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    Default What is wrong with spending 4 Euros?


    Our position - any money request is a possible scam. Below is another position. What do you think?

    Best regards,
    Stop-Scammers.com Admin

    "Who is this "reporting person" (edited by admin)? He seems to want to publish everything he gets from a girls as a scam just because he receives a letter saying she would like help with translation services. And he balks at 4 Euros per letter! Hey big spender! Well, if he wants to get them done through a non-eastern european source try anywhere from 15 bucks to 40 bucks an email depending on length! And this guy can always spring for the 4 Euros and then write asking for a phone email or suggesting his preference in service. But he doesn't. Instead he burns them here! Two ladies one he calls Anna and another Elena he burnt here and I have happend to have had 6 emails from his "Anna" which is not this girls name to me (two of the pictures are the same) - there are no form letters to me and she answers everything I ask her. With Elena, she was indignant that she was called a scammer and happened to answer me twice in non-form letter format. But after I accused her of being a scammer as she was on this site - she told me to that I was slinging mud and that the accusations were unfounded. Which without proof i.e. loss of money, they are. This "reporting person" (edited by admin) fellow seems very trigger happy branding ladies as scammers when they may not be. What is wrong with spending 4 Euros to find out? Just because he gets an email suggesting (not requesting) he screams "SCAM!"? Wll, who said? As I wrote there are ways of pursuing this possibility to a logical and reasonable assumption - but he doesn't. He just 'hangs' up the phone' and reports her here with absolutely no proof. This guys is looking to find a wife? Well good luck to him but I hope she is not as CHEAP as he is. Your site is not based on facts but on accusations only at least where "reporting person" (edited by admin) is concerned!"

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    any "woman" going along the lines of " all russian men beat their wives" should be dumped immediately:
    a) s-he's just trying to live up to agency led myths (you know, 1950's styles submissive women VS drunk evil local men= that's why you, Barney from the west can "rescue her" and live happy ever after ).
    b) s-he means it.
    In both cases men are ready for a big disappointment; in case of a) is a charade to sort an effect; in case of b) you'll sooner or later do something to piss her off badly, and with words like "beating" or "abuse" easy in her mouth, any divorce lawyer and friendly liberal hippie court will have plenty of questions to ask you.




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