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    ptrjnthn Guest

    Default meeting her at St.Petersburg airport

    I am meeting a woman at Saint Petersburg airport in June. She recommended that I meet her there. I wasn't suspicious until I heard many "horror" stories about how dangerous this situation can turn. I thought, as she suggested, that it would be better for me (as a stranger in a strange land)to have some one receive me at the airport. She hasn't once asked for money, and said that it is up to me where we meet. What do you think? I have some anti-scamming experience, but this one's a toughy![?]

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hi ptrjnthn
    Good luck. But just a mention - it's really easy to carried along with something at an airport - "it's just this way..." So split your cash and cards and keep all the numbers in case you have to cancel them if they get stolen - also card fraud insurance - that way you won't lose anything. I forgot how many countries and airports I've been in. But as cowboy say's "use your savvy". An airport is safe only in the public areas. Once outside you are in unknown territory. But dont' worry, you'll do OK.

    Just one more about photos. If her photos are not too sexy and show her in different places, example home, then they are probably OK.

    Hey, let us know how you get on.
    I'm possibly going to Kiev end of June. So I'll let you all know how that goes too. Just can't resist a beutiful woman can we.


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    The Airport at Saint Petersburg is a pretty public place - but a bit far out of town! Taxi is one way - or a bus to Moskovsky then catch the Metro! Much cheaper.. And your lady will be able to navigate.
    To Travel around by taxi is pretty "rich" and the bus and Metro much more normal.
    The SPB Hostel near Moscow rail station will register your Visa but will probably want a nominal fee. They are reasonable! and quite close to Nevsky and Moskovsky Voksal.
    Moscow Railway Station is central in the town.
    Have you tried the Octoberskaya Hotel. They have an old crummy section on one side of Nevsky prospect and a new remodelled section across the square. (Ploschad Vosstania)
    Find out what section of Sant Pieter your lady lives..
    Some accomodation may be more convenient to her!
    Have a look in Lonely Planet Guide. It is always very accurate and their assessments are spot on I find.
    But do something about your accomodation quick!]
    June is sort of prime time for Tourists in Sant PeterB!!

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    Ray, Misterbean. Thanks! Ray good luck in Kiev. We'll swap stories. I booked the hotel, got the visa, and I ready to go.
    I think I also convinced my friends and family that I'm not crazy. I just have a sense of adventure. (OK, and I can't resist a beautiful woman).


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    Hi ptrjnthn
    Thanks for wishing me well in Kiev. But it's off. There was another guy and she must have played me for time, I was all set to go and she chose him. She found it hard to tell me, but did it nicely and even sent back the money for translation. I know she is a real woman, kid's photo's and she loved my letters. My dream woman at 23 y.o.

    I am sorry to report that I cried for 7 nights. I think that she really was the woman of my dreams and I could never stop looking at her photos.

    Now I need some advice on someone new. See next entry - good luck


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    After recovering, I found a girl on Ikar Site. She is an absolute dream. Young and single. Not big sexy photos. She sent more, so they are not stolen photos.

    So we've e-mailed every day for a week and we agreed to meet soon - in Vilnius Airport Lithuania.

    I have one suspicion. She made the comment that it would look stupid for her to go to hotel with a man (she's 20). She doesn't want to get seen. That's fair. If she was in to prostitution she would know the right type of hotel for that, and wouldn't worry.

    But she said that she could get an appartment for me (stay 2 night). So I guess that means that's she's prepared to come to there. My suspicion is that it's a setup. But she has said that hotel would still be ok

    Guys I really need advice on this scenario - fast. Thanks


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    I know that I'm not that stupid to fall for this idea. I contacted Ikar, and they immediately took her Profile off (for reason using 2 names). I can give you name only here because did not ask for money. She used "Lily" but in letters signed "Tanya" age 20. [}]

    I just can't find a younger woman who's not cheating or scamming - been trying 6 months now!


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    [b]Hey Ray, Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. Not to put salt on [b]your wounds, but my trip to Saint Petersburg was a success. I had a great time, I found a hotel with the help of my lady friend ( and only stayed there 2 out of 10 nights ; )
    I plan on returning in Oct. for ten days, then she will fly back to the USA with me for ten days. We really hit it off well.


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    Really, I know that Vilnius job was a set-up. I've reported to Yahoo as "Site Abuse" (attempted or actual criminal activity)

    SAD ME. That first girl I lost. She was the first one I ever wrote to. Sorry but I need "Tea and Sympathy" I'm really demoralised.

    OK, now another thing.

    Why is my latest girl asking $100 for Visa to come to Europe when it costs about $30. ?
    Also she says she can't get it in Siberia and must travel to Moscow! Is that true?


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    Hi ptrjnthn
    Sorry I missed your reply because I didn't see next page. All I'm seeing now is misery.
    But, I'm really happy for you. This does give me encouragement. (has she got a sister?)

    Here is how my salted wound is. That girl I lost. Her photos were the ones that I had in my imagination since I was young. Something in our primitive minds sees a certain set of features and our primitive brain says - that's the girl you've been looking for and that's the one you are going to procreate with. Now you know why I go home to my appartment and every day sit on the floor in despair. It's been the same for two weeks. I know that there are lot of women that could make me happy but I'm not doing well.

    This all leads me to tell you that I've been writing a climbing book and now the missing part of my life is being woven into it - guys, I am a very eloquent and emotive writer. This book is going to be famous - but I can only finish it when I find my woman - the ending is more huge than anything from holywood. It is a huge "tear jerker" but an incredible life story (you should see my beutiful mind inside -because of the huge life experiences that climbing has given me).

    Where is she!!!


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    Anyone asking for dosh up front should be classed as a scammer. I live the US now but I'm from Seer Green in Buckinghamshire. I learned about the scammers tricks first hand (but without losing any money, luckily!)

    So, a couple of facts.
    1> from my research, up to 80% of single women from the CIS will be DENIED any kind of visitors visa to the USA. I believe it is almost the same percentage for Merry Olde England. My point? You go to her and don't fall for the "I need money for......" (fill in the blanks). She won't get a visa anyway, so it's probably a scam.

    2> It is dangerous to some extent, but go to her, meet her family, see where she works, meet her friends, she where she hangs out. Remember, if she is on the level - she doesn't really want to leave the CIS. All the genuine Russian/Ukraine women I have spoken to are fiercely proud of their country, their culture, and their religion. They are only looking for Western men because they have such a tiny pool of eligible men in the CIS (they are already married, drunks, conscrippted, unemployed, sbusive etc.)

    So I keep looking - 6 months and counting so far and no joy, but I keep looking. With a pool (ocean!!) the size of the CIS, there is somebody over there for me.

    All the best




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