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    Default two more failed MOB marriages

    AS POSTED ELSEWHERE ( you can google extracts to locate the source ).

    This man was taken for a ride by his FSU-MOB bride as soon as her green card was due.
    This person online sounded like a meek, decent person who tried to make his marriage work.
    Earlier, a couple FSU "friends" of his wife forewarned him about his impending doom, but he wouldn't listen trusting the bond he thought he had created:

    well, where do i start.....friday, my wife said she was going to a chiropractor at noon...she was in an auto accedent march 30th....she never came home until the next day at noon with the police to remove her things...WOW !!!..........i had paid for my wife to go back to russia for three weeks (2nd 3 wk trip in 12 months) i stayed at home with her kids and catered to their every need....whe she arrived back on may 3rd, i went out and bought her a new car, the last car was destroyed in the accedent...that was 2 1/2 wks ago....she began speaking on the phone in russian very often, and meeting her russian girlfriends...i heard her speaking to a man in russian on the phone, and she said it was a friends boyfriend who needed advice....i am not one to be jealous, so i let it go....whe she came back from russia, she said she had to go to the russian embassy for a transfer of property...that appt is today.

    bottom line, we never had any problems or arguments, other than normal disagreements in marriage...i don't know if she has received her green card...she was on fbi name check...but i was always at work when the mail arrived at the house...i tend to think i was duped.....i wish all good luck...it has been a tough long weekend, and i know she has received help because she has no job....., as far as money, she has helped herself to my wallet daily for 1 1/2 yrs...don't let my sad story influence your lives...i truely wish all of you love and happiness......

    thanks for all of your kind words...please everyone, don't let my sad story influence your lives...i only want people to pay a little closer attention to any signs..love is blind, and i trusted without question....now i see that i was in love with a mirage, an idea....i have definitely turned the page...i only worry about keeping my good name....this domestic violence thing is a scary issue...but, i know i was a good and loving man that provided well for the family... the judge denied her 1st petition on the 29th of may, for lack of evidence, so hopefully that is a good sign for me....please..for those of you that are in a relationship, or starting one.....don't give up on your dream because of what you read on any forum......again, i thank you all for your kind support !!!

    The second case concerns a boldfaced braggart.
    It really amuses and entertains me when these internet tough guys finally hit the ground, with all their self-importance and how they are better than me or whatever.
    The funniest part is this idiot was STILL poking witty one-liners at me mid-march 06.
    Then they just shut their traps and want away from the internet and want to mourn and rethink and reach out for empathy...what a joke!

    29 sept 06
    I just wanted to inform anyone who knows me here that my marriage is now over and my wife (together with her sister ) has moved out.

    It has been a difficult time and whilst I do noy want to spend time going into the finer details here I will leave a few comments and let you form your own opinions.

    Since February 2004 when my wife arrived here we have been back to Russia no less than 6 times to see her parents (they told me they had seen more of her in this time than the preceeding 5 years )
    I helped her to get a job and also gave her everything. I allowed her freedom and this included unrestricted contact to all her friends in Russia...nights out with workmates here including a weekend girls only trip to London and also a week on her own with her mates in Moscow.

    I did notice her interests at home began to wane in particular with plans we had for redecoration.The first signs of something wrong was the over vested interest she had with her employer a small company made up of Latvian owners who would regularly invite my wife out for dinners and nights out without inviting me.Even on the Christmas dinner the conversation between my wife and them was in Russian so I could not understand .
    When they called on the phone to my home everything was also in Russian even tho these people speak English.
    I questioned her how the things she was being asked to do in my view outstripped her rols as an Employee.....and I was sensing that this was at the expense of her roles at home.
    I soon discovered that they had an opportunity for sales work in Moscow which would involve my wife going there for periods.I made it clear that I would not agree to this....after all she had come to the UK after begging me to get her away from there !!

    In July this year she asked me about taking up driving lessons and I agreed it would be a good idea.I expected to see some patience but it began to be something that concerned me.She had an obsession to pass the test by October and I could not work out why,but then it began to look like there was some reason for this yet she would not tell me,instead always becomming defensive.
    As most of you know,in August we went to Moscow to submit the student visa for her sister,after reserving a place at college in the UK. prior to this she had been here for 6 months.
    I will not hide my comments and say that these were very difficult times.
    When you are trying to guide someone and then told you are not their father and to stay out of theur business it is not easy.I took objection to her passing her phone number around in bars after being here for only a week,but she thought this was perfectly ok.
    My wife refused to back me instead choosing to laugh and joke with her in Russian.......this was the norm in our house.......the conversation was 99%.
    and 1% English.In the end I was forced up to the spare room on the pc while they watched Russian DVDs and American womans programmes downstairs.

    The crux came when we came back from Russia........the sister spent more free time at ny wifes workmates houese and also out on the town with them than she did at home.......My wife continually made excuses not to go out with me.......yet as soon as they asked was out like a shot.I hated going out for a pint on my own as everyone was asking where she was.
    Now I was told that her workmates (who work in a bar ) had got the sister a jiob behind the bar......I asked how this was possible as she did not speak English at home so how could she do so there ?
    Looks like it had all been arranged and I was only informed after everything was arranged.At this point I started to lose my patience and told them I was concerned that I was being used.

    Last Sunday she picked an arguement with me.....(I had just returned from doing a Chilkdrens Disco).....while she had polished off a bottkle of red wine..
    She told me she was ready to go......I said well if thats what you want then you can go.I did not know what would follow......She then made a phone call (in Russian) and within 20 minutes her workmate was at the back door with the car.Her sister came home from the bar job and they both began to pack.
    My wife came here with 1 holdall and her sister came with the same.
    They lefy with 5 cases and untold bags......even taking presents that had been given to us in Russia ie 4 bedsets and towels...........

    Next day I got an e mail to say if she had upest me then she is sorry but we both need new lives !!!

    I do not know where she has gone as I do not know these people she has been living the secret life for a long time.
    Funny thing is all this happens hust after I renew her visa for unlimited stay,get her sister here,and help her to pass her driving test.....all more than a coinsedence.ohh.......and she leaves just days before her salary is due !!so thats 2000 dollars to herself.
    I personally think that she wanted the Moscow job more than her marriage.

    Another thing I was concerned with was that she had no interest in having a child despite her promises to me and all her family.One member here told me that if there was no signs after 18 months then forget it.......and this was a woman.

    I have no doubts that she will be reading this........so if you are then as you can see I am here with my story.......every word was true and remember when you told me if I ever came on the RMP for advice or mentioned ANYTHING about my concerns for our marriage ...that you would leave me ??

    Well you have already gone so this hurt and anguish I have been keeping inside with no one to tell it to.......can now finally come out.

    I feel cheated used abused and humiliated.........as well as being around about 20 grand lighter.........the money does not matter but I do feel it would have gotten me a new Kitchen and a better car..........those are things that would have still been here long after 28 months.......

    Sorry if I have gone on guys.....but I am a little distraught.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    That local Latvian agency I spoke of now only has 350 profiles, down from more than a 1,000 a few years ago, and only 31 of those are under the age of 30. A full third of them are over 50. I guess middle aged American men aren't the only ones with a fantasy.

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    quote:Originally posted by Amerikanski

    That local Latvian agency I spoke of now only has 350 profiles, down from more than a 1,000 a few years ago, and only 31 of those are under the age of 30. A full third of them are over 50. I guess middle aged American men aren't the only ones with a fantasy.
    and perhaps these profiles are several years old...

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    quote:Originally posted by Amerikanski

    That local Latvian agency I spoke of now only has 350 profiles, down from more than a 1,000 a few years ago, and only 31 of those are under the age of 30. A full third of them are over 50. I guess middle aged American men aren't the only ones with a fantasy.
    and perhaps these profiles are several years old...



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