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    Default I am worried for friend

    Hello I live in Lanzarote and someone I am close to may be getting scammed and I am worried for him. here is why ?

    About 6 weeks ago he met a woman in a bar here in Lanzarote and fell in love in 3 nights they never had sex and exchanged email address only. She is Polish says she is a Police Woman called Agata. when she returned to Poland she added him on Skype and they talked for hours but she never gave him her phone number. She said she loved him and wanted to be with him. She says she is a commisioner in police and high up but when i research this I find Kommisioner of police in Poland is a low rank. they talked for about 4 weeks daily she was all smiles and love he was besotted but still no phone number. Then he wanted to book a flight to see her and she said she wanted him to go live in Poland but suddenly was sent on a training course for 23 days with the police she said training with Interpol Secret Services ! that for 23 days they would not be able to talk on skype only by email which she would send from her phone. He asked why email and no skype on phone she did not answer, he asked for number again but she just said its complicated and would not give it. He got a bit angry and she suddenly got 2 days free to skype him after 11 days of her course !!! her free time started on the Saturday and she said she went to her parents first and drove 500 kilometers home to her apartment she spoke to him briefly for 10 mins on skype he was working and could not talk for long, he said she looked worried. He worked too midnight but by the time he returned home he said she ws sleeping from her long drive and was not on skype.next morning she skyped him but his internet was off and he missed it then she drove 500 kilometers back to her training course and returned to emails only still no phone number just I love you I miss you etc. but everytime he ask for number she does not give it. Emails everyday I love you I miss you. He is heartbroken, but worried. So am I, if she really loved him she would call him she has his number. But what I cant work out is what is she after what does she want, not to come here to Spain she can do that anyway as an EU citizen and she says she does not want to leave the police, she says she wants him to go there, something is clearly wrong has anyone an idea what she is upto ? Oh yes I saw a photo of her taken on holiday by her friends she says she is 37 but unless I am crazy she is only in her late 20?s.
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    Default Re: I am worried for friend

    Chatting online have become very common and many of the people are getting addicted to this..

    connect friends
    friendship site for chatting
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