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    ray Guest


    So we've e-mailed every day for a week and we agreed to meet soon - in Vilnius Airport Lithuania.

    I'm talking to a 20 y.o. girl form Ikar Site. I have some suspicion about my proposed accomodation. She made the comment that it would look stupid for her to go to hotel with a man (she's 20). She doesn't want to get seen. That's fair. If she was in to prostitution she would know the right type of hotel for that, and wouldn't worry.

    But she said that she could get an appartment for me (stay 2 nights Euro 100/night). So I guess that means that's she's prepared to come to there - for what I ask - first meeting!

    1. My suspicion is that it's a setup. And now she's asking me to have appartment also first night instead of Hotel (because she does not want to be seen in Hotel). And second reason she says... "You afraid that you will not like me". So it seems an invitation to go to bed - but why not at the hotel. Is it normal for a Lithuanian woman to jump into to bed or are there going to be bunch of guys waiting for me at some appartment?

    2. Only other reason I can think of that she really wants to get of Lithuania, suduce a decent man and we are both happy. But this could get dangerous. Because she's on Ikar site and they all display home address is seems less likely.

    UPDATE: She now agrees that I use hotel first night. She won't come in. And second night I take appartment - I'm mystified.


    UPDATE: I know that I'm not that stupid to fall for this idea. I contacted Ikar, and they immediately took her Profile off (for reason using 2 names. I can give you name only here because did not ask for money. She used "Lily" but in letters signed "Tanya" age 20.

    I just can't find a younger woman who's not cheating or scamming - been trying 6 months now!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    ray Guest



    I'd like to know if anyone has had a similar proposal?

    This seems a new type of scam to me, and could be dangerous

    Comments, please.


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    EnglandGreen Guest



    My batting average is 0 as well - all scammers of losers so far, but I have not despaired or given up hope. I just look at it all as an education on what NOT to do when I do find a decent woman (versus Boris the Scammer!)

    From my 6 month long research project (as I now justify it to myself), I went to St. Petersburg for a 4 day 'holiday', 6 weeks ago - just to get a "lay of the land" as it were. I wasn't there to meet anyone, just a combination of curiousity and I do not like surprises.

    This is what I discovered.
    1> She probably will not jump into bed with you
    2> An apartment that YOU research and YOU book via a reputable local travel/tour agency is safe
    3> She will not want to be seen at any hotel because it will ruin her reputation (even if it is away from her home area!)
    4> Arrange everything YOURSELF

    Before I went to St. Petersburg, I spent about a month trawling the 'net, talking to my friends and aquaintances, reading forums etc. to try and get a good feel on what to do - and what not to do. Eventuall I stumbled onto Oksana at www.oksanas.net

    What a breath of fresh air, she is. It made my trip uneventful, affordable, stressfree and fun and gave me a new appreciation of the CIS - and CIS women.

    So my advice: find a 'friendly native' and go for it!


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    n/a Guest


    It`s natural for a single woman from these countries not enter hotel rooms.They would much rather meet in a place where they feel comfortable,hotels have a rather bad reputation....meaning,only single woman who are on the game enter hotels.
    It is much cheaper and nicer to stay in an apartment.l`ve been visiting the former soviet countries since 92 mainly on business and these young ladies are brought up to have very strong family values.
    If l can help in any way please write

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    ray Guest


    Hi guys - that girl in Vilnius
    Well she has now popped-up on Absolute Agency - that says it all. Take a look at her new photos - half naked. ID No: A4906724 Tatjana

    It was immediately obvious in her letters that "she" was very busy, she could reply to all e-mails immediately, she did not write my name. She insisted that on my arrival that she would organise an "appartment". I have contact her e-mail service provider - yahoo, They say that her letters are "impersonation" and are illegal. She may be removed from Yahoo.

    Anyone want "Scamhunt this one"


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    davel100 Guest


    Hi Ray,

    Just a quick further point to add, although I think earlier replies are absolutely correct in that this one 'girl' is scammer, I have also visited Baltic States on many occasions since 1994, originally on business, but now purely to visit many friends there. Apartments, even in the Old City district of Vilnius, can be found easily online, I would not recommend you rely on this 'girl' to find one for you - possible danger. However, Vilnius, and Lithuania are very enjoyable, and the girls, simply wonderful. They do generally have very high moral codes, but as in any city at the weekend enjoy life fully. My conclusion - visit Vilnius certainly, but not to meet the person you were contacting!!!
    If you want to proceed and visit Vilnius, I hope you have a good time. For accommodation there, there are two websites in particular I recommend, but check my own site for travel experiences and references, www.dalewis.co.uk you will find links to most of what you need to get there, what to see, where to stay etc.
    Have a great time,


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    May 2004


    Ray, I've just had a girl invite me to Ukraine, she offered to find me an apartment too. My way out of that situation was to tell her i wanted to meet her by the sea, I said it would be far more romantic if both of us were away from our familiar surroundings. Not had a reply yet, it will be interesting to see if i get one. I've always wanted to visit Yalta so i might go anyway...even if its alone!
    The way i travelled to Russia a few months back, was through a company called 'Intourist' They arrange everything including the visa and their own hotel, I think that's the safer option as they also arrange transport to their hotel on arrival.the visa cost only an extra ?30, far cheaper than going twice to the Russian embassy only to find the visa form i downloaded from their website was out of date! I rang Intourist today and they also do trips to the Ukraine. Also, they can arrange a multiple entry visa for a year
    When i was in Russia and ended up being alone briefly, i walked for miles alone on the streets, everyone was just enjoying themselves and minding their own business and very friendly when i was trying to talk pigeon Russian! I felt totally safe, far safer than walking alone in London. I think all this hype about being dangerous in Russia is maybe just a load of old propaganda!
    Good luck

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    Aug 2004


    Hey guys,

    Just got back from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. I totally back apartments over hotels. Usually more comfortable and cheaper. It is more comfortable for the lady you are meeting. More of a home like setting. I stayed in an apartment my first trip, which was to Moscow. Then did the hotel option my trip to Azov. No kitchens typically in hotel rooms. Only had a really mini minifridge. And a single young woman going to a hotel with a man everyone knows what is going on. But 100 euros/night seems a scam to me. Wouldn't worry so much about a band of thugs in the apartment. They've already got your money at that nightly rate.

    I also agree with Johnny. I have felt safe in all three of my trips. I have walked alone at night thru the streets and have had no difficulty. Usually when someone did find out I was American they were excited and very friendly.

    Oh a good tactic my interpreter and I used was I played deaf and she'd tell me the cost of a cab by holding up X number of fingers. Worked fabulously I got the locals rate for many things.

    I hope this helps,


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    Quote Originally Posted by ray View Post

    I'd like to know if anyone has had a similar proposal?

    This seems a new type of scam to me, and could be dangerous

    Comments, please.

    If she asks money in advance to pay your train or plane, whatever you take to arrive there, the odds are to be left without money
    She might say she knows the area, it something sweet she wants to do for you, but keep it to yourself, you are perfectly able to find a course in a foreign country

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    Oct 2016


    Wow, I feel bad for you.

    Sucks that you had to go through such a situation.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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