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    Todd Guest

    Default Scammer Larisa Kungurtseva

    I am a 34 year old, white American, I was contacted by Larisa Vladimirovna Kungurtseva, aka Larisochka through the Yahoo personals.... We exchanged several emails for about 1 year. She never got round to asking for money but when I went to Yoshkar- Ola to meet her and to meet her family and friends, she stole all of my money, my expensive winter coat, and even my passport. It is a miracle to be back home, I thought I would also loose my life. Authorities in Russia have not done a thing I'm sure; They did not help me much when I reported her to the police.
    Thanks to the US Embassy in Moscow I was able to return. Since then, I have been very ill. We did not use condoms. We had sex only twice (before she took my money) and I believe I may have caught something but I don't want to go for testing because I'm afraid. She got $4,500 dollars plus a $400 coat I bought for myself. Her email address is kisslar@hotmail.com Her I.P number is ( Larisa and all of her family are criminals). Just recently I found her name listed in one of the scam sites, and after a search I found this forum. I wish I had seen this before. Now I know I'm not the only victim of that w...

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Todd Guest



    I will make some inquiries in my area in regards to anonymous STD/HIV testing.

    I know that chances are high, most likely I have HIV and the uncertainty is killing me.

    Do you think the testing sites are truly anonymous?

    A friend told me I should test at home with a home testing kit but how reliable can this be?

    I am so angry about the whole thing. Larisa should pay for what she did to me and to others.


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    Insider Guest


    [quote][Lets hear what you former USSR girls have to say about yourselves..we are all curious..speak out and vindicate yourselves!

    An answer to what exactly question do you want to hear?

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    Insider Guest



    How did you report to the police? Were you provided any legal help by your Embassy?

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    Dec 2004


    This man is running through all sites and post there information about this woman, often doing this making multiple accounts so he can write from different faces. He even have got warning when he was catched doing that. He doesn't show any proof of his words (sure, he doesn't!). All this makes himself lier.

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    Hello All:

    It is not just her, but majority of Russian women are scammers.

    I probabely am one of the few people who was able to access my wife's e-mail and translate everything in there--at least that's what Immigration told me.

    She had several Russian women friends who were married to Americans here in Los Angeles. In their e-mails, they all talked about their affairs with other men, and how they were planning to get divorce as soon as they get their Green card, and make a lot of money as well.

    I wish someone come up with a plan that all Russian and CIS women have to wait twice as long to get a Green Card from marriage.


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    randy peters Guest


    Manucci; Here's something to really get you good. In the hopes of boosting economy in the Ukraine. a ricprocal agreement is getting in place that will reduce the wait for a US citizen to get a Ukrainine visa. Surely a boon to the bride industry. The only sure way to stop money being sent to the FSU would be to put a luxury tax on it. Or maybe to require a bond on each person that enters the US so that they do not become a welfare case. And legalize marijuana to cope with the FSU woman

    Randolph J Peters
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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