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    Default We must delete some true scam reports


    We need your advice. This is a typical story.
    First we receive a report like this one:

    "Name for Larischen is used for the name Larisa, on front of
    photogalery of the a.m.website of heartafire. First she askes for money suport to pay for emails, than she askes fur support of german language lessons and for webcam conference with a femal translater."

    Some weeks later we receive a letter like this one from a person who has sent the report:

    "Dear Stop-scammers TEAM;
    I would request to omit the following reported scam-person:
    Controll Nr. RS - 01422 (Larisa Michova "Larischen").
    I found out, that suspicion was not coming true.
    Please delete Larisa from the scam-list, there is no justifed reason, that she has ever scamed.
    Thank you for completion

    For us everything is clear. "She askes for money for..." - pure scam. We don't want but we must delete such reports and let some scammers continue their scam activities.

    What do you think? Waiting for your comments.

    Best regards,
    Stop-Scammers.com Team

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I lost no money though, just a single thanksgiving card, and some time too. I lost nothing else actualy. And learned a valuable lesson

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