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    WARNING to anyone that crosses the path of a Jennelyn De Vera she lives in Manila with her Brother and little Daughter, 100% Gold Digger, has a Mother working in Taiwan, After our meeting in Manila, it was decided leave my Wallet ALONE and book a flight home
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    The sophistication in the scammer-faction of webdating is growing as fast as anti-scamming awareness; both at individual level and on datingsites.

    And just to keep my hand in (webdating is an interesting psycho-sociological subject per se)....and with the 1% hope, that the whole webdating scenario MAY include an honest, sensible woman, I still peek at the options from time to time.

    On the global 'free' datingsites it's either anonymous (and often not even with photos) identities such as 'hotluvkitten4u', who send out spam like: "I love you and can't live without you" (allegorically addressed to 'Resident'), whereas the global pay-sites charge some unreasonable amounts for just having the possibility of sending and recieving mail (the credibility of global paysites is a subject worth taking up again, but is outside the scope of this post).

    In any case establishing 'identity', THE FIRST 'MUST' STEP in any sensible dating-venture, is becoming increasingly more difficult. And though the paysites give ever so many 'promises' about honesty etc., by the time you have been able to get an identity- and honesty-impression of the person you're contacting, you may have wasted a considerable sum on absolutely nothing.

    In the present case mentioned by 'acer', this woman may have a new name tomorrow. Mind you, I'm not saying, that 'acer's' initiative is completely without it'a usefulness, but until all the naive, gullibe and possibly desperate WM seeking web-contact are up to date concerning the pitfalls in webdating, there will still be some broken hearts and empty wallets.

    For all deal, DO make a websearch on whatever identity you contact, but do not feel safe, because it doesn't turn up on any scamming-list or whatever.

    Obviously there are still WM (less often women), who haven't learned of the dangers in webcontacts.

    Just the other day I recieved an invitation to the archaic 'Nigerian inheritance' scam, something I believed would be so wellknown these days, that no scammer would try to revive it.

    So either there are some really dumb scammers out there, or....more likely.... are there some dumb 'marks' from a new generation, which hasn't learned its lesson yet.

    BTW; I have the Eiffel-tower for sale. Any bidders?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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