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    imported_admin Guest

    Default Poor and rich people exist everywhere


    It was a posting (read below) of Southamerican in "Travelling to woman's country" forum. After we have read it, we decided to make a new forum "How poor are really people in Russia?". We think that it must be very interesting discussion for our visitors. Thank's to Southamerican for a good idea.

    Best regards,

    Posted - Jul 31 2004 : 10:46:59

    Hello all the guys in the forum

    Maybe this post does not exactly matches the topic you're discussing but it was something that came to my mind after I read Ray's post about a girl in Russia who seemed to have many things (and who was considered suspicious for these)

    How poor are really people in Russia? Is it true that almost all people in Russia have very low salaries ($200 or less a month) and that they cannot afford a trip abroad or a stereo or have a credit card?

    My country Argentina (as well as all most other countries in South America) is considered poor by American and Europeans. We don't have the technology of the Russians nor did we ever had a spacecraft sent to the space, but still many young single women here have new cars, stereos, cell phones, credit cards, big houses or nice apartments and have visited some foreign countries (some because they are successful in their jobs and some others because of a wealthy family). And still some of these "wealthy" ladies want to marry an American or a European man... Ok...It's true that the majority of our population don't have those things but there exist poor and rich people everywhere... even in the USA and Europe right?

    Now I really wonder... how can possibly all Russian girls be so poor... if their country is much more developed and "important" than mine? Well I'm also looking for a Russian girl...but I'm really concerned about this... Aren't there wealthy young single ladies in Russia? How can a country that was so powerful in the past have all their citizens living in poverty?

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I think Russia is Mafia owned.
    That would explain everything.[xx(]

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    Believerinfate Guest


    To Katrine if you still are reading these posts.

    I think that you are very correct in your comments. Your comments are statements that most of the persons who post here have not seen, or close their eyes to because they do not understand soul and love and hard times. Or are out only to have "a good time" or protect their money above all else. Would such people really make a good husband for a woman abused by her own culture?

    I have sent and taken money and presents to Russia. I have been asked for help, but only when it was really needed. I have seen my presents passed on to other family members more in need, and then seen them passed on again to someone else because the other family member could not really use them. It is called a self-help system. Rather that, than be thrown in the trash like Americans do. Take a ride down your street on trash-pickup day and see what gets thrown out. Items that many Russians (and poor women in other countries) will never obtain without help, or would have to acquire from savings (if that is possible) after much sacrifice.

    I still believe there are plenty of honest women in Russia and the other countries. Guys, quit complaining and open your eyes.

    I am going back soon to find one of these honest women. And yes, they exist on the Internet too.

    I think this will be my last post, because the comments here solve absolutely nothing and are only opinions. Most of them bad, unfortunately.

    Good luck in your searching guys.

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    seajay Guest


    Gentlemen. Ladies. Forum participants in general.

    After that last posting, I feel I should say to you all "take heart". Accept Mr Believer-In-Fate's right to an opinion, but do not discard your own opinions.

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

    If airfares and immigration processes are involved, then only the most foolish and the most spendthrift among us is simply "out for a good time". There are cheaper and more morbidly satisfying ways to be sexually immoral.

    We exercise caution and exchange opinions and experiences. I see few complaints here; they are mainly accounts of negative experiences.

    It does not mean that we lack "dushye", are cold-hearted, or are unable to love another person. It does not make us ignorant of people's hardships. It does not mean we would not help any person genuinely in need, let alone our women.

    Does any genuine woman want to marry a fool?

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    I've lived and worked and visited many countries, Third World or otherwise. It's called 'scale and percentages' which Southamerican has touched on. Do you really think that a guy who makes US$5/day here in Saudi, has a family in The Philipines, India, Pakistan, or some other similar place isn't providing pretty well for his family? Well he is... Again, in another forum I addressed sitting in Kharkov and drinking 16oz. Stella Artois' at US.60cents a beer. Same beer would cost you US$4.50 sitting in the same type of restaurant in Dallas, LA, or NY. Cost you US$9.00 in Tokyo. There's also a thing called "infrastructure". If it's not modernized (as in the FSU) then you have hardships. Add to that the fact that the infrastructure that does exist wasn't maintained creates even greater hardships.

    There's also the fact that I could put a girl up in a Villa in Yalta for 1/3 the cost of a smaller place in Laguna Beach, California. The USSR, as a whole, never was maintained, they couldn't afford it. That's why, as we know now, they really never had 1/10th of the nuclear warheads they claimed. Couldn't afford that either as they sunk everything into conventional equipment and massive ranks of battalions. If it was the USSR today, Ukraine, Belarus, etc., would still have the same existance it does today. Wage scales and income would be higher, but so would everything else. Giving a Ukrainian girl US$50 should be nothing to an American (who can afford to chase those gals... see my post in "Mentality" forgot the forum name), but at the same time should be 'gracious' to the gal, and not lead to more, more, more. As I said in "Mentality" how much are you willing to spend -vs- the risk you are willing to take.

    USA Mike In Saudi

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    [8D]Money is the chief motivation for a scam.
    FSU women in Moscow or St.Petes or nearby surrounds are likely to do it as these cities are amongst the most expensive to live in but it is also true a girl from a small village may do it.
    Major scam operations seem to be concentrated around places such as Yoshkar Ola ( perhaps all the girls are poor there ) and Lugansk, Ukraines hot bed of scammers.
    Girls from the 3 big cities, Moscow, St,Petersburg and Kiev are the most spoilt, materialistic and conceited bitches like my Elena from Kiev ( I'll verbally bash her again ) because she was like a vacuum cleaner when it come to sucking up gifts..she is one who will pull the biggest scam on the personal visit (gt6354) and take you shopping for her until you drop and empty your wallet ( she lists shopping and walking around Kiev as one of her favourite past times so waht does that tell you )..pity the bloke she gets her hooks into on a personal visit..she's blonde, tall and beautiful and will suck you in but its unlikely she will open her legs for you or it will cost thousands to get between there.
    These FSU girls are real pieces of work and you thought Western girls were bad!

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    Insider Guest


    Show me this Elena, I will gladly shoot her for spoiling the impression and making anyone think that St. Petesrburg equates with Moscow on even such an issue as women! But even she was from Kiev, wasn't she? In any case, life in big cities is certainly more expensive, but the wages are also much higher, so I do not think that big city girls have more motivation to scam than the provincial ones. And even those girls who live in small towns but are educated received their education in big cities, that's the way it works. If they came back to their home town after they finished university, it normally means that they failed to find a job in a big city, but it does not mean they do not remember all the advantages the big city has to offer. Does not make much difference in terms of "being spoilt".

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    Hello, I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I've just found this very interesting topic here.

    I am also from a latin-american country, and several times I've questioned about looking for a FSU woman; anyway we live here in a so-called "Third-World Country"... But the question rised by southamerican is interesting. We cannot forget that, in despite of some people here in our continent have a good life, with consumming goods like a car (or cars), computers, VCRs, DVDs, flat-screen TVs and so on, the average of people here lies above these standards. The same occurs on FSU (Former Soviet Union). For the good or the bad, the socialism brought to russian people fair life standards, with excelent education and some good health. The average of russian and latin-american people earns about US$ 100/month; the big difference is that the most of russians have a very high level of education, which is not translated in better earnings. Brazilian (or argentinian) engineers, physicians, lawyers, have mid (or upper) class life standards, which is not true for the russian people. Usually here in Brazil mid classes have an earning of about US$ 1,500/month, but they are only 1/3 of brazilian population.

    Another interesting thing is related to "space exploration" and the technology of Soviet Union. I didn't understand the point here, and I hope southamerican is not suggesting some conspiracy...
    Yes, Soviet Union launched Sputnik, Vostok, Salyut and Mir, and Russia is launching Soyuz today, for the International Space Station. All this technology is an heritage of USSR days, when the power of the country was counted by the number of nuclear weapons. All this power collapsed, and so the economy of the country itself. The legacy is a very high-educated people, which is very aware of all the dificulties of day-by-day, with problems of alchoolism (specially among men) and reduction of total population.

    Today there are some russians which have an excelent life there, but the most of the people faces a hard and desperate situation of economical estagnation. And that's why some nice and high-educated girls look for marriage and a new opportunity overseas.

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    ginger Guest


    God! Do u really think that there are NO rich people in Russia? and probably all people in states are rich!???? lol

    come on , visit Moscow! some of u , my little church mouses, wont have enought money to eat in the restaurant
    come on , men, get a life!

    U re living in the past Russia is a modern country now.
    Go and find a real girl to shage... LOL

    U know I'd perefer to live in russia, having money rather then live in states like a church mouse : )

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    Natalka Guest


    Russia has changed big time, people. It is ridiculous for me to read discussions about whether to trust a girl if she has a computer or travels abroad. I am a 30 yo russian female and all of my female friends there (yes, all of them) make a good living, have apartments, multiple electronic gadgets and travel abroad 2 to 5 times a year. It is not what it used to be in the 90s in the post crisis period where eveyone wanted to get away. Now life is good here and full of hope and meaning. Women in their 40 have even better lives because they start and develop their businesses. As for the young students, they are learning foreign languages and travel all over to get experience and pump up their resume.

    One thing did not change - family values, as it is programmed into a russian woman that she is not complete without a family. And the available women to men ratio is still not in favor of the women. This is why some of us (certainly, not as much as there used to be) still looking for a life partner abroad. However, never in my life I will pay attention to some paranoid individual watching out for scammers all the time, or expecting me to fall in love with him just because he is from Western Europe or the USA as opposed to my part of the world. Additionally, do not expect me to be a desperate housewive. I will not cater to you out of gratitude for taking me away from my friends and family. I am looking for an accomplished and SECURE man, a real deal, a seldom find in any part of the world. That being said I would certianly not ask for any financial help or gifts, but as kindness and generocity is the only way to win my heart, I do expect a man to show me if he cares and if he is pleased to make me happy.

    About the female sex tourism. Please. Don't be such hypocrytes. Have you ever had fun without committment?? Do you only engage in sex if there is a solid long term relationship? I doubt it. Everyone experiments when they are young. Why it is ok for a western guy to go to several cities in Russia and Ukraine for a sex tour lying to a few unsuspected romantic girls about eternal love and devotion, but it is not ok for a girl to go on an all-paid trip with some guy, where both are adults and know the score???

    Reading through all those posts it looks like the woman you are trying to meet should be:

    a. gorgeous (possibly 20 yrs younger)
    b. educated (but not well travelled, so that she won't know any better than her home country)
    c. well off (but not possess extra electronic devices)
    d. virgin (but not with you of course, with you she should open her legs as soon as she sees you)
    e. nice, polite, sweet, caring
    d. love you unconditionally
    f. accept you the way you are with all your physical, financial and emotional deficiences
    g. know the value of your money (never expect anything from you)
    h. very patient (since you had a lot of bad life experiences that she will have to pay for)
    i. family oriented, nuturing
    j. again, gorgeous
    k. non-demanding, non-confrontational
    l. honest, reliable, dependable
    m. princess (but down-to-earth)
    n. willing to adjust herself completely to your mentality
    o. willing to relocate and leave her friends and family
    p. willing to accept that you are the best that happened to her

    C'mon already.

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    friendly_aussie_man Guest


    [8D]Listen Natalka, I agree somewhat with what you are saying.
    I was looking for a women not to be my mouse and servant..just an honest girl for companionship.
    I don't need a girl to cook and clean for me..I done it myself for years even when I was last married I shared the household duties and did most of it myself so I am far from lazy..I like to keep a clean, neat and ordered house and I do it myself and if I marry again nothing will change..I will still do it myself.
    I am 41, father of 3 kids ( who do not live with me but I have visitation rights and access and they are with me in 21% shared care and custody ) and very experienced and honest.
    I don't want a mouse and servant..just a good honest woman who will be my companion and love me but its hard to find a compatable companion..nobody is perfect, Natalka..we all have a little irritating things about us and what a relationship requires is compromise, patience and acceptance of "lifes little irritants"
    You sound very interesting...I want a woman that can think and be intelligent and thoughtful and considerate too in much the way that I can be..not a dumb servant as my view is a woman has as just much rights as a man in a relationship.
    Some men are bad and bash there woman into submission..some men like me are good and love and respect there woman and in turn recieve the love and respect back...relationships are a two way street..nobody can have it all there own way!
    Somtimes marriages and relationships fail..my last marriage failed because I let my foreign wife loose and she got involved with bad Australian girls, went to discos and nightclubs and discovered other men and got laid..it was all about sex with other men and I was betrayed and that killed the marriage...my mistake to give her too much freedom as really it was not appropriate for a married woman to go to these places but I only wanted to let her experience life that she had not before experienced and it got out of control and it was too late to fix it..she learned the habits of a slut!
    But at 4 years ago it is ancient history now and I am long divorced and look for another soul mate.
    You have a lot of spunk and fire in you, Natalka..I like that quality..men can not always get it right and we make mistakes too!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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