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    Default Seeking a Filipina Wife "Asawa"

    Humm, Well I have maybe an alternative in this area!
    I have in the past corresponded with a few Phillipino Ladies "Filipina's"! They seem Sweet and are Very family orientated, they are raised from birth to be Wives and Mother's! However all need to know that because of this Family belief's you may have to Help support thier Retireing Mother's, Father's or Aunt's and Uncle's and so on!! Well, this is thier way and all Men need to know this!
    If I may suggest a site to start at, asiancammodels.com. Yes this is alittle Unorthodox but alot of these cam model's seek a Husband! They of course alway's ask for private show's because it is their income or they do not get paid and therefor cannot send money home to thier Family's. I have to say also that many of them are Sincere and Genuine and they Really want to Marry a Good Man, Especialy a American or Western European!! Well, are they scammer's? I think that many are not they just seek a Decent Future with a Good Man!! Humm, check them out and let me know what you think Gentleman, it certainly cannot hurt!!



    P.S. I cannot sleep at this moment, Hehehe, Sorry!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hi Anthony,

    I have been 5 times in Philippines. I visited Manila (but not Angeles City where all the sextourists go for their kind of pleasure!), Panay Island, Guimaras Island, Negros Island, Bohol Island, Cebu Island (in the "Visayas" part of Philippines). And in last travels I explored Mindanao Island from Zamboanga to Davao and Bislig and Butuan.

    It is very easy to find in Philippines a good wife. I don't mean the service girls and prostitutes in bars or the golddiggers in online business. I mean the simple young ladies in the rural areas or working as vendors in shopping malls. These filipinas from poor and modest families do everything for their beloved foreign man to build up a long lasting happy relationship. For sure they want to marry and hope to leave the country and live in a better one then or live in the country in a nice house of a foreign pensioner enjoying better life.

    Living in Philippines with a filipina means that all her family clan likes to take part in the better life they expect from a foreigner. And white people must have money!!! No filipino has doubt in that!!! So it is better to live abroad with a filipina or find a place in Philippines but not too nearby her family clan, guys.

    I got to know there 65 or 70 years old pensioners who live together with a 20 years old nice filipina. Some of these guys are really rude and it is not nice to see how they treat their wifes. Others are gentlemen and it is okay because both in the couple are adult people and the extreme age difference must not matter.

    For my opinion it is lost time to date a filipina online and then travel there. It is much better to simply fly to this beautiful country and take the choice there, English speaking people have no difficulty there to contact many beautiful ladies. The people are super friendly there.

    Well, normal to avoid slums and dark areas there ... but for holidays it is a very nice country with very beautiful places.


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    Hi Goddiejens!

    Thank You for your input! I have never been to the Philli's but I have sure cam chated with alot of them and Yes they are Sweet and want a better life but also True they have alittle expextation of how they Wish to Live! I am Sad to hear that some Men that retire there treat there Young Wives Badly, Truely Inexcuseable to me!!! Well My Best Friend Married a Filipina about 9 year's ago and they seen Happy and have a allmost 3 year old son now so I guess I know personaly some one who had success! Take Care and stay in touch!





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