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Thread: Visa Scam

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    Default Visa Scam

    I have had several ladies in the FSU [Former soviet Union] attempt to pull a Visa Scam on me (I am an American) wherein after falling madly in love with me, she wants to join me here in the good old US of A if only I would pay for her visa and airfare to the UD of A. Now, I have spent about 40% of my life living and working overseas and I do know better. But I have researched it anyway and wrote a little article on the subject:
    The article (written to a young - in her 20's - single scammer):

    The following information has been gathered from a number of organizations (including a couple Lawyers, more than one US Consulate and the US Immigration and Naturalization Service [INS]). If a travel agency says that they can get you a visa to the US, they are lying. You are too young, too single and too pretty to get a Visitor?s Visa to the United States. If a Marriage Agency tells you or anyone else that they can get you a Visa to the US, they are lying.

    There are five ways to legally get a Visa to the US of A for someone as young and as pretty or as single as you are. Actually, there are one or two more ways, but you do not fit into that category, such as having very young (usually pre-school age) children who are totally dependant on you [requires documented proof] who you are leaving behind. Or you are an employee of the Foreign Service department and are going to one of their Embassies.

    Each of the five ways, especially since September 11, 2001, is time-consuming and can take anywhere from 3-24 months to process,

    1. If you have a blood relative ? Father, Mother, Sister or Brother who came here earlier and is a Naturalized Citizen [which takes 7 years] ? who wishes to sponsor you in to the US. That Blood Relative has to apply directly to the INS and they must have documented evidence that you are who they say you are.

    2. Education Visa. You have to have applied and have been accepted from an educational institution, like a University, to go to school here in the US and get a further degree, You are required to have evidence in writing of the application and the approval as well as documentation for your own Foreign Affairs Ministry and your Education Ministry approving this. Furthermore, the University you are applying to must make an application to the INS.

    3. Company Sponsorship. Theoretically the easiest. If you work for a Multi-National Company who actually has a physical presence in both your country and in the US. The company usually has already applied to the INS for a block of visas. They then issue you a visa number and the appropriate documentation and you take that to the US Embassy / Consulate and get the appropriate stamp in your passport. The Company?s US presence usually gets this block by applying in advance and must reapply every calendar year. They must also prove that you have skills that can not be duplicated by a US Citizen.

    4. Fianc?e Visa. This can take up to 3 months to get or even as little as 6 weeks. I have to apply for this and show proof (including copies of the requisite pages in my passport) that I have previously met you in your country at least one time (they are also talking about eventually making that two times). This proof would also include pictures of the two of us together in various locations (one of which should be recognizable as a location in your country). Except that I have to come to you first, that is the quickest way. On the Fianc?e, you would come over her for 90 days. At the end of that time we would have to be formally married and have marriage certificates to prove it, or you would have to return to your country.

    5. Marriage Visa. Longest time ? takes about 24 months, one way or another. We would have to get married in almost any country outside of the US and then apply to the US Embassy. There is one Caveat to this ? we would have to live as Husband and Wife (with documented proof) in a location outside the US for at least one year though normally it is two or more. The only exception to the living outside the US together is that if you are a [native] citizen of Ireland, England, Australia or New Zealand. If we have not lived together, as Husband and Wife, for the minimum duration, then it will take at least 24 months. If we have, then it could take as little as 12 months. But the application must be made from the US Embassy in your home country.

    The optimum solution for meeting would be for me to travel to your home. Besides, I have never been to your country before and if it produced someone as beautiful as you are, it obviously is a pretty nice place to see.
    If and when they do not take "No" for an answer, I send them (and the "trravel agency" they are working with a copy of this article. That sort of shuts them up.

    The information is true with most countries except for members of the EU - for that you need a lawyer. Actually, though, some of the times [in Months} maybe a little exagerated but as a mean they are correct.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Just my opinion, but I don't think it's wise to educate scammers to the truth in any respect. It just makes their jobs of scamming the next mark on their list that much easier.

    This is kind of like offering a Nigerian 419 scammer a tutorial on Google and how to look up IP addresses in mail headers.



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