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Thread: A new scam?

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    Default A new scam?

    I usually don't really think much about stupid crap like the spam letter I recently got, but today I thought I would post it and see if anyone else has been plagued by this silliness...

    Hello my princes. A few days I've been thinking about you. And our relationship.
    I weighed all the pros and cons, and about us. Read all your letters to me.
    You're very good candid girl who is able to love. You are forced to
    My heart pounding! It is very important for me and my children.
    My friends have different views on us. You must understand
    that a lot of deception in the Internet.
    Thinking about all this, I have decided once again to help you. I believe you and your every word. Do not fool me.
    I have visited Western union Yesterday afternoon. That is all that you asked me to tell you:
    Sender name: Lary M Crouford
    Sender address: Vancouver (BC, Canada) Wian St 0167/44
    Sum: Usd2990
    Mtcn - (as you requested, I attached a copy of documents of western union)

    I sincerely ask you to tell me when you get the money because I have the experience. What would you not like it was robbed last time.
    Now I will be watching TV to drink the juice.
    I wish you a good day.
    Your Gary xoxoxox ...

    The letter comes with a zip file that for obvious reasons I left zipped and then deleted. From the spelling and grammer, our friend Gary is obviously NOT a speaker of English as a first language. He even mispelled his own name! I also like, "You are forced toMy heart pounding." and "Now I will be watching TV to drink the juice." WHAT??? All I can think is that there is a worm in the zip which I guess you're supposed to open to get the WU MTCN?

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    Default Re: A new scam?

    The update would be to receive another message about an expected heritage from a dead relative, but some money are required to go to bank and receive it
    It`s funny how scammers look all the same

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    Default Re: A new scam?

    When I see the word children in these messages, my hair stands on end
    I mean you scam, you ask money, but why involving some (probably) non-existing kids? If you are smart even, do it with your current tricks
    Probably I am too moralist

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    Default Re: A new scam?

    I've gotten emails about some woman asking for help to help her obtain her heritage.

    Was one of the craziest emails I've gotten.

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    Default Re: A new scam?

    Quote Originally Posted by sheikhiu View Post
    I've gotten emails about some woman asking for help to help her obtain her heritage.

    Was one of the craziest emails I've gotten.
    I know this too: the heritage includes many numbers in a bank account, where you have to transfer some money, in order to unblock it
    In return of your favor, you would receive some 10%
    Crazy, but persistent, every three days I find in my inbox these emails




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