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Thread: Sanity Check

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    Chedz Guest

    Default Sanity Check

    I'm seriously considering going to Kiev to meet someone I have "met" online. I have been trying to do my homework, anti-scam etc, but I'm a noob at this and was hoping someone would check my reasoning for me?

    1. Met on-line when I wrote to her
    2. She wanted to see my picture before continuing
    3. She answers ALL my questions and the letters are not pre-written
    4. She has given me both her mobile and landline numbers.
    5. She gave me her work and home address.
    6. I have spoken to her on both numbers many times.
    7. She has not fallen madly in love with me
    8. I receive daily SMS messages from her
    9. I sent flowers to her work address and she sent me back photos of her with the flowers (and a teddy bear I also sent)
    10. She has never asked me for money and we have been "talking" for 4 months.

    Now I think all of the above looks pretty positive. Maybe you knowledgable "vets" can tell me if I am missing anything? I would particularly like to hear from wxman2003 if you are around? Seems like you have particular personal experience of the Ukraine.

    I know there is no such thing as a sure thing but after reading some of the nightmare stories on anti-scam sites I'm getting a little paranoid (but then even paranoid people can have enemies)

    I'm even suspicious of my mother because she owns a Russian doll!!!!

    I would really appreciate any help offered.



    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    toymaker Guest


    None of us can be absolutely positive for you. It is a matter of how you feel towards how she has reacted to you. Try the trip to see her. If it is not what you want then it could turn out to be an interesting visit to a country that is new to yourself. It seems to be positive to me but it all comes down to how positive you feel about the situation. She could live down the street from you and still pull a scam for all you got. Life is about taking chances ....good or bad....it is a learning process. We cannot make the choices ....you eventually have to....we can only give an opinion....good or bad...depending on who sees it as it is .

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    nick20045 Guest


    good advise toymaker. as you said she can be from down the street, even maybe somebody you went to school with and will pull a scam on you...... life is a chance.....


    ukraine...... dutchy comes to mind but not seen him post for a while now....

    elenag.....oooooohh avoid her about ukraine. she will declare war on your (hello elenag....... hows the house cleaning going??? cool?? mine is coffee, black and no sugar.... and oops..... you left some dust in that corner. try specsavers if you need new glasses.....remember to take out the dogs after....... LOL) (i know. i am cheeky). but..... joking apart, this is my logic reasoning.......

    1. Met on-line when I wrote to her


    2. She wanted to see my picture before continuing

    ok. maybe to get a visual. what were her comments? comments about how a person looks can make a lot of certain "info". did she ass kiss about beauty? did she sound honest. did she make any comments. like i would prefer a slimmer man or did she just say "you are lovely" when in real terms walking down the street you get tickets from the police for petrifying people?????

    3. She answers ALL my questions and the letters are not pre-written

    means sweet nothing in my eyes. at the end of the day...... it depends on how sweet the pie looks to the person is the way i look at it. e.g. you can never send a penny. go and meet her. she is fantastic. bla bla bla...... get married. she claims abuse. takes you for a half million dollar house. which one? 300 dollar quick scam? half a million?

    some people see a coin. some will say "two sides to a coint". i see 6 sides to a coin. top, bottom and as it is round i divide the side in 4 segments.

    4. She has given me both her mobile and landline numbers.

    and..... how many sim cards do you want from england? british telecomm dish them out 4 cards for free at one shot. landline..... one phone call and change number..... besides...... how do you know it is not fat yuris number and she visits once in a while to collect her commission?

    5. She gave me her work and home address.

    and.....same answer as no 4. well nearly......

    6. I have spoken to her on both numbers many times.

    tomorrow i will find the number of the nearest coinbox to where i live. ok? you can call me on that number at the time i tell you. if you want, i will also take a coke bottle and a teaspoon. while talking to you i can cling and tell you i am making a cup of tea. come to it, am i male? am i female? how old am i? tell me what you think. if you think i am male, i can arrange to have a woman answer you and if you think i am female i can arrange to have a male answer you. but...... i can also surprise you.

    7. She has not fallen madly in love with me and 8. I receive daily SMS messages from her.

    kind of contradict each other. women are not like men. they are either in love or in hate.

    9. I sent flowers to her work address and she sent me back photos of her with the flowers (and a teddy bear I also sent)

    now this one. this one this one is what really prompted me to answer......

    a woman will send a letter to say thank you. you have to understand. these are people who make every single cent count. taking a photo (unless digital) involves....

    a film, a camera, taking to shop, developing and printing, scanning of photo, takes more time to send photo on internet by mail then a standard letter....

    now.........this is where it becomes intriguing....

    if trust was there, she will send a letter saying "ooohhhh my dear. i was so surprised to get your photos and teddy..."

    you did not tell her of delivery. her saying a delivery was made says 1000 more words........ think about it.

    BUT sending photos? it makes it "textbook". everything in your post is "textbook".


    THERE IS NO TEXTBOOK RELATIONSHIP. you can be the most common of people (join the club.... hi..... i am a common twat ) or you can be monarchy. YOU CANNOT HAVE A TEXTBOOK RELATIONSHIP AND YOU CANNOT EVEN BUY ONE!!!!!!

    and yours...... classic textbook. or as they say...... too good to be true.

    ok...... i am taking here every bit and "ripping it apart". worst scenario.

    but it may be you are a lucky dude and hey!!! you just found a princess.

    then again it may be you are yuri and trying to ask for advise so you do not make mistakes when scamming and will know how we look at things....

    and hey! the doll your mum owns. is it a russian barbie?

    but as toymaker wisely said.....

    you are going on holiday. have fun. relax. take it easy. enjoy the sights. enjoy the time being there. if it works out. cool.

    in short. never assume. look at things in different angles and most of all......


    to all russian scammers: i am somewhat of a bullshi*ter myself but i do like to listen to a professional. please carry on

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    nick20045 Guest



    if you have in any way whatsoever any doubts. back out. remember this....

    hair = insulation.
    brain = next one down.
    eyes = after brain. to confirm what brain thinks.
    nose = after eyes.
    mouth = after nose.
    body = way below.
    "private part!!!!" use last for thinking solutions.

    ears?????? nah! we are men. anything they say goes in through one ear and out of the other......

    to all russian scammers: i am somewhat of a bullshi*ter myself but i do like to listen to a professional. please carry on

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    Chedz Guest


    Thank you both for the comments guys. From the other similar posts I have seen on here this is where I defend my princess to the hilt and sort of get offended by what you have written !!! Not gonna happen[8D], I do appreciate your comments so if you dont mind I'll just fill in some gaps for you Nick.

    The pictures...........No she didn't tell me I am the new Yuri Clooney. She was, I think, honest. I am no oil painting but I'm not hidious. Nick, by the way, I'm 41, have been around the block a few times, I'm just new to this Russia/FSU thing not life dude.

    Quite early in the correspondence I offered to help towards translation fees, to see how much she would ask for, she thanked me and said it would help if I did and that each letter translation costs $2. I have never sent her any money and she has never raised the subject again. Good or bad? Is $2 reasonable? I thought it was, it certainly didnt sound like a rip off!!

    She apparently works in a beauty parlour, which is where the flowers were delivered. The photos I got back were taken with a digital camera and were sent as her surprise to me. I'm thinking that a beauty parlour "might" have a digital camera?

    As far as the phone calls are concerned, I normally call her on her landline (I don't think it is a callbox because I know their rooms can be small but I would certainly notice if she sounded like she was talking in a bucket) I have called at pre-arranged times and I have called without warning. You are right though, I don't know if its fat Yuri's place, for all I know she may spend most nights with fat Yuri!!
    I have called (and spoken to her) probably about 12 times now.

    Anyway my turn to play devils advocate. Now call me ignorant, but I didn't think a Ukrainian beautician would have a load of money to throw around but she seems to have a few creature comforts that I wouldn't have expected. Having a phone at home would be one? The cost of the text messages? She has a PC at home? She talks about jogging with her MP3 player? Now I may have a sterio-typical impression of the FSU but I certainly didnt expect her to have a PC!!!

    I suppose the one thing that has been bothering me is that from quite an early time she was after "an early meeting". I suggested coming to her home town, Kremenchug, but she said she would rather meet in Kiev. She particularly didnt want me to come to Kremenchug, she said because "it is not an interesting place". We also discussed meeting in Turkey where I said I would rent a villa (not as grand as it sounds in October) but she was more in favour of a hotel. I think she regarded the latter as more upmarket.

    Anyway looks like I am going to go and have a great holiday in Kiev, if nothing more. If she is a scammer she is certainly a patient one. We will see.

    Thanks again for the advice guys

    Chedz (aka Fat Yuri's brother )

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    nick20045 Guest


    well having read your post.......

    ok..... here goes....

    first of all, what you have to understand is that, it is your life. neither i, nor any other person, be it on this forum, another forum or anywhere else has any right to tell you how to live your life. at the end of the day, it is you that is seeking a "princess".

    also, if you may have noticed, i look at things in a lot of different ways. (as i said, a coin to me does not have two sides but has 6). BUT!!! also i do tend to look at things with a bit of sense of humour....

    sorry you are not yuri clooney. i am yuri pitt. and i bet i have been round the block a few more times then you.

    i have been offered a translator for US$10 for an hour in moscow and US$50 for a day. so translation of a letter at US$2?????? BUT!!!!!!!!

    whoa!!!!!! brakes!!!!! hit the brakes!!!!!!!!

    she has a pc at home. who does the translations??????????? why not.....http://translation.paralink.com/translation.asp (there are others as well online)....

    and dude...... you have one MEGA problem that you have not spotted!!!!!!

    if she needs a translator for your letters how on earth are you going to meet her, most probably you have an accent and communicate with her????!!!!!!!

    mine speaks basic english. basically as a 3 year old would. her daughter is about same (and they get lessons twice a week as well). between them (translating for each other.... looking into dictionaries.. pointing in dictionary.... etc etc) there was still chaos when i met them. how are you going to communicate with her???

    digital cameras are everywhere nowadays. like i said in another post do not thing the "average" russian is broke. e.g. they have mobile phones and as you may know, mobile phones have digital cameras nowadays.....

    calling from uk. 08715040900. when you get the pre recorded message (no need to listen to it) dial 007 (and her number). 10p a minute to landline or mobile. BUT...... if she does not answer straight away hang up. calls are charged from time it starts ringing.

    no. their rooms are average size. i have been in peoples apartments in russia.

    it is the security to get in that drives me up the wall!!!!!

    having the "comforts" you mention is nothing. let me explain......

    a lot of people (in the west) tend to live on high standard of living. e.g. most children want expensive trainers, designer wear, latest play station 2 games, x box, latest computers........

    a russian may take an old 500 Mhz computer and think it is a priced possession. one thing to their credit is that they "tend to get the maximum out of things".

    having a phone is nothing special. both my previous girlfriend and my present one have phones. text as far as i know is pretty cheap as well. do not forget....... 28 roubles = 1 dollar. a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt over there is 50 roubles!!! (now how the heck can somebody go to russia for a week and get a ticket!!!!!) mp3..... not talking money either. some mobile phones have them inbuilt as well....

    the "want to meet early" i can also understand. she did NOT say i want to fall in love early. or i want to marry as soon as i can. what she basically said is "i do not wish to waste your time and my time writing stupid nonse letters". and you have to understand it. do you want a penpal? to her it costs money. she also indirectly told you "she has a brain, she plans, sticks to her plans, gets what she wants, will not be manipulated from what she wants and does not waste time getting what she wants". is she a red head by any chance?

    anyway..... my 2p worth.

    and most of all, fly direct into kiev not via moscow. for ukraine now you do not need a visa as long as not more then 90 days stay.

    have fun.

    yuri pitt (brad pitt.... eat your heart out dude!)

    to all russian scammers: i am somewhat of a bullshi*ter myself but i do like to listen to a professional. please carry on

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    Chedz Guest


    Well Mr Pitt

    thanks for the feedback. I really do appreciate it. Its nice to hear someone else say some of the things I have been thinking. Like you said earlier its too easy to start thinking with "Mr Clooney Jr" at times like this and as my post is titled, its good to get a sanity check.

    We did try using a translation program but it didn't really work as it doesn't really convey the "feel" we were both looking for in our letters. She prefers to go to the internet cafe and use the tranlator. Her choice and fine by me.

    On the communication front I think writing english and speaking english are completely different challenges. How's your written cyrillic russian by the way?[?] She actually speaks pretty good english and is taking lessons. I think probably the same level as your young lady, 3 year old, but getting better the more times we speak. lets just say she speaks it well enough to understand my humour, which is dry, so she undoubtedly understand more than she can speak. Thanks for the 0871 number btw, haven't even checked how much its costing me at the moment.

    Like I said, my comments were based on a stereo-type, and I sort of expected the clarification you gave.

    I also think you are "bang on" when you say she is intelligent but she doesn't appear to be a redhead but I'll let you know for sure in about a month (maybe I am Yuri Clooney after all )

    Question: How do you get your 6 sided coins into a slot machine?

    My mothers Russian doll must be Barbie's grandmother

    I'm gonna fly from Birmingham to Kiev via italy. A: cos I can stay at a friends the night before and get a lift to the airport. And B: cos the flight gets me into Borispol at a reasonable hour. I'm gonna book it now.

    Can you offer any help with Kiev hotels?

    Thanks for all your sage-like advice

    I'll let you know how it goes



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    nick20045 Guest


    sorry never been to kiev. only russia (yaroslavl) and booked to go to kazan.

    have fun. at the end of the day..... you are going on holiday. read some advise re do's and don'ts.

    to all russian scammers: i am somewhat of a bullshi*ter myself but i do like to listen to a professional. please carry on

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    Dutchy013 Guest


    I am still in town
    Recovering from the first two weeks that my girl is here.
    She got all the paperwork done, so she is legally here.

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    Join Date
    Aug 2004


    One thing makes all alarm bells ring here: she SMS, but need translator for mailwriting? or did I misunderstnad something?
    you call her? what language you use to talk?

    you want advice?
    you'll get it:

    I had a Russian girlfriend.
    visited her 4 times, she visited me and ...you know what?
    she had a Russian boyfriend ALL the time....
    all the time.
    Recieved roses -truck-loads of them, wrote mails every day
    sms'ed 24/7
    spoke in phone..
    and had a Russian boyfriend - where he hided every time I visited her-I have no idea,
    but maybe he was a part of the scam? properly he was...

    remember one thing, Russians have something called indifference look, ( some people call it Russian stoneface)
    you can't see on their faces when they lie....
    And in particular Russian woman are great manipulators!
    they are ohh so sweet, but trust me they also are mean calculating bitches!
    they have NO any other interrest in you than your MONEY!!!
    MONEY!!!!!!! read my lips: MONEY!!!!!!
    I repeat MONEY!!!!!
    that's what it's all about!!
    nothing else!!
    don't belive those stories about no men ( or only vodka drinking men) in Russia, and all that ****, it's not thru!!

    also forget the stories that Russian woman want old men... That story is one of the biggest scams on the net!!

    and forget they don't have PC's and no phones, really many have!!
    forget thay can't afford to write from internet cafe's if they don't have a PC.. it cost NOTHING!!
    ONLY bad excuses!!
    and use of translators?

    second best advice: dump!!! NEVER communicate with a woman that you can't communicate with directly in English!!
    NEVER pay agencies to forward/ translate mails.NEVER !!

    My best advice: stay away from Rusian woman, they are not like you think they are!!
    they are NOT beautyfull in their minds!! maybe some are in look, but honestly if you walk around in Russia
    you don't see more babes than anywhere else on this planet.!!

    at last: don't tell me I was unlucky, I know 11 men here in DK that merriage Russian woman and ALL divorced their men
    same split-second they got their permanent permission to stay here, and ripped the men for all they had.
    totally I have had 2 Russian girlfriends before the last one - also fake lying scammers, visited both.
    one also came here 2 times,
    Stil no guarantee for anything!!..NOT a ****..
    Also I know several in US and UK that has been messed totally by Russian woman, so don't try to tell me
    it's worth the trouble it gives you.
    I will not listen anyway, but I will gladly give advice to anybody that will listen also in advice in travelling in Russia and so on.
    But..the best is to forget about it, really it is...

    Only I can say :I'm glad I never got merriage to any of them, I would have been a poor man today..

    avoid them!! for your own good...

    If you still insist in finding a Russian woman, then pay for a background-check!! merriage her, but be prepared for her
    to change totally the day she is merriage.. and a lot of problems will occour.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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