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    ptrjnthn Guest

    Default meeting her at St.Petersburg airport

    I am meeting a woman at Saint Petersburg airport in June. She recommended that I meet her there. I wasn't suspicious until I heard many "horror" stories about how dangerous this situation can turn. I thought, as she suggested, that it would be better for me (as a stranger in a strange land)to have some one receive me at the airport. She hasn't once asked for money, and said that it is up to me where we meet. What do you think? I have some anti-scamming experience, but this one's a toughy![?]

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    ptrjnthn Guest


    Hey Ray, Good luck my friend...she's out there somewhere! Keep me posted on your progress. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    EnglandGreen, my research tells me that it is impossible for my friend to get a b-2 visa to America. We are trying anyway, because we think we are "holding the right cards." She has a good job, an 8 year-old son, her own flat... what do you think?

    I plan on going to study in a St. Petersburg university (her city)in the Spring. She is not ready to leave her family, and, after meeting them, I can understand. (The main purpose of my relocating is to be with her, of course). The universities are very helpful with maintaining a student visa. I think this is my best option, since my Russian is very bad, and it will be impossible for me to find work.
    At the university I will study Russian, and choose a new career.
    She is very happy about this, and offered to share her flat with me.

    I appreciate and value any input you guys might have about my crazy ideas...


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    Ray, many FSU women are hesitant to go to a hotel. It is seen as improper conduct for a woman there.

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    ray Guest


    Reply to Cowboy
    Thanks for info about her not wanting to go to Hotel. But I really don't understand this appartment thing. "Her" letters were mostly brief, didn't use my name most of the time - I got the "kiss", but I think I'm gonna write back - if I meet at Vilnius airport I'm safe.


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    ray Guest


    Reply to ptrjnthn
    Hi, I'm really sorry about Visa to the US, and after that good meeting. I really admire your idea to move or stay in St.petes. It just goes to show how "man" is ruled by our "inner needs" and I am now the first to admit that I have no control over these needs. OK, this refers to the ?great climbing book that I'm writing. Now women are being woven into the story as a "thread". My book is gonna be just incredible - here's my paradox - I can just about control or manage fear in my climbs - but I have no control of that desire for a partner.


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    ray Guest


    Sort of need advice:
    Hi all, I'm writing to a new woman - in Siberia! Well, I can tell you that "she" writes really, really intelligent and long letters, I'm pretty good at writing - she's been asking the most important questions, and responding to most of my questions.

    We are discussing meeting but I got a mention that her Visa to Italy costs $100 - it costs $30. So I'm waiting explanation...

    Her clothes show that she appears not to money for decent clothes, her photos have been around on sites over a year, and they are same clothes. No updated photos, so looks likes she's not improved her situation. She appears to be poor but now I got "don't have suitcase - and suitcase cost minimum $150 in Russia"

    YEAH, RIGHT. I've asked her to explain, I'll give her a chance.


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    ray Guest


    Hi prynth
    Well, about my dream girl, the one where we were planning to meet in Kiev. I told you all that she chose another guy, and offered to send the taxi money back. I wrote again (paper letter translated to Russian) and like I knew she would - she replied. Also I knew that I'd get her e-mail today. It was an Atomic bomb with flowers, I knew what was inside the letter but it something that I had to get.

    She will stay with that guy. But I developed an amazing ability to know when she would write - I see her letters even before opening my mail box - yup, I'm a mountaineer who stood facing his own soul sometimes. I've seen and known things what most people will never come to know. You can all read it in my devasting book one day.

    So I've written to a couple of other women - no answers yet.


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    ptrjnthn Guest


    Ray, Have you figured out the visa price issue? Maybe you could find info about her visa costs on the Internet. My girlfriend is trying to get a visa to America, and it costs $100. She also has to apply through an agency, which costs $30. Thats $130 buckaroos all together. Maybe there are other costs that you don't know about. Do you think it might be better, for the first meeting, to meet her in her country? Whats new with the Siberian girl? Will you see her soon?
    I think things will turn out well for you. When's your book going to be available?


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    tom Guest


    sorry to say it ray but a suitcase doesn't cost 150 dollars in the USA - how the heck is it going to cost 150 in russia? due to the exchange rate everything is cheaper in russia than it is in the USA. you can ussually get items in asia/russia for 1/3 the price that you can in the USA - i have bought suitcases in asia and the most expensive one they carried was 30 dollars. that was 3 years ago - so i am sure prices have not gone up 500 percent. 150 dollars - that better be a gold plated suitcase.

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    ray Guest


    Hi ptrjnthn, Hi Tom
    ptrjnthn, thanks for info about her visa costs.
    And Tom, the suitcase at $150, that's the most bonkers request I ever saw. Actually, despite that doubt, she wrote the most very, very good letters. Answered every question, asked me everything, did a lot of research herself. Maybe she saw a "samsonite" suitcase cost $150, but I can't see them selling many of those in Seversk in Siberia. She even started pleading with me that she'd get photos of prices. She might be real. I told her that the suitcase put a dark cloud over everything and she stopped writing. I sent 3 letters to my Russian friend and he said she never wrote them. I spotted two key words "hunt up" some money - no-one who's real would know that expression.

    I got a new contact - probably Scammer, (I like a magnet to Scammes)she contacted me. I'll play along for a while - very nice looking gal.

    Also got a wonderful younger girl, but I think she will fall away soon.

    Oh, ptrjnthn, my book. Seeing that I'm weaving-in the females, it needs a bit of editing - I want the Epilogue to be the page where I find my partner - so who knows when it will end...

    Really, I havn't got any for sure new gal yet.

    HEY BUT IT'S NOT ALL BAD - I'VE GOT 2 Fab ITALIAN WOMEN FOR DINNER TONIGHT AND THEY'RE COMMING AT MY APPARTMENT - THAT'S NOT A JOKE. I got the fab pad, romantic balcony, dream mountain views - I'll let you know how I get ON (if you catch my drift) !!! Hey, if this is the last you hear from me - I died in bed with 2 bicysexel lolitas !!!


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    tom Guest


    don't give up hope ray - i am sure you will find your dream girl yet. she can take all the pictures she wants - but if we don't spend 150 for a suitcase here - they certainly won't be spending that much for one over there. hell you can by an entire setup of suitcases here - ussually 4-5 pieces for 200 dollars and less here. and that means that 1 piece of luggage over there would run less than 60 dollars - and thats for a high-end one, with average suitcases running 30-45 dollars. when i was over there i made 2 suitcase purchases - because they were so cheap - i spent 60 dollars for them combined - one had a lock and is a carry-on type and the other is a wopping mama of a suitcase - its huge and is 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide and 1 foot deep - it packs in alot of junk. gee listen to me excite the forum with suitcase talk. anyway - i got my 1st russian letter - scammer no doubt - thats what we have deduced - lets see if i can get her with her hand in the cookie jar. i will be sure to post her info after i have more facts to back me up. i want to make sure i do not post bad info - or jump to conclussions - but i'd say i am 99% sure after just an intro letter. the other 3 letters i got are all legit so far - seemed warm, nice and sincere - with no red flags.

    i hope you have fun with your hopefully sucessful 3-some. hey maybe you could marry both of them, its worth a shot.

    good luck
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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