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    Default hilarious letter from a scammer

    Why you have not helped me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My mum has died, and I now very bitterly pay, and have decided to write
    this letter to you because of hatred which at me has appeared to you
    after death of my mum. Yesterday at night my mum has died. At it the
    attack of heart was, and she has not sustained it, it was necessary for
    me only 537 $ to perform it operation, and you have not helped me and
    have estimated its life in these stupid 537 $. Its death lays on your
    After that I hate you, and I want, that you too have died!
    You could not help me a difficult minute because did not trust me, and
    my mum, my close person have died! How now to me to live?! I need to
    bury her, I do not have anything that it to make. At me is not present
    neither relatives, nor relatives who could help me, its death lays on
    your conscience, I hate you, and I wish you the most bad!
    That night when my mum has died, I was near to it, and saw, how she try,
    and nobody could help it, I damn this world that it could not rescue
    human life for 537 $, for any papers, for dust.
    That night when my mum has died, I was in confusion and very for a long
    time cried, then I have escaped on street, and went on city at long
    night. 3 teenagers have stuck to me, him was about 16-17 years. They
    have beaten me, have torn my clothes and have by turns raped me. One has
    thrust to me the cock in a mouth
    , but I have bitten it, and it has very
    loudly cried. Then they kicked me and kicked me on mine back. I laid
    without consciousness in the street, then passed the order of police.
    They have taken away to me in the branch, and have thought, that I the
    prostitute. There they too have beaten me, and in 5 have
    raped me
    . I wanted to die during that moment because in one day I have
    lost everything, that it was very expensive me: mum and the honour. They
    have released me in the morning, and I have gone home, I have cut to
    myself veins
    because did not want to live, but then I have thought that
    I need to bury mum, and I do not have money that it to make. I very much
    ask you, because I do not want to die, thinking that I have
    not buried mum. After that awful night I do not have sense in this life.
    [u]I ask you, send money to me, and I shall forgive to you death of my mum,
    differently I all life shall damn you and when I shall die, I shall
    think of it.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Is that enuf????????????????????????????????????????
    Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, send her a gun to shoot herself.... that way, she doesn't need money to burry her dirty body...
    See you later ham,

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    Whoa! That was a good one. Lets hope not she is a witch.

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    May her mother rest in peace.

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    imported_n/a Guest


    I got one of those letters a while ago myself. For mine it mentioned that it was her sister that passed on. The teenagers left her tied to a tree.

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    quote:Originally posted by Richard72

    I got one of those letters a while ago myself. For mine it mentioned that it was her sister that passed on. The teenagers left her tied to a tree.
    canned fiction

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    I may pray for her salvation...hehehe..i may hope her mother stand up from the coffin and choke her....[xx(]..I will burry that woman alive...

    hearty Philippines

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    I got same message A few week ago .But being scamed like I was in 2005 I just deleted it

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    well, first let's focus on the [u]BIGpicture.
    3 people in this thread only; over this remote forum said they received similar message.
    Let's ponder how most scammed or fooled men do [u]NOTreport being scammed, let alone the particular scam plot.
    Now let's extend our findings to the millions of western men corresponding with FSUWs.
    We can safely guess this idiotic, meaningless, absurd, over the edge guilt/scam plot is being played thousands of times: i had one similar case myself in 1999.

    Buyer beware.



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