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    I met a girl from the Philippines who works in China as a nanny. She said she got a 3 month visitors visa to visit here. She went through a travel agency and sent me a copy of her plane ticket. All of this was done with her money not mine. She is at the airport and calls saying they won't let her leave because she has gold with her. She is going to call me later. I think I remember hearing about this being a scaam. Can anyone explain to me??
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    Most likely what is going on is she will call back and say that there is a tax, duty, or fee she must pay first to take the gold out of the country. Of Course she does not have the money and will need you to send it to her via Western Union and as soon as she gets to you, she will give you the money back with a portion of the gold. It is a scam. There is no gold. "She" is not at the airport. "She" is sitting in an internet cafe' somewhere waiting to see if you will take the bait and send the money and hoping she will have to make a trip to Western Union.
    Ask "her " some questions: How much gold is it? How much is it all worth, then figure out how much it is really worth based on the current price. Remember this: There are only 34 grams in an ounce and the current price is around 35$ a gram. See if she knows this. also, ask her to send you a picture of the gold, I bet she will have a real problem with that, or she will send you a picture from the web showing 40lb bars are 20lb bars. I bet the math will not add up. Then there is this, "Where did you get that from?!!" "You didn't take this from the people you were working for did you?" Why don't you let them hold it for you until we can figure out a way to get it over here?"
    There is a lot of running around you can make her do with this. Have fun, but DO NOT send her any money even if she makes every promise to "Love you long time....."

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    Pufeut Guest

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    ofcourse it is a scam, they want to put money and after taking money they flee.

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    Yes i am agree with you, we have to aware from all these things
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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