Hi all!
With respect, will you all educate yourslves about these women.
The bottom line is: If you want to bet a Russian/Ukrainian/similar girl use ONLY a respected, anti-scam sites..
Unfortunately almost all women from these countries on normal sites are scammers.. in my experience.. it's sad that they ruin it for genuine girls.. I've picked several in the past and ALL.. 100%.. turned out to be scammers!!
Also guys you have to ask yourself, even if you get one that seems to be "genuine" and meets you, and goes to your country with you.. what are her real motives? Are you gonna be taken for an even bigger scam?? Listen to 'Manucci' and the statistics of divorce in the case of An American/Russian Bride marriage!
Let's wise up lads! Make a bigger effort locally! Even nationally! The divil ye know!! An Irish saying
I haven't been caught thankfully.. but I've come close.. read some of the horror stories.. be careful.. but if you find someone genuine, the best of luck to you!
Be sensible thought lads.. They're from poor countries.. bad circumstances.. looking to improve.. and if she's young and beautiful and you're not.. think about it!!?? If she was a local would it happen?? Let's get over this weakness! There are lovely women close by I'm sure! Men need to wise-up and get out of the fantasy world that's been created trough the internet and these poor countries!!
And if you can't!!?? Try orientals.. Thailand for instance.. they're not horrible deceitful scamming natured people.. but personally?? I'm shopping local
Good luck to you all whatever you do! God Bless, John.