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    Cowboy Guest

    Default How hard is it to bring an FSU woman to USA?

    Lets say your self employed and cannot produce IRS documents to verify earnings or refuse to in order to get K1 or K3 visa. What are the ways around this ruling that went into effect in 1997? Why is it the governments buisiness if a citizen brings his wife home? Also how come most foreigners from outside FSU dont have a problem getting a tourist visa? And why is no-one mad as hell over this?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Dallasman, thanks. Finally someone (and it took a Texan) actually understood the question. Well, I'm still working around the tax return thing because that is not an option for me. There will/must be another way.

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    Okie Guest


    I am in almost the same boat as you and the best way that I have heard is to go there and get married and it will be up to 1-1/2 years for her to get to you and I am waiting for a reply from someone that has done this route, The time may vary from 6 months to 1-1/2 year!


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    ptrjnthn Guest


    cowboy, I'm mad as hell over this issue, as you are. I think it's a pile of bull-sh*t!


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    Yes Okie, I'm thinking that that will be the way to go but still, I know of others who were asked for tax papers even though they had been married for 15 years. The American man had been living in his wifes country and wanted to bring her home with him. It's an outrage!!

    Pt, you're right, it is a pile of B.S. I think it would be nice if a bunch of us guys got together to put pressure on our policy makers over this. We are American citizens. What right do they have to Question us concerning our wives? I say they don't have any!

    Comments welcome:

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    FlyToRussia Guest


    Strange how this forum was started by "Cowboy" asking a legitimate question then it getting off tract to "scammers." Our
    government is not interested if there scammers, Well they may look twice about her if she is very young and wanting to marry a man three times her age but basically there interested in the children, health, and criminal records,
    I may not know everything about Visa's but I do know a lot about them.
    Many men think all they have to do is meet a lady online, send her a plane ticket, then meet her at the airport, are they surprised to learn it takes time and can cost thousands.
    There are many men wanting to get there finances over to the USA. so they buy a "Visa kit" from the web, to save money, they have been told, its easy to do themselves, just follow steps 1-2-3. to fill in the blanks themselves. send it off. and wait for approval, depending on the INS workload, it can take 6-9 months. then after you have waited several months. the INS may inform you. there are errors and/or they need more information. you send it then wait many more months for approval. or in many cases "denial" and they do not and many times give you a reason. But then for some men it works.
    All of the money you spent on your lady. Correspondence, money to help her, gifts, phone calls. the trip to Russia or? Etc. only then to try to save money on the most important thing,,,,,,getting her over here. Now is not the time to pinch pennies.
    There is a saying. "Only a fool represents himself in a court of law". that is basically what this is, a very strict legal system, And you don't have to agree with the laws but you must follow them.
    Its much more than How much money do you earn? and rather or not you are a felon.
    Also, There are also many "immigration" attorneys that advertise a 100% success rate, do not believe that either. many do the same as you have just done. or thinking about doing. fill in the blanks 1-2-3 only to take your money, leaving you where you started,
    So I would advise you to find a reputable attorney, ask a friend or acquittance who they used were they satisfied? Be sure that the Attorney has malpractice insurance, yes you should be compensated for there mistake

    The first thing you must do is meet her in person, her Country or a third country and not in the USA.
    The next thing to keep in mind in your meeting with your lady, If she has children, and BEFORE you think about ANY Visa.
    Unless a Widow Her ex-husband must sign and have notarized a letter of permission allowing the child- children to come to America, before you have that its a waste of your time to begin anything in some cases,
    Some Russian men will ask or insist you pay (threw there ex-wife) them for the document.
    At your expense, you may have to agree sent the child home at least once a year to visit the other parent I have never heard of a women leaving her young children.
    Many Russian men upon divorce sign away there parental rights to the children to keep from having to pay child support. Which then can be good for you.
    The reason the Government wants your income tax records is to prove that you are able to provide for your new family, The income is minimum around twenty-thousand dollars a year for a women and one child, excluding your own children.

    Few people know or are told that in the event you are unable to prove your income, you can choose to have a COSIGNER.

    Our government can ask for many things, to include divorce or death certificate, birth certificate, tax records, bank statements they check your criminal back ground if you are a felon, your chances are not to good they also check the back ground of your fiance if she's a felon, say good-bye to her.
    You must buy her and the child-children round trip tickets, in the case she wants to go back home before 90 days.
    But anyway now she's here, you have 90 days to marry or she must go back to her Country, or you must marry before the 90 days if the child (young adult) is about to turn twenty-one, which ever is less, or the child must go back to there Country The mother don't want that to happen.
    You must stay married for at least three years if not she must again go back to her Country, except in the case of physical abuse, then she can stay, in which case then you should be hung.
    If in less than three years if the government should have to help her in any way financially, then they will come after you or your cosigner for there money back.
    After three years either of the two of you can divorce each other and she can stay in the USA and the only moneys that you may have to pay would be what any state would award any wife, spousal support, alimony etc. if any.
    To go to her Country and marry, then apply for the Visa, the wait time can be up to two years, and much more expensive.
    I read Raibert's statement about going to her Country, marry live there for six months then apply for her green card I have never read or heard of that but for those of you who are interested it could be worth checking in to.

    The single biggest scam on the Internet Dating/Marriage is a women telling you only after a few letters that she is in love with you and that wants to come to the USA to visit but she hasn't enough money -- or that she has a friend at an Embassy who will approve her Visa quickly, then she ask you to send money. Do NOT-because you will never see or hear from her again.


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    Cowboy, I believe that if you haven't tax returns to prove your income it is not fatal provided (1) you document that you have no obligation to file a tax return for the applicable years given your tax situation and (2) you document substantial assets sufficient to the satisfaction of the INS that you can meet all the financial obligations associated with support of your lady. I have an American friend precisely in this situation and he is currently waiting for INS approval to bring in his Ukrainian fiance.
    The wait period for a K3 "wife" visa is even longer than for a K1 "fiance" visa so unless you are contemplating residing abroad and only traveling to the USA for annual vacations, K3 is less useful. Be that as it may, you can get married at least in Belarus, in about 5 weeks (another friend of mine managed this this summer). Don't even bother trying to get married in Ukraine, on the other hand; foreigners trying to marry Ukrainians just get the runaround in Ukraine.
    It is the government's business because the Congress made it its business and control over immigration falls certainly within the domain of federal powers in the US Constitution. Never mind that it is an abuse of a basic human right to keep husband and wife separated and that European nationals have no problem expeditiously bringing there foreign wives home (as well as little problem arranging visit visas prior to the women becoming their wives). Xenophobic policies that severely restrict immigration are in vogue in the United States and there is no countervailing political interest group to promote simplification of visa processing for foreign fiances and wives.
    I would dispute your contention that non-FSU women don't experience difficulties getting tourist visas; for example, a single woman from Morocco or Romania, earning what would be an average wage in her country, would not have any chance to get a tourist visa. Of course, certain men are not happy with the procedures for K-1 and K-3 visas but in the American political system your voice counts for little unless you organize yourself as a special interest and buy political capital. If you're really that angry about the United States' moronic policies re FSU women, just emigrate to a more conducive jurisdiction outside the ambit of the INS. I found out through personal experience that there are a lot of advantages to being an American expatriate provided you pick the right host country.

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    sfira5 Guest


    I'm in the same boat as you---please keep me informed if you find
    out anything useful...i think American Richard C's reply
    pretty much sums up the lousy situation...I'm particularly
    worried about the tax return problem--wondering what to do about it

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    vtbri Guest


    Well I met a lady from Romania a month or so ago for a green card marriage. Instead, we've become friends and seem to enjoy each other chatting and on the phone. She is a real estate broker and has custody of her daughter. I emailed my state senators office about having her visit me just to see what it would be like between us and since we would be residing in the USA if she would even want to stay here. Well, I recieve a reply back. They asked for her complete name and address and embassy. They're going to send a letter of invitation also !! The lady at the senators office emailed me that they really don't care or need an affidavit of support. They don't look at it hardly. So I'm hoping that when she walks into the embassy in Romania with an invitation from me and my state senator ( which I would think carry's alot more weight ) she'll walk out with the tourist visa. I would like to get a national coalition together for fiance immigration. We can set up a website and talk to senators about INS reform. I believe with 3,000 illegal and mostly unwanted immigrants coming across our border we who meet people overseas should have less problems. I would like anyones input and help creating such a site. Is anyone interested ? I believe in an overhaul like this:
    #1) Any US citizen should be able to invite with the intention of marriage 1 person per 6 month period. With no more then 6 in 10yr period.
    #2) If they can pass a US approved physical in there home country and there country is not on the watch list for terrorism then they are to recieve an automatic fiance visa. If the country is on the list then a deeper background check should take place.
    #3) Person must marry the person who invited them.
    #4) Person cannot become citizen until after 10yrs in country.
    #5) Person automaticly recieves pre-nuptial agreement whereas the US citizen retains all property before marriage. ( Have heard of woman faking abuse and getting everything. )
    #6) INS stays out of the marriage.
    PLEASE EMAIL ME AT motorhead89us@yahoo.com If you are interested in changing the INS and helping us all out.

    Brian Wheelock
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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