAISUKE TAKASHI View Post
    Hi Friends,

    I am Keiji Daisuke Takashi. I am a Japanese national working in the Phillpines. I was caught in a SKYPE WEBCAM SEXCHAT with a Filipino girl whom I know through Tagged on the 30.4.2014. She persuade me to link up on Facebook. I did so upon her invitation.

    Upon this, she ask me to do a skype webchat with her.I was very cool and I didn't talk about sex with her as I respect her so much. But she ask me, she likes to do a webcam sex chat with me. So I was without thinking much, I did it with her. After that, SHE BLACKMAIL ME AND DEMANDED MONEY FROM ME. If i don't give any money to her, she will exposed the video on youtube. I challenged her and I told her, pls do so. She did it. The video was on youtube within a minute.

    A day after, i red flag the video to youtube and the video was taken down by youtube for scamming reason. Two days after that incident, i read the online news on the internet and i came to know, there are many people get scam through this syndicates. Majority of the scammers operated from the PHILLIPINES with the assistance from international SYNDICATES. With the help of INTERPOL and the PHILLIPINES police, they are in the midst of tracking the syndicates down.

    I have the photos of the scammer which I downloaded from her facebook. I wish to upload her photo here. Hopefully, everybody will know her true and real identity.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Kind regards,

    Keiji Daisuke Takashi.
    Hi Keiji. Very sad to hear if your dilemma. Sadly as you now realise this is a very common occurrence. Everyday people just like you, me and thousands more are exposed to this type of online fraud. It gets more common with each passing day. I don't know if your news ran an article about a small group of uni students that use this type of dating online scams to pay there way through college. They were pulling in more than $4 million a year. They realised they didn't need college any longer as it's easier to make your fortune by deceiving people that are lonely online. And sadly yes it's not just email scams were they attempt to build trust then exploit your feelings for financial reward. Your type of scam is becoming increasingly popular as it usually nets a faster result most victims too embarrassed to want what they've said to be seen by anyone within only minutes. I'm not up to date on Skype so don't know if there are any means of keeping your chat private and unable to be recorded and replayed by offenders. If not I would recommend that it's not a good idea anytime but if it's a person you've never met then that's more reason to avoid skypying. Of you don't know someone don't put yourself in harms way and I think a general rule when on the net is to always be cautious. Unless your dealing with close friends avoid giving out any private information about yourself. As I've been made aware that at the moment a lot of people are getting cold calls from people claiming to be from windows or Microsoft or phone companies telling people they've found an issue with your account and would like to fix it for you. Then money will enter the fray. The truth is any company you use for amenities will almost never ring you. If you have a problem then you'd ring them. They would also use your full name as if your with them they'd already know everything about you. So you have to be careful just picking up the phone nowadays. I hope this sad lesson didn't cost you to much embarrassment passes. Laugh it off but learn from your mistake. Get others to give you some personal detail that's easily checked but seems inoffensive to ask. What high school did you go too? It's not offensive but really easy to check. Very quick way to find out if your being played. These cyber crimes are the wave of the future and those that do this for a living are good at hiding. That's why this works. Internet caf?s cover IP and domain addresses so they can remain anonymous. Good luck in the future there are real people out there looking for love. Sadly there are the bad eggs also and most sites are aware they're there. But they are hard to catch. So awareness for now is our main defence. Wish you the best in the future.

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    Default Re: online dating as make-believe for the fools

    These days online chatting has been a favorite of almost each and every adult in order to find the partner of their dreams.

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    Default Re: online dating as make-believe for the fools

    [QUOTE=rondynash;10831]It is some thing very disgusting to say that dating online is as make believe for the fools..It is very nice concept of selecting our better half by understanding each other well.And this would help in getting out of any further conflicts in future..


    These days online chatting has been a favorite of almost each and every adult in order to find the partner of their dreams.

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    Default Re: online dating as make-believe for the fools

    You know, guys, I've been reading a lot of reviews from victims, but you should know that it is not all negative there. I have worked for dating websites for many years and I know it all from inside. I am originally from Ukraine. So you may ask me questions, I will be happy to tell you more.

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    Default Re: online dating as make-believe for the fools

    There are thousands of online dating website, but people use to to scam others asking for money or trying to do prostitution. That is one of the reason people don't care about dating website anymore.

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    Default Re: online dating as make-believe for the fools

    I agree that there are a great deal of sites that scammers operate on. This isn't every site. Most however, even those actively attempting to verify members find that the odd scammer slips through. There are simple actions common to the majority of scammers that should you come across any of them should alert you to be cautious that you may be being targeted as a scam opportunity. Scammers will post to multiple people at all times as its a numbers game. The more expressions of interest you send out the more likely you are to receive a positive reply. Then you can work on many at the same time. A general but not always action is to try and move contact off the site to personal email as rapidly as possible, usually this will come under the guise of sending pics to you. A quick reply that can save you from this occurring is to always reply to any interest that comes your way that you aren't comfortable chatting outside of the site with a new person until you've had the opportunity to learn more about a person before taking it to the next level. Scammers will act one of 2 ways. They'll pretend that never occurred to them or you simply won't receive a reply. Any new interest that professes strong feelings towards you in a very limited amount of time is a huge red flag. Obtaining an emotional attachment early speeds up their ability to push towards financially screwing you over. A new interest that doesn't live near you isn't a real option. If they can't have address details and personal details confirmed easily via Google checks or even out of the phone book then again you have a scammer in your midst. As a rule I always check a perspective interests general details. Very fast way to obtain confirmation. Done each time can save you a lot of time and money. From my research and experience it's most likely the new interest will have a story of family tragedy. Parents lost early in life, sick relatives etc. Again this is too create emotional engagement. These facts are also easily checked. Within this time you should know you've got a scammer. Other actions used are leaving an address that claims to be local to you but I travel for work and am out of town for the next few weeks. BS. Check the address they list locally and you'll know immediately their lying. A regular claim is that they travel to purchase goods for a personal business. The scammers have no clue as to import/export industry. No license to do so nor do they know regulatory requirements and I've frequently noticed when you ask for their business name they don't have one. If they make one up its very easy to check. All businesses can be easily found. Money request for a flight home to meet you are the norm. This flight will never happen. If they don't have a bank account so require a wire transfer then it's certain you're chatting with a scammer. Majority of the worlds people have a bank account. Transfers via bank accounts provides you with the protection from being scammed by your financial institution which will know immediately if it's a fraudulent bank details and can organise to protect your money and get it back should an issue arrise. These are the most common signs of a scammer. Remember not all contact will be from scammers but their numbers are significant. I've successfully tracked a scamming operations to the root source of these parasites. They provide the scammers with support in providing fake monitored email addresses that appear to be legitimate govt agencies. They'll always confirm the scammers story. Checking that email address will always turn up upon search as fraudulent. They also provide scammers with a background story and will help scammers answer any questions you ask. Scammers once engaged with you when asked simple questions will take time to respond. They are contacting the agency to obtain advice on the appropriate reply to keep you engaged and believing them. This is available to the scammers 24/7. These are very well organised and include thousands of scammers all of whom will normally be chatting with multiple targets. The numbers game is how they succeed. Take simple precautions and save yourself hassle or heartache. Scammers are really not hard to find when you're aware of just a few details. Remember if they don't live in your area why bother chatting at all? If they claim they do get their address and check it. If it's wrong and/or their names are non existent on Google search they are scammers. Save time and avoid these parasites. The organisations setting up these scammers and supporting them cannot be prosecuted. I know where they are and they cannot be stopped from their activities. Virtually every dating site will have some if not many scammers. None are immune. Take care, be aware. I know countless sites that encourage these scammers. Some are almost completely operated by scammers and have almost no genuine members. Heaps of sites offer females free membership due to the enormously different ratio of men to women. These methods guarantee many scammers. Both men and women are targeted. It's very common for the person you think your talking to is not even the sex you believe them to be. I've developed my own database of the models and public figures that have their photos used to engage their pray. Many are easily found on here too. Best of luck. There not all scammers. Get used to the red flags and save your time for someone genuine.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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