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Thread: Some remarks

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    lonelyboy Guest

    Default Some remarks

    I know that many girls from STP and MOW travel quite a lot !
    Some girls visit Paris, London, Prague, Egypt, Turkey, Cypros ...etc. several times a year.
    How do you explain this ?
    Otherwise some girls have never visited STP or MOW though they do not live very far from these cities.
    Salaries and living standard in STP and especially in MOW are much higher than elsewhere in Russia.
    Salaries can be 500 - 1000 $ in international or good secretary jobs.
    Living costs are much less than in west.
    Travelling costs by Russian travel companies are lower than in west.
    Russian women adore travelling and are ready to put all extra money for it....
    Still they have money for good clothes. Though their style is not to my taste.....

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    You ask how one explains that many St Petersburg and Moscow women travel to foreign countries if income is so low. The explanation is that income, like everything else, is distributed. Most people make very little money so the average income is low. But in any distribution a small percentage makes more than the average income and an even smaller group makes a lot more.

    Either you are talking to women lucky enough to be among the few in the high end of the distribution or they are exaggerating their experience.

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    ginger Guest


    God! Do u really think that there are NO rich people in Russia? and probably all people in states are rich!???? lol

    come on , visit Moscow! some of u , my little church mouses, wont have enought money to eat in the restaurant
    come on , men, get a life!

    U re living in the past Russia is a modern country now.
    Go and find a real girl to shage... LOL

    U know I'd perefer to live in russia, having money rather then live in states like a church mouse : )

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    Peter_A Guest


    I've been to Russia, many, many times and, FSU as well. Moscow is very modern city and, now there are lot of very rich people, as you like to call them "new Russians." For example, I went with my girlfriend to a Japanese restaurant and paid $250 dinner for two(tip included). There are lot of places where rich people gather and hang out. Expensive shops, boutiques, cars etc.... But still, what you find in the USA you can't find anywhere else in the world. Guess what???... Still guessing??? I'll give you clue, it begins with a letter F and ends with a letter M and, contains 7 letters It's something you dream about, something that will not happen to you in near future. This is why America is dream come true for all people around the world. Still guessing krasavitza? Albannese@aol.com if you have a comment to make?

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    Insider Guest


    America? I thought Canada is. The USA is not a safe place to live nowadays.

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    Peter_A Guest


    Honey, you're mistaken!!!

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    Insider Guest


    I have been to both; Canada is more agreeable; compares to the States as St. Petersburg to Moscow, that is - less hectic, less expensive, more hospitable. Very good doctors - the tooth filling that I got in Seattle fell out on the 12th day!!! Canadians did a much better job later on . Much more European, excellent service, very good and way less expensive education. Nice, just very nice country and people. Cannot say the same about the States, unfortunately.

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    However, if I may offer a view on this subject. If one were to reflect on it it can be distilled down to this, though this certainly may not apply to Russia or Europe for that matter, but rather generally speaking, it all goes to one's proclivities: how one assigns a value or meaning to a thing is purely subjective, I think this is not realized.
    For instance, a thousand people may go out and purchase the latest electronic device or a new vehicle fresh off the assembly line, there is the one who is indifferent if not passive about it but has the money to pay for it. It's a SUBJECTIVE decision. It's no mandate that commands one to go take a trip and go globe hopping to Paris, To Italy, Greece and where else have you if and when one has the money to do so. It's no edict or mandate that commands one to purchase a new vehicle, a new attire, etc. and so on. It's a false sign of status. That, too, is purely subjectively derived. I could go to Russia, to Greece, to Italy, right now, if I wanted to and if I did it would certainly be for the educational value that I would benefit from but mainly, that would be one of many reasons of mine. I have the money but I sure don't feel compelled to purchase the kinds of items that I perceive are bought out of pure acquiesence to the superego or the gratification that is derived from it. I am from the United States of America. I was born and raised in the United States of America and from the onset values are introduced from this commercial, free-democracy at an early age to things. Toys, shoes, vehicles, one building upon the other but the value and investment into the individual is impossible because of this free, I would say much too cavalier society. One can freely decide whether to provide a private or public education for a son or daughter, whereas in other countries, the state makes the provisions and it is entirely the responsibility of the student to absord and make use of it, after all the country's future is dependent upon the next generation to care for it. Here, in the states it is a gradual continuing intellectual degradation and regression. It is astoundingly assinine to be pat and feel smug about only 1% meeting the demands of today's world that's ridiculous. One of the most powerful nations in the world and it treats the very resource that a country demands, no REQUIRES, that all citizens regardless of economic background, it is in the country's surival that all human beings in this free society that should have been a paradigm to the world be introduced to the best education to produce more educated people and, sadfully, this is not the case. Money is being diverted for the benefit of the egoists, superficialities, values of unworth and deserving of scorn and repudiation. That is why my misgivings for my country, the United States of America, is fulfilled. I see a country driven by gratification, pretense....no intellgents. No future.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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