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    Default You can help me contact the other victim

    I earned a month's free membership by sending in a report which you kindly displayed and will endorse the report given by another member. I actually have many genuine Nigerian friends among them now law enforcement officers in the police. I have asked them to view the report I sent in as they said give them the details for assistance. I would put this to you privately as with local help I have the scammer's name address photo and car registration and these will all be submitted along with the evidence. Naturally you cannot divulge the name of another victim and although it may be possible to trace him via Windows Live it would be more certain if you could assist.You may find this hard to believe but I could if necessary give you name of the policeman which you could check out but as you will understand the fewer names are divulged the less likely the gang will be able to locate and threaten them. At this stage if you can help me contact the other victim I could ask him for more information and I am sure he would be happy to make a report to the police.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: You can help me contact the other victim

    Stop-Scammers.com does nothing more than make available to its viewers reports that are received from the site's visitors. Criminal prosecution of any individual whose report appears on this website is at the sole discretion of the authorities. Stop-Scammers.com is an information service only and makes no effort to prosecute individuals mentioned or discussed in the published reports.



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