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    imported_n/a Guest

    Default Males scammers from wealthy societies

    Can we talk about them please ????????????,
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    nick20045 Guest


    quote:Originally posted by dreamer

    I have the impression that u are a hiden scammer disturbing the forum ....Of course u dont care about general discussion ..u only care about the cheap pussies u are going to buy in u next trip.....but males scamers are a reality and we most talk about it ....

    Listen my little man..the guy who scammed me got from me very little money....compare to what i could give to him ....also he didnt even have a kiss from me coz i realised who he was since the first eyes contact when we met at the airport... I am an artist ..pretty and sure younguer than u, old back....I just finished my studies at University..

    I was not rip off as u will be...I am not complainig at all...my life is great....just a bit sad of seen how a well educated and finacially well off handsome man reduced himself in front of me.....But for u Nick seems that only pussies are important...cheap and dirty ones of course....go and have a look at antidate.com and u will see how men are doing....is so funny..i really laughed when going through

    Finally i am sure u dont work...I know u type...sure u are a reddish face very ugly man.. so u have time to spend here in this site bothering everyone....ah ..u Spanish is so ridiculous...really ridiculous...I wont come back to this site....coz here the level of discussion is really low......as u Nick.... u are very low class man

    Niik Halak ....means **** Yourself (in arabic)[)]for u the clown of this site!!

    va a fangul figlio di una puttana. perche tu sei un filgio del arabia. tutti voi erano semplicimente puttane.

    try http://translation.paralink.com/translation.asp or


    to all russian scammers: i am somewhat of a bullshi*ter myself but i do like to listen to a professional. please carry on
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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