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    Default Jennifer Brown from Accra and Agona Kwanyako (Ghana)

    First reported as: Jennifer Brown
    Age: 31
    Scams from: Accra and Agona Kwanyako (Ghana)
    Address(es): Ring Tree Avenu Box 78, Agona Kwanyako, Ghana, 00233
    Phone number(s): 00233235694427
    Used e-mail address(es): jenniffer_brown@yahoo.com
    Scams on: Mate 1

    Read all reports about her >>>

    Please use this thread to add your comments, questions, answers, thoughts regarding scammer Jennifer Brown only.

    If you have additional information such as aliases, e-mail addreses, postal addresses, phone numbers, photos and letters sets, fake docs, media files etc. used by this scammer, then add report to main database.

    Report Dating Scammers

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: Jennifer Brown from Accra and Agona Kwanyako (Ghana)

    I have talked to this woman but her name was Rose at the time.

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    Default Re: Jennifer Brown from Accra and Agona Kwanyako (Ghana)

    i talk to here now she is on hangout gina wells there is a pic of her also



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