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    Default looking for similar experience

    I have recieved a letter from a girl in Cheboksary called Alena Sheremeteva have been corresponding with her for 1 month but she has signed a recent letter Julia Maslova.when i questioned her about the name change the reply was "i was testing you".
    I am curious to find out if any of you have had dealings with these names?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    have you checked out either name on any of the scammer lists? There are many lists and if she has tried to scam and was reported, she should be on a list.

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    She was testing you? Yeah right! I was called "Carlos" thank you for your letter, even though my name is Peter. It's a scam 100%, but it's up to you to continue or not.

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    Thanks Toymaker and Peter,
    i was already dubious about it being a scam but after looking at various sites no name or photo's of her have appeared.She hasn't asked for money but i am sure it will come,may as well play her game for a bit longer and see if it comes to the crunch of her asking for a donation.At least it's a bit of entertainment and the more i get on her the more i can post to make others aware.



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