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    Default they email you the same email twice LOL

    how many times have they emailed you the same email I just got one and then replied " you send me this email before. Don't worry about it too much"
    I think she wrote back in about an hour and 15 minutes with a new one but no mention about why she send the same email. Makes me wonder LOL. (but we are all human, I hope) So mistakes do happen. At least it did not have a name so I can not say it was for some one else. LOL I am starting to enjoy this.

    You all have a noce day and keep reading the forum you always have something to learn.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I am wondering do the scammers come and read this forum LOL

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    try this for a letter. incidentally.... it means she wrote in russian and the "translator did not kick in"

    to all russian scammers: i am somewhat of a bullshi*ter myself but i do like to listen to a professional. please carry on

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    oh nick20045 I fell sorry for you LOL.
    My one was words LOL
    but no name at all LOL.
    She did end it with
    Your (her name) I shall wait for your letter




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