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    Default Website to report being scammed

    If anyone of you have been scammed, there is a website that is run by the United States Government to report all scams.


    I spoke to an Agent with the FBI about what they are doing about scammers. She told me that they have set up this website to track the scammers and they are working with other countries like Russia and Ukraine to put a stop to the scammers. It is up to everyone to report it. Do not be afraid to report it. I know it is embarrassing, but unless all of us report it nothing will get done.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: Website to report being scammed

    Don't forget to report nigerian scammers at EFCC Nigeria. I did it after been scammed by a dirty nigerian scammer, but, to be honest, still not received any answer from them, two years passed by, what i have to think ? They got all the infos by me, i'm loosing all my hopes to get justice.

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    Default Re: Website to report being scammed

    I can't help but think that there are simply too many scammers for even the US government to handle, much less the Nigerian government. It's still wise to report, but I wouldn't do so expecting any immediate or significant action. The best option is just to spot these scammers before it becomes a problem, easier said than done I know...

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    Default Re: Website to report being scammed

    Thanks for sharing!

    I didn't know the U.S. had an official website for scammers, thanks!



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