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    Default Poor and rich people exist everywhere


    It was a posting (read below) of Southamerican in "Travelling to woman's country" forum. After we have read it, we decided to make a new forum "How poor are really people in Russia?". We think that it must be very interesting discussion for our visitors. Thank's to Southamerican for a good idea.

    Best regards,

    Posted - Jul 31 2004 : 10:46:59

    Hello all the guys in the forum

    Maybe this post does not exactly matches the topic you're discussing but it was something that came to my mind after I read Ray's post about a girl in Russia who seemed to have many things (and who was considered suspicious for these)

    How poor are really people in Russia? Is it true that almost all people in Russia have very low salaries ($200 or less a month) and that they cannot afford a trip abroad or a stereo or have a credit card?

    My country Argentina (as well as all most other countries in South America) is considered poor by American and Europeans. We don't have the technology of the Russians nor did we ever had a spacecraft sent to the space, but still many young single women here have new cars, stereos, cell phones, credit cards, big houses or nice apartments and have visited some foreign countries (some because they are successful in their jobs and some others because of a wealthy family). And still some of these "wealthy" ladies want to marry an American or a European man... Ok...It's true that the majority of our population don't have those things but there exist poor and rich people everywhere... even in the USA and Europe right?

    Now I really wonder... how can possibly all Russian girls be so poor... if their country is much more developed and "important" than mine? Well I'm also looking for a Russian girl...but I'm really concerned about this... Aren't there wealthy young single ladies in Russia? How can a country that was so powerful in the past have all their citizens living in poverty?

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    friendly_aussie_man Guest


    [8D]What star sign are you, Natalka?
    You sound like a firery scorpio...sting in the tail like a scorpion..am I right?
    I am an Aries by star sign..can be a stubborn ram and will argue back but at same time can be reasonable and thoughtful and as for money..I spend it faster than I get it..typical ram..spend it one day and worry about it tomorrow.
    Natalka, you can rule my roost anytime!

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    Peter_A Guest


    All I can tell you is: in order to understand you must go there and see it for yourself. Former USSR has invested everything in trying to become a superpower, while neglecting they own citizens and having them practically starve. Taking they freedom and right to free speech and expression. Now that is history and people went berserk. You know, if you ever had an animal, dog for example? If you keep him in chains all the time, once you let him free, you know what he does? Well, that's happening now in Russia, my friend. One thing you are mistaken, Russia was never and will never be rich, thanks to idiots who govern it.

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    stu3700 Guest


    What comes first - the chicken or the egg? What I mean is, what comes first - the man's demonstration of generosity? - or the woman's meaningful interest in the man? I want to be generous with the woman who has a sincere interest in me, and vice-versa. But I am reluctant to be generous (i.e., in terms of gifts, or paying for trips) before there is a clear and real interest demonstrated by both parties. I'm not talking about paying for dinners, running around town, plays, drinks, movies. That's all the price of admission (although I think there should be a reasonable limit on this stuff too, until true interest is demonstrated). But some - or is it many? - women are looking for stronger signs of generosity in a man BEFORE they decide they are interested. Are they scammers? Or are they genuine women wanting to know that the man they are with is a giving, caring man before they will feel interest? I think the answer is...yes to either, depending on the woman. Some will be scammers, and some will be genuine women. But telling the difference in the first few critical meetings is pretty difficult.

    I believe that the dating norms/culture in the FSU do set up an expectation of generosity from Day 1. In other words, the man has to be willing to place bets up front - and not be worried that he will lose it to a woman who is not really interested in him. And generally speaking - the more beautiful the woman, the more true this is. And DA, FSU women - to a degree, this is true everywhere. But to me, it feels like a more prevalent truth in Russia than it is here in the U.S. Perhaps it's because women here are (in general) more financially independent. But whatever the reason, it feels ingrained in the culture, the attitudes, and as I said, the dating norms.

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    toymaker Guest


    there is no real answer to the question that was asked. It all depends where the ladies live in the country. I am going to see a lady that lives in a small town and she asked me to rent an apartment. The house she lives in has no hot running water or inside toilet. No telephone nor television. She works to support a son going to university and the two parents that live in the small house with her. The ladies from the bigger cities have the commerce that produces money that circulates only through the rich. There is more money in the cities due to that is where more things are bought and sold. It all depends where they live demographically. In the smaller towns, the wages reflect the lack of commerce.

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    To Natalka, I am wondering if you are actually from an FSU, while inaccurate that was some clear concise and well structured writing.

    Southamerican is truly saying what is known by anyone with world travelling experience which few US citizens do and personally i will accept the trade off of foolish national compatriots to more of them on my favorite treks.

    Now..........this quote below...

    You know, if you ever had an animal, dog for example? If you keep him in chains all the time, once you let him free, you know what he does? Well, that's happening now in Russia, my friend. One thing you are mistaken, Russia was never and will never be rich, thanks to idiots who govern it.

    is sadly too accurate....although it

    contradicts miss natalka but unfortunately as a person doing business and travelling REGULARLY to Asia , the Russians and the FSU countries are in trouble. They have joined the poker game of capitalism too late and other than resource stripping appear to not be capable of producing FUNDAMENTAL items of value. Trust me China is not all about low wages. They are making things that work. And are cost effective. Japan is the social safety net role model of wealth that Karl Marx would have called a dream.

    Karl , If you are going " sell the capitalists the rope by which they will hang themselves " ya GOTTA be able to make a rope they would BUY!

    but.............I digress. I will go to the Ukraine in ten days and after a car accident killed my fiance from Mexico 13 months ago , will "take a look around" . To be frank despite a high income the "scammer discussion" on this site hurts my heart and desire to have what I lost. Why do i want a foreign woman?.........well I have over 470,000 frequent flyer miles NOW ( so I must truly like travel) and the idea of a having a person of intelligence whose family and culture I can get to know over the decades that remain....sounds like both fun and an intellectual challenge. They take me hiking and I introduce them to my home cooked Mexican food and tequila.........learning to make my jokes about Karl Marx in their native language along the way.

    Hope to be able to talk to some of the experienced people on this site.... in the end am i just nuts to add five days in Ukraine on to a Euro biz trip and "just see what's out there?"


    the journey is the reward
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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