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    Default To nick20045....I want your opinion


    Even if she is real, even if she is the best in russia... doesn't mean anything.... If she is real it's good for her but doesn't change anything....
    I have a question and I am more than happy to hear the comments... We all agree that the percentage of real russian girls on the internet is small...let's say 33%.... what is the chance of this girl to be a well educated woman???? 33%...I wouldn't say more! ...so that's 33% X 33% = 11%.... what is the percentage that you love her after you meet??? not more than 20%.... 11X20% = 2.2%....what is the chance that she loves you????? not more than 20%...result: 2.2X20%= 0.44%. What is the chance of getting her a visa to canada/US??? 1%.... result= 0.0044%!!!! everybody knows that the divorce rate in western population is 60%....you might argue that she is a russian...hahaha.. fine... let's agree on 10%.... 10X0.0044 = 0.00044 (approx 0.0005).. who is ready to go for something with a chance of (1/2000)..... Wake up my friends..... even if the russians are great it is not worthit.. Although I still think they're not great at all.....

    Another question..... why focusing on russians....what about swedish?? German???..... Or simply because they're poor people u are trying to take advantage of..... To me I am not an advocate of the russians and I don't like them at all.....but I do not find a reason for you to continue taking them so seriously....

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I have beaten the odds you calculated
    Young, beautiful, caring, in love and taking care of my kids as if it are her own.

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    You are right.
    Spending money when being with a girl in Ukraine is hard, that is, when she is sincere in her feelings and intentions.
    Questions I got;
    Why spend money on a taxi, when we can go by a mini bus for 10 dollar cents?
    Why go to an expensive restaurant, when I can cook you a tasty meal?



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